CAPTAIN COOK AND THE ENDEAVOR GISBORNES HISTORY James Cook Click icon to add picture James Cook was the captain of the Endeavour on a treacherous

journey to observe the transit of Venus and make the first circumnavigation of New Zealand. The Crew He set out on this long journey in 1768,accompanied by: Joseph Banks-botanist, Daniel Solander- naturalist, Charles Green- Greenwich Observatory,

The famous Nicholas young- the surgeons boy And later by Tupaia- a Tahitian chief and his son from Tahiti who spoke some English and was asked to accompany them and translate should they run into any natives. James Cook Sir James Cook, born in Yorkshire England, was an explorer, navigator, cartographer and also captain of the royal navy.

The Endeavour The Endeavour was an amazing ship, owned by Joseph Banks, that carried 18 months of supplies, 94 men and weighed 368

tons. The Landing On the 6th October 1769, Nicholas Young sighted land from the masthead. On the 8th of October, they sailed into a bay and laid anchor at the entrance to a small river in Tuuranga-nui, todays Poverty Bay. They

discovered the headland that had been seen first and decided to name it Young Nicks Head after Nicholas Young. The Fights The sailors set off in two small boats to find supplies. Four people were left to guard one of the boats but were soon surprised by the appearance of four Mori brandishing weapons. When one Mori lifted a lance to hurl at the boat, he was

shot by a coxswain. Cooks crew returned to the Endeavour and came back the next day, accompanied by Tupaia. Some Mori were waiting on the river bank when they arrived and they were able to communicate because Tupaias language was similar to the Moris. Gifts were presented but the Mori were hesitant because of the killing the day before. When a Mori seized a small cutlass, he was shot. Poverty bay

After some more arguing the next day, Cook took aboard three Mori whom he be-friended, but he was still upset about the previous killings so carried on up the coast. He named his first landing site Poverty Bay as he had not been able to take on refreshments.

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