Presenters Robert Mazzei, Coordinator of AEP SUNY Brockport,

Presenters Robert Mazzei, Coordinator of AEP SUNY Brockport,

Presenters Robert Mazzei, Coordinator of AEP SUNY Brockport, MS Higher Education SUNY Fredonia, BS Communications Felicia Magnan, Advisor of AEP Stony Brook University, MA Higher Education 20 SUNY Oneonta, BS Fashion and Textiles THIS IS OUR WORK RELATIONSHIP SUNY Communities of Practice Learning Outcome: To understand how SUNY Delhis Academic Exploration Program (AEP) takes a collaborative and proactive approach to fully support undeclared students, leading to higher student satisfaction and college persistence rates.

ADVISING STUDENT SUCCESS APPLIED LEARNING Before Academic Exploration Program at SUNY Delhi PAST PRACTICES - Undeclared students were shuffled in the Liberal Arts & Sciences student caseloads - The major exploration process was almost nonexistent

QUESTIONS OF CONCERN - Who is directly handling the undeclared population? - What are the challenges of SUNY Delhi undeclared students ? - How are we as an institution managing the exploration process? Academic Exploration Program GOALS 1. Directly address challenges of the undeclared student

2. Create focused pathways for undeclared students where counseling, proactive advisement, and early interventions increase retention and completion rates. 3. Demonstrate whether an innovative program targeting exploring students positively affects student outcomes. PHILOSOPHY Leveraging self discovery and structured exploration, the Academic Exploration Program seeks to holistically support undeclared students through proactive, student

oriented practices. Theory to Practice Program Foundation : Tintos Theory - Student integration has direct relationship with retention rates Program Practice: Proactive (Intrusive) Advising - Building communication plan - Relationship building model ADVISOR CAN BE GATEKEEPER - Implementing appropriate & early interventions - Strengths based Other Relevant Theories: Yossos Cultural Wealth Model Through the use of proactive advising strategies, advisors may be able to anticipate student challenges and

implement plans to keep these challenges from becoming insurmountable- Jennifer Varney, NACADA ENROLLMENT CYCLE ACADEMIC SUPPORT SEMESTER CYCLE DATA REVIEW/EVALUATION PROGRAM REVIEW: HOW DO WE MAKE IT WORK? The AEP Enrollment Cycle Bronco Ready Days (April-July):

- First Advisor Meeting - Academic Interests - Contact information - College credit? -Change of major if decided upon -No Shows Telephone/email contact Orientation (August): - Advisor Group Meeting Receive final schedule Last opportunity to select major SWAG Bag USB drive

Pen/pencil/paper/ index cards/highlighter T-shirt College Success Text (OER) Semester schedule of events First five weeks: Establish advising & academic relationship - Schedule bi-weekly meetings - Address any change of majors - Self-Assessment Inventory - Adjusting lesson plans

to fit student college concerns/requests Mid-Terms: Review grades Last five weeks: Hands-on career exploration - Adjust time & nature of meeting times Department visits -Vision Board Midterms

Faculty meetings Assign intervention from z Student Support Network -EOP -Access and Equity -C-PASS -Tutorial Services Shadowing Final change of majors Meet new advisor Adjust schedule


NATURAL RESOURCES, RECREATION, AND SPORTS Academic Support Advisor Role: MAJOR Responsible for meticulous design of first semester schedules: - 3 General Education courses - Introductory elective for major exploration - Student Success course for transferable skills Other AEP academic support: - Professional student success

coaches English Science - AEP Peer Tutors (average introductory courses) Math, English, Science and Psychology Student Success Course, UNIV 101, 3 credits Full semester course Building soft, transferable skills - Time Management - Effective Communication - Self-advocacy Compliments the academic cycle

- Common college writing errors- first academic paper - Strategic studying Collaborate across campus - Academic Departments (Major Exploration) - OConner Center for Community Engagement - Support Services (EOP, C-PASS, Tutoring, Health/Counseling) Tools of the trade Technology Tools: Degreeworks (degree planning) Starfish Success (early alert system) Bronco Connect (student involvement)

Bronco Web (registration/financial aid) Vancko Hall (Moodle) Assessment Tools: Student Interest Intake Form VARK Myers Briggs Gardner Multiple Intelligence Model Data Collection/Review Student provided data: 1. Mid-term & end of term surveys

measuring Accessed campus resources Community service activity Clubs, sports, and organization participation 2. Student focus group anecdotal targeted student demographics General Institutional data per semester Enrollment Change of majors Retention

Graduation Undeclared Major -Retention and transfer Table 1 presents overall fall-to-fall retention and transfer out rates. The "Non-Returning, transfer out" percentages are calculated based on the number of Non-Returning students. Anecdotal-Focus Groups When you think about your experience in the program, what moments or events stand out as most meaningful? What did you expect or hope for from the Academic Exploration Program when you began at the college? I didnt know what to expect, but Student

Success helped me so much. At first, this class got me tight!! At the end, it assisted with organization, time management, how to prioritize, but mainly time management. FALL 2017 17 STUDENTS RECEIVED AN F OUT OF 164 STUDENTS TAKING THE COURSE Percentage of student failing = 10% FALL 2018 4 STUDENTS RECEIVED A GRADE OF AN F OUT OF 72 TOTAL STUDENTS TAKING THE COURSE Percentage of students failing= 5.5

Program Challenges: Process 1. Managing the definition of Undeclared - Many students KNOW what they'd like to major in but lack academic credentials - Many students are encouraged in high school to apply undeclared for higher chance of college admission - SUNY Delhi predominantly offers two year degrees, leaving only ONE YEAR to stay undeclared 1. Change of Major process - Transparency and notification of academic program changes and nuances in real-time - Assisting students to manage the transition to new faculty advisor and major appropriately Program Challenges: Roles

Coach Role: Unnecessary Hired to assist students in the disciplines of English and sciences, and transferable skill development. Their utilization was minimal as same skills are taught and reinforced in class and advising appointment. Cost per student interaction made the positions prohibitive. Peer Tutor Role: Unnecessary Four to five peer tutors are hired each year to offer assistance in the academic areas that most first semester freshman take (Math, biology, chemistry, and psychology). Advisor/Professor Role: Subjective Advisors taught 2 student success course which include roster of advisees. Most instructors prefer multiple points of contact whereas others (Felicia) enjoyed crossfunctional nature of having advisee in a different advisors course ACADEMIC EXPLORATION PROGRAM TAKEAWAYS CAMPUS COLLABORATION WORKS! - Undecided students benefit from exposure to

various campus members. This increases knowledge base and learning opportunities Undecided students benefit from -Proactive, structured academic support - Strengths based model Recent Student Success: When Collaboration & Applied Learning Collide Rose felt the AEP gave her the foundation for belonging. I didnt even know what Mechatronics was. I mean I still talk to you guys about getting my first college apartment

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