DLA Troop Support Construction and Equipment SPECIAL OPERATIONAL

DLA Troop Support Construction and Equipment SPECIAL OPERATIONAL

DLA Troop Support Construction and Equipment SPECIAL OPERATIONAL EQUIPMENT Tailored Logistic Support Program Customer Guidelines Document February 2016 Version 10.0 1 SOE TLS Program Program designed by the Construction and Equipment Directorate of the DLA Troop Support to provide

responsive, high quality products at fair and reasonable prices promotes competition between qualified vendors for commercial items. 5 year contract $10 Billion Max value 2 Contract Scope Survival Gear Tactical Equipment Protective Eyewear Vision Enhancing Equipment Escalation of Force Equipment

Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) Scuba and other Diving Equipment Thermal Protection Equipment Surface Supplied Diving Equipment Communication Devices Saturation Equipment Compressors and Air Purification Systems Hyperbaric Instrumentation and Equipment Lifesaving Search and Rescue Equipment Gas Analysis Equipment Air Crew Support and Flight Deck Safety Items Underwater Tools Clothing & Textiles Apparel Load Carrying Equipment, i.e., vests, backpack

systems, trunk lockers Lethality Support Items, i.e., slings, holsters, mobility pad items, straps and fasteners, reflective belts Survival Kits Mountain climbing equipment Other Special Operations Equipment Items Tents and Shelters Tent Accessories 3 Benefits of SOE TLS program Uses MIPRs to fund purchases Easy to use (see slide 6) Link to complete guidelines http://www.dla.mil/Portals/104/Documents/TroopSupport/ConstructionandE quipment/SOE_CustomerGuideline.pdf

Responsive typically receive equipment within 45 days of submitting request to DLA DLA does the bidding for you No need for unit to get competitive quotes DLA competes your request with six pre-qualified vendors 4 Participating Vendors Source One Distributors Inc. 3280 Fairlane Farms Road Wellington, FL 33414-8782 Contract number: SPM8EJ14D0007 Web Address: www.buysourceone.com Phone number: 866-768-4327 Federal Resources Supply Company 235-G Log Canoe Circle Stevensville, MD 21666-2165 Contract number: SPM8EJ14D0006 Web Address: www.federalresources.com Phone number: 800-892-1099 Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc (TSSI) 3900 Early Road Harrisonburg, VA 22801-9500 Contract number: SPM8EJ14D0003 Web Address: www.tssi-ops.com Phone number: 877-535-TSSI

Quantico Tactical 9750 Aberdeen Road Aberdeen, NC 28315-7742 Contract number: SPM8EJ14D0008 Web Address: www.quanitcaltactical.com Phone number: 910-944-5800 W.S. Darley & Co 325 Spring Lake Drive Itasca, IL 60413-2001 Contract number: SPM8EJ14D0004 Web Address: www.darleydefense.com Phone number: 800-323-0244 5 How it Works see following flow chart You register for the program at http:// www.dla.mil/TroopSupport/ConstructionandEquipment/Spec-Ops-marine-lifesaving/SO E And send to [email protected] or FAX Form to 215-737-0341 DLA will send you a welcome packet and spreadsheet you will use for your equipment requests

You fill in the spreadsheet with your POC information and Name of manufacturer Part number Quantity Email request to DLA DLA competes the request for you no need to get quotes DLA emails you winning bid You apply MIPR Equipment ships to you 6 7 Questions To learn more about this program please visit website at: http://

www.dla.mil/TroopSupport/ConstructionandEquipment/SpecOpsmarinelifesaving Website includes helpful links that will explain: SOE Customer Guidelines Document, complete details of the program including registration, ordering etc. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the following points of contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 215-737-4066, 215-737-7833, or

215-737-7759 8 If you have any questions about ordering, please contact us and we can help you through the different methods of purchasing [email protected] m 800-984-7678 425-739-7300

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