Role of the Educational Supervisor Curriculum 2019 Training

Role of the Educational Supervisor Curriculum 2019 Training

Role of the Educational Supervisor Curriculum 2019 Training Day 18th October 2019 ES Cycle

Within 2 weeks Before meeting: Consider CiP progress Update PDP

Review handover Review PDP Review CiP progress Discuss career Pastoral concerns

Update PDP Sign educational agreement Task specific Use matrix Updated whenever need for

development identified Short & long term Can run across training years Monthly/ pro-rata

Good/ bad experiences CiP progress

Review PDP Wellbeing check Post ARCP ARCP outcome? Update PDP

Plans for outcomes running into next training year Handover to next ES Any questions?

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  • Pictorial Drawings

    Pictorial Drawings

    The result of a orthographic projection is the multiview drawing. Surfaces of the object are shown in true size/dimension and/or shape. Follow all drafting and dimensioning rules for drafting like line types, correct tool usage, etc.
  • Edible Activism! - Erik Chevrier

    Edible Activism! - Erik Chevrier

    Thirst. Our bodies are about 2/3rds water. 2% reduction in water volume makes you thirsty. 3% causes dehydration. Physiological Regulation . Intracellular fluids - Inside cells (40% body weight) - osmometric thirst (cellular de/hydration)
  • Chapter 15

    Chapter 15

    Some students might think that scientists have answers for all of life's questions. Other students might rely upon supernatural explanations when faced with scientific uncertainty. The material in this chapter provides a good opportunity to further distinguish between the process...
  • City on a Hill: The Church in the

    City on a Hill: The Church in the

    A reading from the holy Gospel according to John (John 14: 23-29): Jesus said to his disciples:"Whoever loves me will keep my word,and my Father will love him,and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him.Whoever does...
  • Chapter 7: Building Construction

    Chapter 7: Building Construction

    Building construction affects how fires grow and spread. Fire fighters need to understand how each type of building construction reacts when exposed to the effects of heat. Determines when it is safe to enter a burning building and when it...
  • CS Theory Jeopardy

    CS Theory Jeopardy

    Too Trivial 8. Identify the source (author, paper, year) of each of these quotes: "Namely, it would obviously mean that inspite of the undecidability of the Entscheidungsproblem, the mental work of a mathematician concerning Yes-or-No questions could be completely replaced...
  • The Business Case for Building the Janssen Brand

    The Business Case for Building the Janssen Brand

    *Two-sided Exact Clopper-Pearson 95% CI; ‡Includes ARVs and booster used at screening. Data not reported for patients who had previously used 3 or 4 ARVs prior to baseline; §DRV with RTV or COBI, ATV with RTV or COBI, and LPV...
  • ISA - Europa

    ISA - Europa

    ECAS . credentials. since national eIDsare not recognisedbythe EC applications. A . first. proof of concept . demonstrating the integration of ECAS with STORK project was funded by IDABC programme and executed in 2011. The. current situation. ECAS-STORK integrationalready in...