SELLING AND SALES MANAGEMENT 10th Edition By: David Jobber & Geoff Lancaster Published by Pearson Chapter 1 Development and Role of Selling in Marketing

Background of Selling Top discussing business area. Distinguish between sales and sales management, later chapters will be highlighting the differences between sales and sales management. Nature and Role of Selling The simplest way to think of the nature and role of selling (traditionally called

salesmanship) is to make a sale. This involves a set of principles and techniques as well as substantial(considerable) personal skills. The term selling encompasses a variety of sales situations and activities. Characteristics of Modern Selling - Customer Retention and Deletion (Who to approach and who to avoid)

- Database and Knowledge Management (Creation of customer database) - Customer Relationship Management (Long term relationship with customer) - Marketing the Product (Through different approaches) - Problem Solving and System Selling (Identify the solution of customers problems and sell the whole system e.g. not only a

handle of door but also a lock system). - Satisfying Needs and Adding Value (Identify needs and satisfied customer and e.g. free service for the first time) Success Factors For Professional Salespeople

Listening skills Follow up skills Ability to adapt sales style from situation to situation Tenancy (sticking to the task) Organizational skills Verbal communication skills Proficiency in interacting with people at all level within an organization

Demonstrated ability to overcome objections Closing skills (closing is the final step of a transaction) Personal planning and time management skills Types of Selling Order takers - Inside order taker (e.g. telemarketing) Delivery salespeople (e.g. delivery of products)

Outside order taker (visiting customers personally) Order creators (Missionary Salespeople) Order getters (Front line Salespeople) Business to business (B2B) - E.g. manufacturer to retailer Business to Consumer (B2C) - E.g. Manufacturer to consumer

Image of Selling Selling is not a worthwhile carrier. Good products will sell themselves and thus the selling process adds unnecessarily to cost. There is something immoral about selling and one should be suspicious(doubtful) about those who earn their living from this activity. Skills You Must Have To Success In Selling

Sincerity : Liston without an agenda, its not about your needs. Ethics: dont try to talk someone into something, listen to what they want. Asking: serve others by asking questions that will assist them in making a wise buying decision. --- Building win-win relationship means remembering that it is not about what we want but what other person wants The Marketing Concept There are four business philosophies

-Selling orientation -Production orientation -Product orientation -Marketing orientation Selling orientation The idea that consumer will not buy enough of the organizations products unless the organization undertakes a large scale selling and promotion efforts (Kotler et al .) The belief that people will buy more goods and services if

aggressive sales techniques are used and that high sales result in high profit Production orientation A philosophy that consumer will favor products that are available and highly affordable, and that management should therefore focus on improving production and distribution efficiency. (Kotler et al .) A philosophy that focuses on the internal capabilities of the firm rather than on the desires and

needs of the market place Product orientation The idea that consumers will favor products that offer the most quality, performance and features, and that the organization should therefore devote its energy to making continuous product improvements. Kotler et al . Market orientation

The marketing management philosophy, which holds that achieving organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do. Kotler et al .. A philosophy that assumes that a sale does not depend on an aggressive sales force but rather on a customer decision to purchase a product; it is synonymous with the marketing concept. The Marketing Mix Price: price levels, credit terms, price changes,

discounts Product: features, packaging, quality, range Promotion: advertising, publicity, sales promotion, personal selling, sponsorship, and the mix of all these communications mix. Place: inventory, channels of distribution, number of intermediaries. (look for page # 36)

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