2017 Soybean Insect Update Dominic Reisig NCSU Entomology

2017 Soybean Insect Update Dominic Reisig NCSU Entomology

2017 Soybean Insect Update Dominic Reisig NCSU Entomology and Plant Pathology Making Smart Insecticide Choices in Soybean Proper identification Numbers at threshold Choose the correct tool Proper Identification

Corn Earworm/Tobacco Budworm Corn Earworm Risky Pyrethroid Safe Caterpillar-specific (Baythroid, bifenthrin, Karate, Mustang, Tombstone) (Blackhawk, Intrepid Edge, Prevathon, Steward)

Advantages Cheap (unless they flare), pick up some true bugs Disadvantages Resistance, not effective on many armyworms, loopers, tobacco budworms, kill many natural enemies Advantages

Almost always effective, some residual, preserve beneficials Disadvantages Initially pricey, will not pick up true bugs Percent survival Average mean % corn earworm moth survival, 5 g cypermethrin- 2013-2016

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

18.49 16.92 No data 2011 2012 18.49

15.48 2013 2014 27.27 30.90 2015

2016 Number of predators per beat sheet sample Untreated Belt Prevathon Karate + Prevathon (Besiege) Work done during 2013-2015 in NC and VA by VA Tech student Dr. Rebecca

Whalen I dont understand why I have wormsI already sprayed V3 Defoliation Do multiple defoliation events compound to reduce yield in soybeans? V6 Defoliation 0 33% 66% 100%

0 100% 97% 96% 77% 33% 105% 93% 88% 83% 66% 100% 95% 101% 92% UTC) 75% 100% 86% Yield 75%(% of 79% B.C. Thrash, A. Catchot, J. Gore, F. Musser, D. Cook, T. Irby, J. Krutz- MS State

V4 Defoliation Yield lbs/plot Effects of Soybean Planting Date on V4 Defoliation Damage Stoneville 16 14 13.32 12.81 11.39

12 10 8.91 8.83 8 6 4 2

0 8-Apr 22-Apr 6-May Non Defoliated 21-May

Defoliated 4-Jun Delays in Maturity Conclusions Do reproductive thresholds need to be adjusted based on defoliation that occurred during vegetative growth stages? Probably not

Later planted soybeans may need a lower treatment threshold to compensate for reduced leaf area recovery time

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