Budget Authority & Support Staff Training Human Resources

Budget Authority & Support Staff Training Human Resources

Budget Authority & Support Staff Training Human Resources and Payroll Taylor Alvarez, Benefits Manager Stephanie Shrewsbury, Payroll Manager Exempt vs. Nonexempt Exempt employee Not entitled to overtime

Nonexempt employee Entitled to overtime Overtime is time actually worked over 40 hours in a work week is overtime, according to FLSA Required to keep a timesheet showing hours worked each day and total hours worked each workweek To be submitted to and signed by the supervisor at the end of the period and entered into PeopleSoft Payroll Nonexempt Employee

Timekeeping Time records are required for all nonexempt employees. The time record should contain a true and accurate recording of the hours worked. There should be no hours worked that are not recorded and posted into the PeopleSoft system. The PeopleSoft system accrues and tracks the overtime compensatory time and straight compensatory time earned by employees. Payroll Nonexempt Employee

Timekeeping Overtime compensatory time can either be taken off at one- half times the hours that were worked over 40, or paid out. Any earned overtime compensatory time not used or paid out at the time of separation will be paid out. Straight compensatory time can be taken off at an hour to hour ratio. Straight compensatory time cannot and will not be paid out at separation.

Payroll Nonexempt Employee Timekeeping How does an employee earn Straight compensatory time? By using time worked, plus sick, vacation, holiday, comp time or emergency closure for an amount over 40 hours in one week. I.E. Sally Staffmember works 10 hours on Monday, 8 hours on Tuesday Thursday and uses 8 vacation on Friday. The total hours are 42, however, Sally did not actually work more than 40, so the 2 hours goes into Straight compensatory time. Payroll Nonexempt Employee

Timekeeping How does an employee earn Overtime Compensatory time? Sally Staffmember works 10 hours on Monday and 8 hours on Tuesday Friday. Her total hours worked for the week are 42. The two hours is multiplied by 1.5 and Sally earns 3 hours of Overtime compensatory time. Sally can take off 3 hours later, not the same week as earned, or she can request payment for the hours. Sallys timekeeper can pay her for the hours by listing the hours on her timesheet with the code OCP (Overtime Comp Payout) with the number of hours requested.

Payroll Nonexempt Employee Timekeeping Payroll Student Workers First and foremost, student workers must be . . . . STUDENTS AT UT TYLER. An individual that works for us the summer before their enrollment is not a student worker. An individual that works for us after their graduation is not

a student worker. Payroll Student Workers Student worker hours are limited to 19.5 per week. The students primary purpose on campus should be to study, attend class and get their education. Students are eligible for an exemption from Social Security and Medicare tax (and were exempt from the employer match). U.S. citizen student workers may work an average of 19.5 hours per week. Non-resident alien students who are here on an F-1 visa MAY not

work more than 20 hours per week during school sessions or 40 hours per week during school breaks. Averaging with these students is not allowed and puts the student at risk for deportation and the University at risk for audit and fines. Family Medical Leave Casey San Benefits Assistant Family Medical Leave Eligibility

An employee is eligible for FMLA if they have been employed with UT Tyler for 12 months and have worked at least 1,250 hours in that 12 month period. FMLA covers 12 work weeks (480 hours) of protected leave in a 12 month period. FMLA is job and benefit protection. It does not pay the employee. Since FML is unpaid, Sick/Vacation/Comp Time can run concurrently with FML. An employee can also be on leave without pay and run FML concurrently.

Family Medical Leave contd All FML time, extended and intermittent, will be entered by HR. The employee will be responsible for including HR in the RightSignature routing of their leave request forms immediately following the absence. Prior to the employees return to work, HR must receive a doctors release. When an employee returns from FMLA leave, they must be restored to the same job that he/she held when the leave began or to an equivalent job.

FMLA: Supervisor Responsibilities Support and encourage the use of Family Medical Leave Notify HR immediately if an absence is more than 3 days and appears to be FMLA-qualifying, employees do not have to ask for FMLA and UT Tyler only has 5 days from the notice to respond with the FMLA paperwork. Safeguard the employees privacy Be Supportive of any restrictions when the employee returns to work FMLA: Supervisor Responsibilities contd

Dont contact the employee with work related questions while they are out on FML A medical certification is used by HR to determine if an employee qualifies for leave under the FMLA, this determination is decided in the HR office only. Do not use FMLA covered leave time as a negative factor in employment actions, such as promotions and disciplinary actions. If an employee has work related issues they may, after consulting with HR, be address while the employee is on FML.

FMLA: Employee Responsibilities Communicating all FML related leave information with supervisor (dates out, dates return, etc.) Employees on intermittent FML to must follow normal callout procedures Continue to meet expectations Provide a return to work release from the doctor Sick Leave **It is important that all leave time taken be entered each week. An employee can use sick leave for a doctors appointments, illness, injury, or pregnancy.

Leave can be used to care for an immediate family member. If the family member is living outside of the home, documentation is required to show that the family member is totally dependent upon the employee for care (excluding the employees minor children). If absence is more than three days because of sickness, injury or pregnancy, employee will send the supervisor a doctors certification showing the cause of nature of the illness, and a return to work release from the doctor. Employees may use 8 hrs. of sick leave per fiscal year to attend educational activities for the employees children pre-k through 12th grade. Donation of Sick Leave

Sick leave donation requests are reviewed and approved by HR The dollar value of the donation will be included in the donors income and UT Tyler will withhold taxes in accordance with IRS regulations An employee may donate sick leave to another employee at UT Tyler if: The recipient meets the eligibility requirements to accrue and utilize sick leave The recipient has exhausted their own sick leave The recipient has applied for and exhausted any time he or she is eligible to withdraw from the sick leave pool or has been denied approval of sick leave pool utilization

Vacation and Bereavement Leave Time Entry Vacation time can only be used if the employee has 6 months of consecutive state service time. Bereavement/Funeral leave is authorized for a period up to three days, provided that such leave does not extend more than two days beyond the date of the funeral or 5 days if travelling international. Leave beyond three days requires approval from the President and must be fully documented. Documentation must be provided to the supervisor.

Workers Compensation All work related injuries, no matter how minor, need to be reported to HR using the forms located at UTTyler.edu>HR>Forms Emergency room visits, only for true emergencies The University of Texas at Tyler shall not discharge or in any other manner discriminate against any employee because the employee has filed a claim Discipline and discharge for reasons other than W.C. retaliation are not prohibited.

Recruiting Ben Carter Sr. HR Representative Posting a staff position Fill Existing Reclassify Create new 5 days internal, 10 days external http://www.uttyler.edu/human-resources/forms/recruiting.php

Posting a staff position (cont.) Prior to Interviewing: Provide a list of potential interviewees to HR Prior to hiring: Required email to HR for salary approval before offer is made to applicant. Hiring decision matrix must be attached. Items needed by HR to finalize the posting 1.

2. 3. 4. Decision Matrix Interview notes on each person interviewed. Reference check form Offer letter signed by the applicant Veterans Preference - Interviews September 1, 2015

6 or fewer, at least one 7+, 20% of total number Only applies to qualified applicants Current process Recruiter listed as liaison Stay tuned! Interviewing

Preparing for the Interview Pre-screen candidates Review the job description and the candidates resume and application immediately before Prepare to provide information about the University and its benefits When scheduling interviews: Ask candidate if accommodations are needed Tell the candidate how to get there, where to park, who to ask for upon arrival

Interview Questions Ask the same questions to all candidates Open ended questions Specific to the job Behavioral interview questions Goal: Find out what the candidate has done in the past in order to best predict what the candidate would do in the future Ask about specific experiences that the candidate has had where that candidate exhibited the competencies that are needed for the job

Ending the Interview & After Allow candidate to ask questions if they have any Notify the candidate of when to expect further contact from you. Walk the candidate to the door and thank the candidate for the interview Based on qualifications and fit Call each individual that interviewed in-person Make offer first, if accepted then call those that were not selected Dos and Donts What to ask and not ask

Age Instead of: When did you graduate? When do you intend to retire? Ask: Can you supply transcripts of your education? What to ask and not ask Disability Instead of:

Do you have a disability? Have you ever filed a workers compensation claim? Ask After reviewing the job description, Can you do the duties listed in the job description, with or without accommodation? Must do Employers must provide reasonable accommodation to candidates who have disabilities.

What to ask and not ask Race A candidates race will usually be at least somewhat evident, but race related discussions or questions may imply a preoccupation with that factor. Religion Instead of: What outside activities do you participate in? Ask:

What professional associations are you a member of? What to ask and not ask Sex/marital status Instead of: Are you married? When do you plan to start a family? Do you have children? Ask: Are you available to travel frequently?

Can you work overtime with no notice? Can you work evenings and weekends? What to ask and not ask National Origin/Citizenship Instead of:

Are you a citizen of the US? What country are you from? Where is your accent from? What nationality is your last name? When does your visa expire? Ask: If you are hired, are you able to provide documentation to prove that you are eligible to work in the US?

Purchasing Paul Fitts Purchasing Manager Purchasing Department Budget Authorities may be authorized for small purchase order privileges in an amount not to exceed $14,999.99. Budget Authorities DO NOT have signature authority for contracts/agreements.

Purchasing - continued A PURCHASE ORDER MUST BE EXECUTED PRIOR TO THE SHIPMENT AND/ OR DELIVERY OF GOODS AND PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THE SERVICES REQUIRED with the following exceptions: Purchases made using the State of Texas Purchasing Card (ProCard). Intentionally splitting purchases into multiple ProCard transactions to circumvent the $5000.00 limit is prohibited. Miscellaneous fees, to include but not limited to, assessments, accreditations, royalties,

copyrights, immigration services and others as approved by the Purchasing Department. Reimbursements to employees. Membership dues. Student award(s). Conference or athletic event registration fees.

Grant Pass-Through payments. Grant human research subject payments - no service performed. Items or services required to be provided by University departments, UTT bookstore or Sodexo food services. Direct Billed telephone land-lines or facsimile lines

Mail Room Only - U.S. Mail and various freight services. Utilities Physical Plant Only Purchasing - continued Any contract/agreement for procuring goods and services that requires the signature of an authorized University employee must have an approved requisition in PeopleSoft and then be submitted to Purchasing using the Contract Approval Routing Form in

RightSignature along with all supporting documentation prior to the delivery of the goods and services. After proper signature approvals have been obtained a purchase order must be executed and then forwarded to the vendor along with the contract/agreement. Then the vendor may deliver the goods and/or provide the services. Any contract/agreement that is routed for signature approval after the delivery of goods or performance of services WILL NOT be signed. However, the purchase still requires a PeopleSoft requisition. Purchasing - continued Any vendor providing services that requires any of their

personnel or employees to be on campus MUST provide insurance that meets the minimum requirements set forth in the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions found on the Purchasing website. For more information about required insurance please contact Lee Murray, Risk Manager. Acquiring Food Services Catering- to include food trucks, restaurants and food service providers whose staff will be on campus to provide services that may include food preparation, serving food

from a buffet, providing wait staff for meals and clean up after meals. These require entering a PeopleSoft requisition and obtaining an executed purchase order PRIOR to the services being provided. Purchases of food from vendors who deliver or make food drop-offs may be acquired using a ProCard. If the ProCard is not used then a purchase order is required for payment. Service Providers Service Providers may be classified as either an

Employee or as an Independent Contractor. Service Providers classified as Employees are paid through Payroll. Service Providers classified as Independent Contractors are paid through Purchasing and Accounts Payable. Classifying Service Providers For IRS tax compliance, UT Tyler uses the Authorization for Personal Services (APS) form to classify Service Providers. The APS form is not used for Employees. For Employee services, contact the Human Resources office for

assistance. Until the APS is configured as a template in Right Signature please make sure to direct routing to Ryan Lilly and Stephanie Shrewsbury when using the drag and drop method in RS. Service Providers - continued UT Tyler is required by the IRS to report all compensation paid to or on behalf of a Non-employee service provider. All compensation includes the fee for services as well as other approved expenses.

To maintain Independent Contractor status, non-employee service providers are responsible for their own expenses. Contract templates have been revised to allow for the service fee and if necessary a separate clause for a set amount or a not-to-exceed cap for approved expenses. Service Providers - continued The total contract amount must be entered on the Requisition Enter one line item for the service fee. Enter one or more line items for the approved expenses.

Direct Billing cannot be tracked for IRS reporting To avoid being classified as an Employee the service provider should make their own travel arrangements. Departments may give a list of area hotels to the service provider.

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