CAEP Academic Section Annual General Meeting Saturday, June

CAEP Academic Section Annual General Meeting Saturday, June

CAEP Academic Section Annual General Meeting Saturday, June 3, 2017 Ian Stiell Agenda 1.Executive Activities Environmental Scans (Peds) Academic Consultations 2.Education WG 3.Leadership WG 4.Research WG

5.NCER 6.EMAF Terms of Reference Academic Section of CAEP Vision To promote high-quality emergency patient care by conducting world-leading education and research in emergency medicine Mission Statement 1. To improve emergency care of patients by enhancing academic emergency medicine primarily at Canadian medical schools and teaching hospitals 2. To foster and develop education, research and academic

leadership amongst Canadian emergency physicians, residents and students 3. To provide mentorship in academic emergency medicine Academic Section of CAEP 3 Major Domains Academic Leadership Education Scholarship

Research Scholarship Research Committee NCER Membership Open to all Canadian emergency physicians, residents, and students who are CAEP members in good standing and are interested in teaching, research, or academic leadership Academic Section Executive The Executive of the Section consists of the following: 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. Chair (elected) Portfolio Representatives x 6 (elected) Leadership WG Education Scholarship WG Research WG Undergraduate Education RCPSC Postgraduate Education CCFP(EM) Postgraduate Education

Pediatric EM Education Members at Large x 4 (elected) 4. Ex-Officio Members x 10 (non-voting) 5. CAEP Head Office Support Staff Person (non-voting) CAEP Academic Section Executive Ian Stiell, Chair Jim Christenson, Leadership Rob Woods, Education

Members at Large Portfolio Representatives Laura Hans Kirk Mcgee John Foote

Jeff Perry, Research Paul Miller Garth Meckler Eddy Lang Natalie LeSage

Laurie Morrison Ex-officio Members Jill McEwen Lynn Garrow Research Ctte

Mark Mensour Simon Field Brian Chung Zachary Levine Rodrick

Lim Jim Ducharme Niran Argentaru Elections Undergraduate Education Rep: Nominee: Dr. Teresa Wawrykow Pediatric Environmental Scan

Pediatric Environmental Scan Service Request an integrated or focused analysis in your area(s) of concern: Governance/funding Education scholarship Research Travel costs are the local responsibility, but CAEP will subsidize each site once per 3 years (at $1500)

First consultation U Saskatchewan November 2015 Academic Consultation Service Academic Consultation Service 3 complete 2 in progress Academic Site Champion Incentive Program Recruitment is ongoing. If interested, contact Christina Bova at [email protected]

Structure of Academic Section Academic Section Executive Academic Leadership Education Scholarship Research NCER

Research Committee Education Scholarship Committee Leadership Committee Jim Christenson & Eddy Lang Leadership Committee New Chair of the Leadership Committee

Eddy Lang Leadership Committee - Forum Academic Leadership Forum at CAEP 2017 Date: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 Time: 10:30 am 12:30 pm PT Location: Spearhead Room, Whistler Conference Centre 10:30 10:35 am Welcome from new CAEP Leadership Committee Chair (Eddy Lang) 10:35 11:05 am

CAEP 2018: Academic Symposium on Leadership Will take place Saturday, May 26th in Calgary Determine the overall focus Potential topics: leadership development o succession planning o growing the leaders of the future o

Format: suggestions for who could chair the three panels 11:05 11:20 am Annual Academic Leaders Forum Topics for future meetings Some ideas: Academic leadership as a broader discussion o Share solutions for operational or political/governance issues o

11:20 11:35 am 11:35 am 11:50 am 11:50 am 12:00 pm 12:00 12:30 pm Online Leadership Forum Central Mentorship Registry CAEP 2018: Leadership Track(s) Lunch & Informal Discussions Leadership Committee CAEP 2017 Tracks 2 TRACKS THIS YEAR Monday, June 5, 2017 09:45 - 10:45

From Emerg Doc to CEO: A Personal Story - Dr. Brendan Carr Establishing Strong Mentorship - Dr. Nadim Lalani Servant Leadership - Dr. Jim Christenson Monday, June 5, 2017 11:15 12:45 Getting Blood out of a Stone (a.k.a. Writing an Effective Business Proposal) Dr. Jim Cross Leadership Committee CAEP 2018: Academic Symposium on Leadership 2015 Academic Symposium on Leadership

articles were published in CJEM in Spring 2016 Topics are currently being reviewed for the 2018 Academic Symposium in Calgary Research Committee Jeff Perry Academic Symposium 2017 Better Research Through Engagement, Implementation, and Knowledge Translation Research Committee

Jeff Perry Kerstin de Wit Carolyn Snider Christian Vaillancourt Phil Davis Justin Yan Shelley McLeod Marcel mond

Paul Pageau Andrew McRae Laurie Morrison Ian Stiell Teresa Chan Research Committee Academic Symposium: Better Research Through Engagement, Implementation, and Knowledge Translation

How to engage the patient & public in EM research and implementation Patrick Archambault, Panel Chair How to engage physicians in EM research and how to conduct implementation trials Andrew McRae & Ian Stiell, Panel Co-Chairs How to ensure evidence impacts care through successful implementation or knowledge translation Kerstin de Wit & Laurie Morrison, Panel Co-chairs Competitions 35 grant proposals received for the 9 CAEP Grants New CANVector Grant $5,000 Five $5,000 grants Three $10,000 grants (funded by the EMAF Annual Fund)

335 abstract submissions Ten top prizes for the best abstracts Seven additional resident prizes Eighteen moderated posters to be presented as mond, de Wit, and Lang Top-6 presentations Research Committee Grizzly Den Monday, June 5th 11:15 12:45 Moderator: Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy 6 presenters & 3 Grizzlies Winner will be announced at the Research Awards

on Tuesday at 9:30am 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Grant Innes Research Paper and Presentation Ian Stiell Creation of the Canadian Heart Failure Risk Scale for Acute Heart Failure Patients 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Top Resident Abstract Shannon Fernando

Initial Serum Lactate Predicts Deterioration in Emergency Department Patients with Sepsis 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Top New Investigator Abstract Award Leila Salehi A descriptive analysis of ED Length of Stay of admitted patients boarded in the emergency department 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Top Pediatric Abstract

Amy Plint How safe are our pediatric emergency departments? A multicenter, prospective cohort study 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Top Medical Student Abstract Dana Stewart Are EMS offload delay patients at increased risk of adverse outcomes? 2015/16 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Top Education Innovation

Abstract Paula Sneath GridlockED: an emergency medicine game and teaching tool 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Sameer Sharif Optimizing the use of CT scanning for Pulmonary Embolism in the Emergency Department 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees

CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Eddy Lang Substantial variation in CTPE ordering patterns and diagnostic yield in a large group of specialty-trained emergency physicians 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Resident Research Awards Michael Beyea Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Emergency Department for Resuscitation of

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients: A Systematic Review Adam Harris Emergency department procedural sedation in elderly patients Alexis Cournoyer For Patients Suffering from Out-ofHospital Cardiac Arrest, is Survival Influenced by the Capabilities of the Receiving Hospital? Sameer Masood Did the Choosing Wisely Canada Campaign Work? A Retrospective

Analysis of its Impact on Emergency Department Imaging Utilization for Head Injuries 2016/17 CAEP Research Abstract Awardees Resident Research Awards Allison McConnell Prehospital adverse events associated with nitroglycerin use in STEMI patients with right ventricle infarction Cristian Toarta Syncope Prognosis Based on

Emergency Department Diagnosis: A Prospective Cohort Study Luke Taylor Does point of care ultrasound improve resuscitation markers in emergency department patients with undifferentiated hypotension? The first Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department (SHOC-ED 1) Study; an international randomized controlled trial 2016/17 CAEP Research

Grant Awardees Junior Investigator Category Shannon Fernando Analysis of Bystander CPR Quality During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests Using Data Derived from Automated External Defibrillators Rohit Mohindra A prospective randomized pilot trial to reduce readmission for frail elderly patients with acute decompensated heart failure Sarah Kilbertus

Transition to practice: evaluating the need for formal training in supervision and assessment techniques among senior emergency medicine residents and new to practice emergency physicians 2016/17 CAEP Research Grant Awardees Junior Investigator Category Trevor Skutezky Improving patient care by engaging Emergency Department staff in a participatory design of a Patient Safety Event reporting platform at an urban tertiary care hospital

Robert Suttie Can Emergency Physicians Reliably Perform Carotid Artery Point-of-Care Ultrasound to Detect Critical Stenosis? 2016/17 CAEP Research Grant Awardees New CAEP-CanVECTOR Grant Kerstin de Wit Patient preferences in emergency CT scanning for pulmonary embolism 2016/17 CAEP Research Grant Awardees New $10,000 Category - funded by

donations Ariane Boutin Randomized controlled trial evaluating the additive value of intranasal fentanyl on ibuprofen in the pain management of children with moderate to severe headaches Catherine Varner Challenging the dogma: A randomized controlled trial comparing prescribed light exercise to standard management for emergency department patients with acute mild traumatic brain injury

Debra Eagles A Study to Evaluate Barriers and Facilitators to the Emergency Department Discharge of Patients with Recent-Onset Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter Research Committee Abstracts Used a new scoring system to try to improve the consistency of the ratings We are currently assessing if the kappa improved with this system

There were 270 abstracts accepted from the 335 abstract submissions Research Abstract Reviewers (N=60) David Adinaro Marcia Edmonds Susan E Jelinski Jeffrey Perry Bjug Borgundvaag

Waseem El-Halabi Gary Joubert Lisa Puchalski Ritchie Robert Brison Marcel mond John King Martin Pusic

Lisa Calder Ken Farion Eddy Lang Eli Segal Samuel Campbell Richard Fleet Natalie Le Sage

Rob Stenstrom Alix Carter Jason Frank Constance LeBlanc Ian Stiell Teresa Chan Dawn Giffin

Jacques Lee Maude St-Onge Lucas Chartier Judah Goldstein Shirley Lee Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy Jean-Marc Chauny

Sophie Gosselin Dan Mayer Brent Thoma Jim Connolly Jocelyn Gravel Shelley McLeod Samuel Vaillancourt

Kerstin de Wit Andrew Hall Andrew McRae Christian Vaillancourt Sandy Dong Amanda Hanson Wanda Millard

Renee Vilneff Ian Drennan Andrew Healey Laurie Morrison Rob Woods Jon Dreyer Robert Jarman

Robert Ohle Justin Yan Robert Dunne Tomislav Jelic Merril Pauls Peter Zed Research Grant Reviewers (N=43) David Adinaro

Ken Farion Eddy Lang Ian Stiell Bjug Borgundvaag Sophie Gosselin Natalie Le Sage Maude St-Onge

Lisa Calder Colin Graham Dan Mayer Karl Theakston Teresa Chan Jocelyn Gravel Shelley McLeod

Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy Jean-Marc Chauny Andrew Hall Andrew McRae Alina Toma Kerstin de Wit

Erich Hanel Allison Meiwald Christian Vaillancourt Paul Dhillon Robert Jarman Wanda Millard Renee Vilneff

Ian Drennan Tomislav Jelic Laurie Morrison Rob Woods Robert Dunne Susan Jelinski Robert Ohle

Justin Yan Waseem El-Halabi Gary Joubert Jeffrey Perry Peter Zed Marcel mond John King

Rob Stenstrom Research Moderators Gary Joubert Lisa Calder Jeffrey Perry Judy Morris Shelley McLeod Catherine Varner

Simon Berthelot Andrew McRae Carolyn Snider Bjug Borgundvaag Justin Yan Elizabeth Shouldice Patrick Archambault

Patrick McLane Jason Frank NCER: Network of Canadian EM Researchers Jeff Perry NCER Executive Jeff Perry Gary Joubert

Laurie Morrison Andrew McRae Marcel mond Justin Yan Ian Stiell NCER We held our 2nd meeting this year at Mont Tremblant

NCER Attendees 3.41% 10.32% 10.32% 27.66% 37.98% 10.32% Resident Fellow

New Investigator (<5 years since first appointment) Mid-career Investigator (6 to 15 years from first appointment) Senior Investigator (>15 years from first appointment) Nurse Paramedic Research Coordinator Research Program Manager

NCER Post-NCER Tremblant survey Over 95% will attend a future NCER meeting. Over 90% will recommend to colleagues that they attend a future NCER meeting 7.00% 11.00% 3.00% 11.00% 86.00% Strongly Agree Neutral

Strongly Disagree Agree Disagree N/A 82.00% Strongly Agree Disagree Agree Strongly Disagree

Neutral N/A NCER Post-NCER Tremblant survey Over 95% indicated NCER will add value to a CAEP membership 18.00% 4.00% Over 95% will attend a future NCER meeting. Strongly Agree

78.00% Agree NCER Attendance 39 participants (a 62% increase from 2016), including 4 international participants. There was 1 new CAEP membership directly as a result of these international researchers desire to present at NCER. Protocols 11 protocols were presented 3 of the protocols from 2016 presented an update at NCER 2017 8 of the protocols in earlier stages of development were provided with

concrete recommendations and invited to present results at future meetings NCER One CIHR grant from 2016 NCER endorsed protocol Terms of Reference will be finalized and submitted to the Board for approval in September 2017 NCER 2018 will be held at Rim Rock in Banff - dates coming soon! EMAF EMAF Docs that Rock Raised $16,485 in Quebec City at CAEP 2016!

Lets try to increase this on Monday night EMAF Opportunities 3 New Grants at $10,000 in 2016 Lets try to match and increase this for 2016 1 New Grant for Grizzly Den at $10,000 in 2017 Better collaboration. Better research. Better care. NCER agrees: Over 80% said that the EMAF is a good way to support EM research. Lets support research to improve emergency care.

Go to and click: THANK YOU.

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