Evaluation Dis git a Visitor l at the

Evaluation Dis git a Visitor l at the

Evaluation Dis git a Visitor l at the A NH Catherine Bonner Adam Karcs Emily Perry 16 December 2014 Overall Project Goal Explore ways in which digital technologies can be used to enhance the visitor evaluation capabilities at the Nantucket Historical Association Background Nantucket Whaling Museum People Visitor Expectation s Digital Self-Guided Visitor Learning Surveys Feedback Goals and Objectives

Objective 1: Determined state-of-the-art surveying practices in the museum industry Objective 2: Examined the current and preferred visitor evaluation methods Nantucket Historical Association of the survey Objective 3: Developed a suite of technology-assisted instruments recommendations Objective 4: Provided for the use and maintenance of the instruments developed. NHA Industry Survey Recs Initial Findings Primary Needs Staff Interviews Visitor Experience Programs Membership Price of Membership Source of Member Acquisition Emailed Surveys Education Communicatio ns Curating Research

Outcomes-Based Discovery Room Museum Scope Evaluation Ages of Visitors Discovery Room Field Trip Satisfaction Visitor Outcomes-Based Expectations Evaluation Museum Scope Grant Writing Diversity Non-Visitation Advertising Marketing Avenues Price of Admission Social Media Standing iPad Surveys Branding Emailed Surveys Satisfaction with Satisfaction with Advertising Programs Pricing Programs Advertising Branding Standing iPad Surveys Paper Ticketing Surveys Online Online Ticketing Industry NHA Survey

Recs Survey Provider Games Feature Qualtrics s Pric e Survey Gizmo Survey Monkey Snap Surveys NHA Industry Survey Recs Programs Museum Survey Surveys Created 2014 NHA Initial Museum Programs Membership Survey about Collect Collectprogram useful information attendees opinions theon visiting the Survey previous body, years as wellpublic as feedback

programs, regarding as wellthe as generate museums feedback exhibitions, to guide galleries, the next and years daily Individual programming programsMembership Programs Survey NHA Industry Renewal Survey Survey Recs NHA Interests NHA 1800 House Greater Light Nantucket Whaling Museum Nantucket Whaling

Museum Oldest House NHA Industry Survey branding Recs Quaker Meeting House Museum Survey NHA Interests Encouragement Subtleof Further Advertisement Participation Have any to of stay the other NHA historic If you you visited would like up-to-date on sites available with your All-Access Pass? Nantucket

Historical Association events Yes please provide your email address below: No, 13.6% No, to but I plan to Provided anplan Email Recommendation: and I dont Address Continue requesting email addresses NHA Industry Survey branding Recs Programs Survey NHA Interests Subtle Advertisement Not-So-Subtle Advertisement Which ofof the of NHA programs

13 out 15following questionstypes contained the acronym have you attended and/or do you plan to NHA Concerts attend? Festivals Parties Etc. NHA Industry Survey branding Recs Programs Survey NHA Interests Results from Open Text n = 25 Responses Comments On: Respondents are Programsaware of the scope Museum of the brand Use ofExhibits Historic Sites Value of Membership NHA Industry

Survey branding Recs NHA Interests Methods/Modes of advertisement Programs Survey Other:; 4; 1.82% NHA Flyers; 9.09% Word of Mouth; 19; 8.64% Whaling Museum Visit; 6.82% Facebook; 9; 4.09% NHA Website (nha.org); 11.82% NHA Material Recommendations: Radio; 4; 1.82% How do you usually hear about NHAyears Programs? Future MahonAboutTown.com; 13.18% NHA E-newsletter; 20.00% By residency, age, etc. Newspapers Visit/Voice Yesterday's Island newspaper; 11; 5.00% The Inquirer and Mirror

newspaper; 17.73% NHA Industry brandi Museum Survey Survey Recs NHA Interests How did you purchase? Would you use online? Benefits: How did youMail;purchase the majority of your program tickets? 7.14% Phone; 10.71% Ifvisitor available, would you use onlineNot ticketing for all NHA information Sure; 41.67% programs? Should we expand our online Recommendation: audience size Further exposure to online options ticketing?

No; 8.33% Analyze this data throughout the summer season supplies/preparations In Person; Online; 25.00% Yes; 50.00% 57.14% NHA Industry Survey advertisin Recs NHA Interests How much should we charge for our 1 2 3 Programs services? Museum + Semi-Direct Indirect Approach Approach Direct Approach Admission Events and Rateprice the value of the price was: of Rate

the The of following: admission admission to your TheMuch pricetoo of admission reasonable. lowcompared - - - - -was Much too high Strongly Disagree experience. - - - - - Strongly Agree museum Poor Value - - - - - Great Value NHA Industry online Survey Recs NHA Interests 1 Direct Approach thefeel value of the HowRate do you about theprice valueof ofadmission

the programs 2 you compared to your museum experience. have attended in relation to their Poor Value - - - - -prices? Great Value admission Poor Value - - - - - Great Value Programs Survey Indirect Approach 3 Semi-Direct Approach Rate the following: The price of admission was reasonable. Museum Survey Strongly Disagree - - - - - Strongly Agree NHA Industry Survey pricing Recs Museum Survey NHA Interests Rate the

following: NHA Member? The price of admission was N Ye reasonable. o s Strongly Disagree - - - - - Strongly Agree NHA Industry Survey pricing Recs $ Question Routing NHA Programs Interests Survey SatisfactionOverall with Program Satisfaction Older age groups are more overall Oldersatisfied age groups are more satisfied with

Program Pricing Poor Value 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 Pricing Vs. Age Group Vs. Age Group Implications: Programs are geared more towards older age groups Very Great Satisfied Value Dissatisfi ed Older age groups have more Recommendation: disposable income Increase focus on 26 to 35 year- old age group in 50 to 64 18 to 25 26 to 35

36 to 49 18 to 25 26 to 35 36 to 49 50 to 64 65+ future Age Group 65+ Age Group n=59 Larger Findings and Recommendations NHA Industry Survey pricing Recs Museum Survey 9.5% Had difficulties with 94% 64 87.5% Administer surveys on iPad Public Testing 55.5% 12 3Ask Follow-Up Questions

iPad delay Analyze Results Had noaproblem with Own smartphone Visitors Had difficulties with minis Museum Results Survey Accordingly the length of the iPad delay Recommendation: 4 Modify or tablet WiFi Speed Tests Determined WiFi Connectivity Administer Standing Kiosk surveyIssues Best Location caused delay Museum Surveys in the Whaling NHA Survey Industry Recs recommendatio Programs

Survey 1,100 Recommendati 59 Sentopened to 5,000 people ons: the 5.36% Social Media Blasts completed email Reminder Emails effective response responses Offer Incentives NHA rate Survey Industry Recs recommendatio Thank You Questions, Comments, Concerns Question Developm ent

Stylistic and Technical Design Two Digital Surveys NHA Interests Satisfaction with Program Pricing Vs. NHA Membership Status Non-Members 1 Members 2 3 4 5 Programs Museum Survey NHA members rate their satisfaction with the pricing of NHA Programs more highly than nonRecommendation: members Rephrase this question for members in future Programs Surveys Programs Survey NHA Interests

Great Value Poor Value 5 4 3 2 1 Dissatisfied Overall Experience Rating NHA Industry Satisfied Survey pricing Recs SURVEY GIZMO SNAP SURVEYS QUALTRICS 12 >100 Solo Basic Professional

Enterprise Number of Question Types 19 19 19 19 Unlimited Responses X X X X Logic, Actions & Piping X X X X X Theme Customization X X X X

X X X X X X X X X X X X Survey Building Reporting Automatic Summary Reporting Export Reports to CSV, XLS, PDF Export Reports to PPT Price $15/mth $35/mth Data Encryption $75/mth X $199/mth

X 5,000 responses: X 5,000 reponses: $1,121/yr X X $7,000/yr 10,000 responses: $1,646/yr X 10,000 responses: X $13,000/yr Customer Service Email Support X X X X X X Phone Support X X X

X X X X X Survey Development Consultation Sharing X Email Campaign Custom Branded Links Price X X X X X X X X Offline Capability X X X

X X X Kiosk Mode X X X X X X $15/mth $35/mth $75/mth $199/mth 5,000 reponses: $1,121/yr 10,000 responses: $1,646/yr 5,000 responses: $7,000/yr 10,000 responses: $13,000/yr

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