Make walking safe Second UN Global Road Safety

Make walking safe Second UN Global Road Safety

Make walking safe Second UN Global Road Safety Week 6-12 May 2013 How many pedestrians die every year? 270 000 pedestrians are killed on the roads every year or 22% of all road traffic deaths. Most are in low-income countries. How do pedestrian deaths vary

by region? The proportion pedestrians killed is highest in Africa (38%) and lowest South-East Asia (12%). How do pedestrian deaths vary by country? Fatality patterns vary across countries. In some countries pedestrians account for as much as two thirds of all RTI deaths. Who are these pedestrians?

Males children and adults are all over-represented in pedestrian collisions. In high-income countries, older pedestrians are more at risk of death and injury. In low- and middle-income countries, children & young adults are often affected. People with disabilities have higher rates of injury.

Where and when do pedestrian collisions occur? Where In high-income countries: most often on city streets. In low- and middle-income countries: between cities and in rural areas. When When crossing the road.

When lighting conditions are low, during dusk, dawn and at night. What influences the severity of a injuries sustained by a pedestrian? Type of vehicle. Shape and stiffness of the vehicle front. Age and height of the pedestrian. Standing position of

the pedestrian relative to the vehicle front. What are the consequences of pedestrian collisions? Injuries, disabilities and death Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, fractures particularly to the lower limb.

Lengthy hospital stay and rehabilitation costs A loss of a family's breadwinner which may push families into poverty Major risks for pedestrians? Vehicle design Land-use planning

Trauma care Road design Driver behaviour Pedestrian behaviour What measures can be taken

to protect pedestrian? Driver behaviour Reduce speed: 50km/hr in urban areas, 30km/hr around schools. Set BAC limit of 0.05g/dl for drivers, less for novice and commercial drivers. Address driver distraction. Promote respect for pedestrian's rights. Pedestrian behaviour Enact and enforce laws on public intoxication. Encourage pedestrians to wear reflective clothing.

Urge pedestrians to abide by the rules of the road. What measures can be taken to protect pedestrian? Road design Separate pedestrians. Lower vehicle speeds. Improve road way lighting. Create pedestrian zones. Encourage mass transit.

Land-use planning Redesign cities that put facilities in close proximity. What measures can be taken to protect pedestrian? Vehicle design Enforce vehicle design standards for pedestrian protection. Generate a demand for safety

by the public. Trauma care Enhance trauma care systems. Ensure comprehensive rehabilitation services. Examples of good practice Retrofitting sidewalks in Abu Dhabi

Walkability on Broadway in New York Separating traffic in China Reflective backpacks for children in Tanzania Speed control in Freiburg, Germany Metro line 4 in Mexico

City Success is possible Pedestrian casualties (registered by police), The Netherlands More information

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