Idioms 1 Each idiom has two slides. In

Idioms 1  Each idiom has two slides.  In

Idioms 1 Each idiom has two slides. In the first slide you get a picture clue can you guess the idiom? In the second slide three possible meanings are given can you guess the correct one? Authors of photos are attributed in the notes of the relevant slide. 1

Answ er Sit on the fence. 1 Chat with your neighbour over the fence. ? Not decide on a particular

issue. ? Flatten your neighbours fence. ? Molly could not decide whether to go to France or Germany. In the end, she sat on the fence and let Jane make the 2

1 3 1 7 5 6 Answ er

4 2 8 Be on cloud nine. 2 Be extremely happy. ?

Fly in an aeroplane through clouds. ? Experience high pollution levels clouds of smoke. ? When he knew it was English, he was on cloud nine. 3

Answ er Rings a bell. 3 Be the belle of the ball. ? Rings the church bells every Sunday.

Sounds familiar. ? I couldnt place her but her name rang a bell. ? 4 Answ er

Let the cat out of the bag. 4 Allow the cat to escape. ? Reveal a secret. ? Take the cat food out of the shopping bag.

? Although shed promised not to tell anyone about the party, when she saw Amy, she couldnt help let the cat out of 5 > Answ er Bite off more than you can chew

5 Attempt too big a task. ? Stuff your face with too much food. ? Put too much chewing gum in your mouth.

? When David came 6th in the 100m having run in the 200m, 400m and 800m, his coach said, Youve bitten off 6 Answ er She is over the moon.

6 She is looking down on the moon from a window. ? She is studying astronomy. ? She is really happy. ?

A huge slice of chocolate cake Sarah was over the moon. 7 Answ er Feel under the weather 7 Feel the rain or snow as it comes

down. ? Feel a bit ill. ? Be happy or sad depending on the weather forecast. ? Maria, feeling a bit under the weather,

reached for another box of tissues to cope with her runny nose. 8 ? Answ er Cat got your tongue? 8 Is the situation making you

quiet? ? Is the cat trying to say something? ? Is the cat eating tongue meat from your plate? ?

Cat got your tongue? Mrs Jones asked as John stood holding the missing 100 in his hand. 9 Brand New! Answ er Turn over a new leaf.

9 Move the plant nearer the window. ? Make a new start. ? Do some gardening. ?

Callum has turned over a new leaf this term all his homework has been handed in on time. 1 0 Answ er Pull someones leg. 10

Tell someone an untrue story. ? Grab someones ankle. ? Take someones boots off. ? I was only pulling your leg when I said

youd won 1st prize. 1 1 Answ er A piece of cake. 11 A delicious snack.

? An easy task. ? A sixth of the whole cake. ? Guessing these idioms is a piece of cake! 1

2 Answ er Bark up the wrong tree. 12 The cats up the other tree! ? Choose the tree with less

fruit. Follow the wrong line of inquiry. ? Mrs Smith realised she had been barking up the wrong tree when the money turned up in Bens drawer. ? 1 3

+ Answ er Cost an arm and a leg. 13 Be very expensive. ? Be dangerous you might hurt

yourself. ? Find it difficult to move in tight clothing. ? That new smartphone cost an arm and a leg. 14

Answ er Have butterflies in your 14 Have an upset stomach. ? Have eaten some insects. ?

Feel nervous. ? Melanie could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she headed towards the exam hall. 1 5 + it t

Answ er Put a sock in it. i 15 Stop talking! ? Cover up your foot.

? Block up the hole with a sock. ? Oh for goodness sake, put a sock in it you havent stopped talking since we left home two hours ago, ordered Dad. 1 6

Answ er Cut corners. 16 Open a corner yoghurt. ? Drive in a straight line. ?

Do a less than good job. ? When water started leaking through the roof, it was clear that the builders had cut corners. 1 7 Answ er

Be on the ball. 17 Dress up ready for the ball. ? Be alert and up with things. ? Balance on a ball.

? Having done her homework, Samantha was on the ball when Miss Jenkins started firing questions about 1 8 Answ er Smell a rat.

18 Suspect that something is not right. ? Notice rat droppings. ? Know that it is time to clean out the cage.

? When Mrs Figgins saw the lid off the biscuit tin and crumbs leading upstairs to Emmas bedroom, she began to smell 1 9 Answ er See eye to eye.

19 Be equally short or long sighted. ? Be in agreement. ? Look into each others eyes.

? Georgina and Stacey tend to avoid each other they rarely see eye to eye on anything. 2 0 not married Answ er Miss the boat.

20 Arrive late for a boat trip. ? A beauty queen on board a boat. ? Miss an opportunity.

? When Diane saw that there were already 30 names down for the dance sessions, she realised she had missed 2 1 Answ er 1st

The last straw. ? 21 The last in a series of problems which make the situation unbearable. ? The final hay collected in from the fields.

? The lost straw which was separated from the milk carton. ? It had been a difficult lesson for Miss Smith but the final straw was when the whiteboard projector failed as the 2 2

Answ er The elephant in the 22 An elephant indoors for winter. ? A large animal entering a house.

? An obvious problem which is not talked about. ? In the Smith family, the strong smell coming from Mikes feet was the elephant in the room. 23

+ Answ er Its raining cats and dogs. 2 3 Its raining and pets are getting wet. ?

Its raining very hard. ? Cats and dogs are shaking themselves and wetting everyone around them. ? Dont go outside now its raining cats and dogs. 2 4

Answ er Cry over spilt milk. 24 Get too upset about things that have happened which you cannot change. ? Cry when you make a mess at the

table. ? Burst into tears in a dairy. ? I know that it was an accident when you broke Rebekahs laptop its no good crying over spilt milk. 2 5

+ Answ er Add insult to injury. 25 Ambulance men who laugh. ? Laugh at someone who has fallen

over. ? Make a bad situation worse by upsetting someone. ? James ran out of petrol. To add insult to injury he was given a parking ticket while fetching the fuel. The

End Also available: Idioms 2, Idioms 3 & Idioms 4.

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