ESSENTIAL ENGLISH ETAQ MASTERCLASS UNIT 3 MAY 2018 Fiona Laing Susan Sherlock Olivia Ernst Presenters Fiona Laing Forest Lake State High School HOD English Currently acting DP Olivia Ernst Forest Lake State High School 10 years

Leads ENC program Susan Sherlock Bundamba State Secondary College HOD English All teaching on Ipswich rail corridor By the end of today, I will be able to 3 UNDERSTA ND how Unit 3 could be planned IDENTIFY

2 1 UNDERSTAND options for supporting students to develop their skills ready for Unit 3 bridges to potential barriers in implementing Unit 3 Essential English in my school POTENTIAL CHALLENGES


NG EXAMS CURRENT CHALLENGES: Bundamba State Secondary College Disengaged students Who believed they werent capable or challenged Teachers who were disengaged Who

believed they werent worth it Tired study plan Who could not connect to the curriculum Poor results Needed to change and improve the culture teachers and

students What to do? The New QCE Syllabus CULTURE CHANGE NEEDED Offered opportunities for a revamp Needed to better understand our context Needed to better understand our students Needed to engage

staff in the change BSSC PROCESS SUBMIT AND APPROVE STUDY PLAN REVAMP THE STUDY PLAN Include similar text types and tasks STEP 5 have already made changes STEP 4


GET WRITING Just do it! Build into JNR STEP 2 What works? STEP 1 WHAT ELSE?

IMPLEMENT AND REVIEW Framed the syllabus change as a positive Liaised with local HoD network Spoke with QCAA staff for advice Looked at outcomes from previous years to help decision making WHO? Invested staff team WHAT IDEAS DO WE HAVE? THAT OUR KIDS WILL ENGAGE WITH? Potential Barrier 1: Timing

How is your school timing the start of unit 3? Poll: School has finalised timing for SATE units School is starting Unit 3 in term 4 year 11 School is starting Unit 3 in term 1 year 12 Implications for timing of Common Internal Assessment (CIA) Forest Lake SHS proposed timing: Implications for Common Internal Assessment? Share with your partner how you see timing working at your school. What did Forest Lake do to build a positive culture for English Communication? Created links between units English and English Communication Introduced newspapers for each junior year level for two weeks

Made newspapers a large part of the visual and written literacy building Paid attention to building cultural knowledge to allow students access to English across the years Built a serious culture of exams for ENC Exam Prep The Forest Lake SHS English Communications exam narrative Began year 11 in 2004 Introduced: Exams in the hall 1st semester (just like the others) Exams twice in semester 1, 3 and 4 First exam open book 2nd exam short answer (including paragraphs) 3rd exam (semester 3) 100 words notes allowed persuasive letter on issue 4th exam (semester 4) 100 words notes allowed essay 400-600 words Seen topics for year 12 exams Exam Prep at Forest Lake SHS for Essential English

Mirroring exams from grade 11 to grade 12 Using previous content to build in language Increasing exam stamina Timed writing all units Paragraph practice PEEL PEE+EEL PEE+EE+EEL Confidence in Senior to play around with structure Ladder of Achievement Ladder of Achievement Provide a pathway to successful achievement from the beginning Provide regular opportunities to practice (fortnightly?) Teacher feedback sometimes Student feedback sometimes Track individual progress up until CIA Ladder of Achievement

Level 3 P-E-E-E-E-L All elements contribute to answering the given question Can also use an alternative paragraph structure such as: Lawyer Hammer Slam Dunk (Write That Essay) Variety of simple, compound and complex sentences for effect Punctuation and grammar is accurate Ideas are sequential and/or cohesive Level 2 Level 1 P-E-E-L or P-E-E-E-E-L Mostly correct but some elements not yet

achieving purpose Variety of simple and compound sentences Punctuation and grammar needs revision An attempt has been made to use connectives sequential/comparative or contrasting P-E-E-E-E-L All elements attempt to achieve purpose Variety of simple, compound and complex sentences Punctuation and grammar is mostly accurate Ideas are mostly sequential and/or cohesive UNIT 1 MIRROR UNIT 3 YEAR 11 UNIT 1 INFORMATION SESSION Workplace topics


STIMULUS EXAM Workplace Discrimination - Written scenario - Visual representation UNIT 3 TOIC 2 STIMULUS EXAM CIA - Seen Written - Unseen Visual Topic 1 at Forest Lake SHS In Topic 1, students read, listen to and view a range of texts that invite audiences to take up positions on community, local and/or global issues. YOUTH HOMELESSNESS Watch Oasis (main text)

Explore different media portrayals Research the causes of homelessness Investigate community help services Discuss slacktivism Lead in to CIA Use resources on Homelessness Revisit critical literacy terms Sample Assessment for Topic 1 Context: After watching the documentary, Oasis, we have become aware of a number of issues facing young homeless people in Australia. Task: You are to present a 3-5 minute persuasive speech agreeing or disagreeing with Professor Burdekins statement:

Language of Media metalanguage for representation Visual Written Framing Positioning Evaluative language Focal Point Bias Emotive language

Lighting Stereotypes Repetition Colour Rhetorical questions Symbols Figurative language Exam Prep - Visual Backward mapping Creating a culture Grade7 through to Senior

Content Genre Skills Grade 8 Critical literacy Teens in the Media unit BACKWARD MAPPING TO SUPPORT CIA Comprehension strategy Q Variety of text types

A Exam conditions R UNIT 1 MIRROR UNIT 3 YEAR 11 UNIT 1 PERSUASIVE SPEECH Representations of family - TV shows UNIT 3 TOPIC 1 PERSUASIVE SPEECH

Social and community issues - Youth unemployment - DV - Drugs and alcohol YEAR 12 IA1 MIRROR IA1 MIRROR CIA CIA UNIT 1

STIMULUS EXAM Work Scenario - Written scenario - Visual representation (WHS) UNIT 3 TOIC 2 STIMULUS EXAM Gun Control - Spoken word poem - - Political cartoon Activity: Example CIA Question Aim: to give you practice with how to prepare your students before being given the actual CIA from the QCAA Task: You are to write question to guide students to respond to the visual stimulus item to follow. Think about:

Assessment Objectives Language that is used in the specifications CIA Assessment objectives This assessment technique is used to determine student achievement in the following objectives: 1. Use patterns and conventions of written & visual texts to position audiences to accept or reject representations of an Australian social group. 2. Use appropriate roles and relationships with audiences. 3. Explain representations of identities, places, events and concepts. 4. Explain the ways cultural assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs about community, local or global issues underpin texts and influence meaning. 5. Explain how language features and text structures shape perspectives on community, local or global issues in media texts and invite particular responses. 6. Select and use subject matter to support perspectives. 7. Sequence subject matter and use mode-appropriate cohesive devices to construct coherent written texts 8. Make mode-appropriate language choices according to the register variables informed by purpose, audience and context 9. Use language features to inform audiences . Note: Objectives 1, 2, 7 and 8 are not assessed in this instrument.

CIA Specifications: Students will respond to representations of an identity or identities, place, event or concept in an unseen media text by writing a response that identifies, considers and explains how the elements or components that make up the text communicates ideas and information. Your Turn UNIT 3 - CIA SPOKEN WORD POETRY EXCERPT Simple Exposed to similar as prep

SEEN UNSEEN Students have heard and seen Will have an excerpt in the exam POLITICAL CARTOON GUN CONTROL - ISSUE: - gun control is needed - CONCEPT: - video games increase gun violence

Model CIA SEEN UNSEE N Explain how the audience is positioned to accept the intended message about the gun control issue represented in IN-Qs social media text Wrong Side of History. You will identify and explain how the author has used specific language features and text structures to shape the meaning of the text. Explain how the artist of the political cartoon Games and Guns has represented the idea that video games increase the risk of gun violence. Identify and explain how the visual text structures shape the representation of gun violence. STIMULUS - UNSEEN Read teacher exempla

r and mark it against our version of the instrum entspecific POLITICAL CARTOON Explain vs Analyse 3. Construct and explain representations of identities, places, events and concepts. 4. Make use of and explain the ways cultural assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs underpin texts and influence meaning. 5. Explain how language features and text structures shape meaning in popular culture texts and invite particular responses.

Explain vs Analyse Explain: make an idea or situation plain or clear by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts; give an account; provide additional information Analyse: dissect to ascertain and examine constituent parts and/or their relationships; break down or examine in order to identify the essential elements, features, components or structure; determine the logic and reasonableness of information; Examine or consider something in order to explain and interpret it, for the purpose of finding meaning or relationships and identifying patterns, similarities and differences To share: What effect does this choice have on work with Essentials classes? Brainstorm How could you implement some plans for preparing for the CIA into your school? What could you do now to prepare? What do you continue to do?

How will you maintain the momentum with just four tasks? What are your major challenges? Staff? Community? Students? Conclusion Be positive about what your students can achieve Keep collaborating Use ETAQ Facebook group to ask questions/have discussions Does anyone else have something to share for English Communication/Essential English for state conference? Contacts: [email protected] Bundamba State Secondary College [email protected] Forest Lake State High School [email protected] Forest Lake State High School

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