2013 Andrs Tapia President www.DiversityBestPractices.com ERGs: Getting What

2013 Andrs Tapia President www.DiversityBestPractices.com ERGs: Getting What

2013 Andrs Tapia President www.DiversityBestPractices.com ERGs: Getting What You Asked For Its Show Time! 2013 ERGs Are Booming

A growing number of companies launching for first time ERGs being revitalized where they have been present for a long time Spreading to the field where it had only been at home office NALC six years running, full house www.DiversityBestPractices.com Getting What You Have Been Asking For CEOs and other execs paying more attention

They are giving you exposure They want your ideas They want to feel your impact www.DiversityBestPractices.com Ready for Showtime? The bar is getting set higher but budgets are not going up on par Work demands have only increased so who has time? Advocacy is great

but do you know how to influence? www.DiversityBestPractices.com Ready for Showtime! Discover Financial Novartis Cigna www.DiversityBestPractices.com 7 Employee Connection Groups, with over 1,400 employees participating. Launched Sept. 2012.

www.DiversityBestPractices.com Mission YPOD will ignite progress, inspire others and cultivate tomorrows leaders. We aim to provide developmental, networking and leadership opportunities for motivated young professionals and their advocates. We will support and reinforce our core business objectives by leveraging personal and professional insights to spark innovation, while enhancing our companys reputation through ACCOMPLISHMENTS voluntary service in our communities. Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Overview

TedxDFS Event - Topic: Embracing Innovation Holiday Card Writing / Family Adoption of our troops & families YPOD Survey www.DiversityBestPractices.com www.DiversityBestPractices.com 16 ERGs with 10 field-based chapters 43% of NPC associates are ERG members

(3,394 associates) www.DiversityBestPractices.com Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) ERGs support Cross-Cultural Marketing and other Initiatives Focused on Driving the Business ERGS based on race/ethnicity (groups for Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Russians, Chinese, Southeast Asian

Indians) participated in NPCs market research on culturally competent strategies. Several strategies were vetted over a two-year period for cultural insights, consumer research, translations and new ideas. Strategy led to more than $2 million in savings on market research and helped NPC reach more than 30 million consumers ERGs function as focus groups to provide feedback on NPC organizational initiatives Examples include participating in focus groups on diversity & inclusion and employee relations training, FlexConnect (NPCs flexible work program); and towards the development of an on-site day care ERGs support organizational talent management efforts by educating members and other associates about the

performance management process (objective setting and talent profile), and through the development of mentoring programs ERGs support NPCs philanthropic efforts Community Partnership Day, Multicultural Corporate Teen Mentoring and On-Site Mentoring Programs, as well as pursuing opportunities to volunteer in areas aligned with their key area of focus www.DiversityBestPractices.com Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

African Ancestry Cultural Exchange (AACE) Asian American Affinity Network (AAAN) Cancer Hope (CH) CapAble (People with Disabilities and Chronic Health Issues ) Caregivers Alliance for Resources, Education and Service (C.A.R.E.S.)

Chinese Culture Community (CCC) Empowering Women to Impact Now (EWIN)

GenNext Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN) Military Affinity Group (MAG) Native American Cultural Alliance (NACA) Network for Indian Cultural Exchange (NICE) Open Professional Employee Network (OPEN ) Russian Culture Exchange (RCE) Women in Leadership (WIL) Working Parents Connection (WPC)

www.DiversityBestPractices.com Since July 2011, nine Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) introduced:

Women Black/ African American Asian/South Asian Hispanic/Latino LGBT & Allies Virtual Communities Millennials People with Different Abilities Veterans More than 7% of U.S. workforce participates

CRG's co-led by individuals identified via 9-Box Talent Review process 10 of 18 CRG Leaders have been promoted or had expansion of responsibilities during their current tenure. www.DiversityBestPractices.com Product Development partners with Millennials CRG to gain insights on interests that include social media and gamification. African American and Black CRG has partnered with product team to develop communications and events that culturally connect with

consumers. Hispanic CRG has authored internal whitepaper on Health & Well being in the Hispanic Community CRGs work with local sales teams for client presentations and supporting customers during open enrollment process. www.DiversityBestPractices.com Three Leadership Moves You Can Take Right Now Confront the Brutal Facts about your ERG Identify One Hedgehodge Concept Get the Right People on

the Bus www.DiversityBestPractices.com 2013

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