Canadian Chartered Banks Example of RBC Cora Wong

Canadian Chartered Banks Example of RBC Cora Wong

Canadian Chartered Banks Example of RBC Cora Wong Boerge Hernes Lutz Firnkorn Thursday, 17 March 2005 Overview

Structure of Industry Royal Bank of Canada Risk and Risk Management Use of Derivatives Stock Compensation Plans Capital Requirements

Summary Chartered Banks A type of financial institution Take deposits, issue personal and corporate loans, and invest in marketable securities Schedule I Banks Schedule II Banks Schedule III Banks Chartered Banks (Cont.)

Mature industry Consolidating but highly competitive Traditional division into 4 Pillars Banks Trust Companies Insurance Companies Investment Dealers

Now own each other and cross-sell each others services Chartered Banks (Cont.) 19 domestic banks, 29 foreign bank subsidiaries, 22 foreign branches Industry dominated by Big 6

Royal Bank of Canada Bank of Montreal Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce National Bank of Canada Scotia Bank Toronto-Dominion Bank Chartered Banks (Cont.) Big 6 hold over 92% of total assets in

industry Canadas Schedule I Banks= Big 6 Laurentian Bank of Canada Canadian Western Bank 11 other domestic banks

Regulatory Environment The Bank Act Central Bank The Bank of Canada Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) Regulation in Global Context Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Basel Committee on banking Supervision International group of banking supervisors Basel II Revision of 1988 Basel Capital Accord (Basel I) Royal Bank of Canada Schedule I Bank Canadas largest bank as measured by assets and market capitalization 1300 domestic locations 40 offices in Caribbean Branches in more than 30 other countries

around the world Royal Bank of Canada Net Income 2004 - Geographic Segment Net Income 2004 - Business Segment RBC- Products Offered Divided into 5 business segments

RBC Banking RBC Investments RBC Insurance RBC Capital Markets RBC Global Services

RBC- Banking Serves individuals, small and mediumsized business, and mid-market commercial clients Financial planning and advising on deposit accounts, investments, mutual funds, credit and debit cards, business and personal loans, residential and commercial mortgages RBC Royal Bank, RBC Centura, RBC Mortgage, RBC Builder Finance, RBC Royal Bank of Canada

RBC- Insurance Creditor, life, health, travel, home, auto and reinsurance products and services Offered through telephone, brokers, travel agents, the sales force and the internet RBC- Investments Wealth management services Brokerage, financial planning, investment counseling, personal trust, private banking, investment management

products and services RBC Investments, RBC Dain Rauscher, RBC Global Private Banking RBC- Capital Markets Wholesale financial services to large corporations, government and institutions RBC- Global Services Specialized transaction processing services to corporations and institutions

Global custody, investment administration, correspondent banking, cash management, payments, trade finance Royal Bank of Canada 04.mar.05 11.feb.05 24.jan.05

03.jan.05 13-Dec-04 22.nov.04 02.nov.04 13-Oct-04 23.sep.04

02.sep.04 13.aug.04 26.jul.04 06.jul.04 15.jun.04 24-May-04

4-May-04 14.apr.04 24.mar.04 04.mar.04 12.feb.04 23.jan.04

02.jan.04 Stock Price 2004-Today 95,00 85,00 75,00 65,00

Royal Bank of Canada Bank of Montreal HSBC 55,00 45,00 35,00 22.mar.05

25.feb.05 01.feb.05 06.jan.05 13-Dec-04 17.nov.04 25-Oct-04

30.sep.04 07.sep.04 12.aug.04 20.jul.04 24.jun.04 28-May-04

5-May-04 12.apr.04 17.mar.04 23.feb.04 28.jan.04 02.jan.04

Stock Price 2004-Today 40,00 % 30,00 % 20,00 % RBC 10,00 % BOM

HSBC 0,00 % -10,00 % -20,00 % Economic Capital Average Economic Capital by Risk Type [2004] The Risk Pyramid

Credit Risk Definition: Risk of default on given loans Credit risk management: - Credit scoring models - For consumer and small business credit - Applicant scoring model - Behavioral scoring model - For commercial and corporate clients - Risk limits - Credit derivative contracts

- Loan sales Market Risk Definition: Loss due to environmental changes Types of market risk: Equity risk Foreign exchange rate and commodity price risk Interest rate risk Debt specific risk Credit spread risk Market risk management:

VaR Sensitivity analyses Stress tests Liquidity Risk Definition: Not to be able to meet financial commitments as they fall due Liquidity risk management Structural liquidity risk management Tactical liquidity management Contingent liquidity risk management

Funding strategy Credit ratings Insurance Risk Definition: Risk associated with design and underwriting of insurance policies Sources of insurance risk 1.Product design risk 2.Product pricing risk 3.Insurance underwriting risk

Insurance risk management Experience studies Scenario testing Diversification Reinsurance Operational Risk

Definition: Relates directly or indirectly to inadequate or failed processes, technology, and human performance or from external events Operational risk management framework: Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) Loss Event Database (LED) Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) Off Balance Sheet Risk Definition: Items that don't occur or not with the full amount on the balance sheet

Derivatives Special Purpose Entities Often not consolidated, they are also used as vehicles to take over risk Undertaken normally for Risk, Capital and/or funding management purposes Guarantees Cause Market, Credit and Liquidity Risk Exposure

The Risk Pyramid Derivative types Interest Rate derivatives Foreign exchange Derivatives Credit Derivatives

Equity Derivatives Other Derivative types (cont.) For sale and trading Sales to clients, those can then hedge against risks Trading involves market making, positioning and arbitrage activities Also used for hedging

Fair Value Hedge Cash Flow Hedge Hedge of Net Investment in foreign operations Economical Hedge Derivative types (cont.) Limits for stock holdings

Remunerations Stock Options /SAR (Stock appreciation rights) Executives Employees Employee share ownership plan Deferred shares units DSUs Performance based deferred shares Stock Option overview

Influence on EPS Equity & Regulatory Requirements Share capital Economic capital : Target Equity Level for Rating

Regulatory capital Tier 1 4% / Tier 2 8% Basel II from 2007 on requires a more detailed rating and risk access system

Regulatory Requirements-Risk Adjusted Assets Regulatory RequirementsEquity Summary Bank are risk takers Many sources of Risk Highly complex Risk Management Align risk appetite and corporate strategy

Thank you for your attention

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