MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS Track = Frightened Rabbit The

MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS Track = Frightened Rabbit  The

Track = Frightened Rabbit The Modern Leper

UNKLE Rabbit In Your Headlights
Andrew Goodwins 6 key features of a music video
4) Demands of the recording label

The Chemical Brothers Let Forever Be
Semiotic textual analysis
Example application of postmodernist terminology
The overexposed medium shot of seven dancers
holding up increasingly sized printed cardboard cutouts one of the dancers' faces illustrates a postmodern simulation of character, and anhomage to
Andy Warhol's 'Campbell's Soup Cans' where
repetition is used for conceptual artistic effect. The
copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy style is one of Gondry's
favourite effects in his works, also reminiscent of
Kylie's 'Come Into My World' music video (intertextual
reference) where doppelgangers of Kylie appear on a
carousel-like repetition of the same sequence with
slight alterations. The audience appreciates the
whimsically absurdist spectacle that Gondry specialises
in. Gondry may be an acquired taste and not every
audience member will appreciate his style, but it is
clear that he has cult appeal in countercultural institutions, for a distinctive aesthetic and
ambitious use of props and staged mise-en-scene.

1) Genre characteristics
Ambient, electronic, alternative, trip hop - the video
has monochrome visuals, a bleak style in an industrial modern
context with a mysterious lead character.
2) Relationship between lyrics and visuals
"I'm a rabbit in your headlights"
- Relates to the cars driving by in the tunnel.
"Christian suburbanite"
- Relates to his crucifix-like posture at the end of the video.
"Washed down the toilet"
- Relates to the lack of respect drivers have for the homeless
man as if he is garbage.
"White worms on the underground"
- Relates to being in a car tunnel, although the white worms
are metaphorical.
"I'm losing my patience
- Relates to the impatient drivers who mistreat the man in the
"Sucking your soul away"
- Relates to the poor treatment by the drivers towards the
man, as if they are affecting his state of mind.
3) Relationship between music and visuals
Thom Yorke's lyrics are dreary and moody. The
cinematography is also grey, drab and colourless. In the
climactic scene of the video, the music swells in a loud rock
anthem, echoing the moment of magic realism when the car
impacts with the motionless man.

Mo Wax Recordings / A&M Records Ltd. London Independent record label that encourages subversive
meanings in music videos and wants to challenge the
audience rather than adhering to the mainstream
consumption of popular music.
5) Frequency reference to notion of looking
Passers-by stare at the unusual man walking in the
tunnel. Point-of-view shots show drivers giving a direct
address stare to the camera which is meant to
represent the eyeline of the character walking. In one
shot after he has fallen after being hit by a car, there is a
high-angle direct address shot that shows the
perspective of the hopeless victim looking at the
malevolent attacker. The final shot where the main
remains motionless in Christ-like pose whilst the car
crumples into him on impact, he stares directly at the
camera and at the viewer. Eye contact has a profound
effect throughout the video.
6) Intertextual Reference
The track takes its title from the 1990 thriller film
'Jacob's Ladder' with its dialogue sampled in the song.
Video imagery is an homage to Alan's Clarke's 'Made in
Britain'. In that film, the actor Tim Roth walks down a
London tunnel shirtless whilst cars drive by honking
their horns.

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