Welcome to 1st Grade Curriculum Night 2014- 2015

Welcome to 1st Grade Curriculum Night 2014- 2015

Welcome to 1st Grade Curriculum Night 2014- 2015 Curriculum Arizona Academic Standards Quarterly curriculum maps available online at www.husd.org. Our comprehensive curriculum includes: Reading Writing Math Science

Social Studies Music, Art, and PE Curriculum Maps Online Visit our website to find your students curriculum maps by grade level and content area. Reading Spalding Houghton Mifflin

Reading Shared reading Read to Self Guided reading Read Alouds Independent practice At individual learning levels

Partner reading Listen to reading Phonemic awareness/phonics Independent work Phonics and Spelling We will use the Spalding program to teach phonics and spelling

Phonograms set the foundation for spelling Phonogram/Spelling tests will be on Friday Remember the phonogram tests will set the stage for the spelling tests to come soon. Writing Curriculum Spalding Write From the Beginning With Thinking Maps

WRITING We will be using Write from the Beginning w/Thinking Maps Journal writing Thinking maps Class books Informative and Expository Writers Workshop Research Report Monthly writing sample Thinking Maps Used to present and organize

information replaces graphic organizers http://fdlrs.brevard.k1 2.fl.us/ThinkingMaps/d efault.html Circle Map Bubble Map Double Bubble

Map Flow Map Tree Map Brace Map Bridge Map Multi-Flow Map Math We will be using Saxon math resources to

teach the first grade common core standards This is second grade material. We will be focusing on math facts. It is very important to learn the basic math facts. What do we learn in ? Number Sense and Operations Data Analysis Time Place Value Geometric Properties Measurement and Algebraic Representations

Structure and Logic. Science/Social Studies Life Science Plants and animals Earth Science Weather and Geography Physical Science

Matter Social Studies Rules/Class Meetings Maps Arizona Symbols US Symbols Important People

Curriculum & Instruction Report Cards explanation Standards Based Grading Defined: Standards-based grading measures the mastery of the learning objectives It is based on a specific set of standards that students need to meet for each grade/content level Report Card Indicators The K-5 Grade Reports to Parents include the

following levels of performance: 4 = Above benchmark / Exceeds current grade level expectations GOAL 3 = Meets benchmark / At grade level expectations 2 = Approaching benchmark / Improving but not consistent 1 = Below grade level / Needs more time and support Blank = Not yet introduced Report Cards & Supplementals Along with the regular report card

there is a supplemental report card for mid-terms which covers: Saxon Math Math facts Spalding Handwriting Spelling PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) Higley Traditional Academy

Classroom Expectations Respect Work cooperatively Be patient with self and others

Listen and follow directions

Accountability Be prepared Ask for help when needed Complete all assignments on time Integrity Be trustworthy Have a positive attitude Complete your own work Safety Walk at all times Keep your hands and feet to yourself Keep your desk and work space organized Use materials and furniture appropriately Excellence Be accepting of others

Use only positive words Folder Homework folders stay in the Agenda and are sent home daily and are due the next day. Reading is the MOST important subject in 1st grade! Please read about 15-20 minutes each night, and fill in the reading log. Parent initial or sign nightly. Snacks Please send in a healthy snack each day.

We all have a snack time at least once a day. A nutritious snack (Please do not send dessert items or candy) It is still really hot outside, I encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school. Questions? Tha nk Y ou For C om in g !

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