Leadership To Transform the Mentoring Movement Prepared for

Leadership To Transform the Mentoring Movement Prepared for

Leadership To Transform the Mentoring Movement Prepared for the National Mentoring Summit Arlington, VA; January 2014 "There are many people who think they want to be matadors, only to find themselves in the ring with two thousand pounds of bull bearing down on them, and then discover that what they really wanted was to wear tight pants and hear the crowd roar. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 2

Welcome What You Should Walk Away With: A framework for leadership work A better understanding of yourself as a leader An understanding of low and high performance How to diagnose for leadership & high performance work Leadership functions, tools and competencies Ideas about where leaders spend their time

12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 3 Traditional Leadership Mindset 12/18/2013 New Collective Leadership Mindset Greg Owens, LMSW 4

12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 5 The Role of Leaders According to businessman & author Max De Pree, whose leadership moved his company to the top of the Fortune 500: The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between the two, the leader must become a servant and a debtor. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW

6 What is Leadership? Leadership is a body of work Everybody has to do leadership work to get performance Its a journey; not a destination. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 8 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 9 What is the one thing that every leader must have? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 10 Followers! 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 11 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 12 Outdated Models Bos s/ CE O Managers Workers

Where and When Did This Come From? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 13 A Brief History Lesson Work Is Holistic 1800s Shoemaker Work Is Compartmentalized 1900s Assembly Lines Factories Work Is Holistic Again 2000s More Access to Information and Knowledge

Global Fast 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 14 Why Do We Still Use It? Do We Still Believe in an All Powerful Oz? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 15

The Nature of Change Then Now __________ 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 16 Sir Ernest Shakleton Persons wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and

Recognition in case of success. [In London Newspaper, 1906] 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 17 Would you go on this voyage? Do you think that anyone did? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 18

My New Hero John Horse 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 19 1963 March on Washington A Lesson in Leadership and High Performance 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 20

Leadership or Management? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 21 A Manager Manager vs. Leader Competencies A Leader Has short-range perspective.

Has a long-range perspective Plans how and when Asks What? and Why? Eyes the bottom line Eyes the horizon Imitates others. Originates. Accepts the status quo. Challenges the status quo. Does things correctly. Does the correct thing. Seeks continuity. Seeks change. Focuses on goals for improvement. Focuses on goals of innovation. Power is based on position or authority. Power is based on personal

influence. Demonstrates skill in technical competence. Demonstrates skill in selling the vision Demonstrates skill in administration. Demonstrates skill in dealing with ambiguity. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 22 3 Kinds of Work Leadership work Thinking long-term Looking beyond your unit, grasping the relationships to others

Reaching and influencing constituents Putting emphasis on vision or values Management Work Focusing on production and process, monitoring quality and quantity Technical Work Doing the actual work, performing the task, hands on 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 23 Exercise Where Do You Spend Your Leadership Time? Think of a typical week What kinds of activities did you do during the week, by the day part (morning, afternoon, after school,

after work) List the activities by indicating whether they were leadership, management or technical. (see chart on next slide) Take one management or technical activity and think of how to turn it into a leadership activity. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 24 Activity 12/18/2013 T M

L Greg Owens, LMSW 25 Leadership Work Gets Better Performance Where leaders spend their time Urgent More Important Not Urgent Crises

Deadline driven projects Pressing problems QI Prevention Capacity building Relationship building 1st LAST Less

Important 3rd Some meetings, some calls Proximate, pressing matters Some reports, mail In High Performance, work is concentrated in Quadrants I and II 2nd

Trivia, busy work Some phone calls Time wasters QIII 12/18/2013 QII QIV Greg Owens, LMSW 26 Approaches to Leading and Teaching HIGH

Level of commitment and understanding by all those involved Depth of Learning Teach Them Sell them Tell Them Command Them LOW

12/18/2013 Capacity for continuous generation of leaders Greg Owens, LMSW Amount of time required 27 What is High Performance

The leadership work that is done to achieve targeted outcomes that improve the quality of life for our customers 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 28 High Performance Why we strive for high performance A higher moral purpose Customers lives, families, self sufficiency, and communities well being. Create an organization that taps into the energy of its employees around the well-being of children and

families. High stakes for low performance: children, adults, and families at risk 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 29 Markers of Performance Lower Performance Organizations Management Philosophy and Style Problem Driven Rule-bound; system focused Centralized control of information, resources, decision making

Communication generally top down or not at all Few opportunities for participation or interactions with management Often win/lose or adversarial mindset internally and externally Ends and means often confused Authority and Responsibility Top knows best Little risk taking; territorial/isolated Parent/child interactions Fear and punishment are primary motivators Disagreement seen as disloyal No self or organizational renewal Competition in problem solving Short-term perspective Quality not integrated into process/work methods

12/18/2013 Higher Performance Organizations Management Philosophy and Style Vision and value driven; well articulated and shared throughout the organization Focus on customers Results based Communication, decision making dispersed throughout the organization Information used for problem-solving and selfguidance Win/win mindset internally and externally Authority and Responsibility Each individual takes responsibility for own actions; has a personal sense of efficacy Adult/adult interactions Self-expression, making a contribution are primary

motivators Individual and organizational renewal Collaboration in problem solving Larger, longer-term perspective Continuous improvement mindset Greg Owens, LMSW 30 Exercise 4 Take a minute of I time and review the markers Briefly discuss/describe them Select one marker from the red or low performing side and describe why it is a concern for the organization Select one from the purple or high performing side, and discuss why it is a good thing or value add for the organization

Take one marker in the red, and discuss how to move it to the purple or high performance 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 31 Ide as Set Direction s e lu

a V High Performance Set Boundaries 12/18/2013 Create Alignment Greg Owens, LMSW Ene e g

d E rgy/ 32 Quick Quiz!! What was the name of the star ship in the hit TV series Star Trek? What was the mission of the captain & the crew? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 33 Space - the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the

starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 34 Was this the original mission statement? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 35

This is Gene Roddenberry's initial mission statement This is the adventure of the United Space Ship Enterprise. Assigned a five year galaxy patrol, the bold crew of the giant starship explores the excitement of strange new worlds, uncharted civilizations, and exotic people. These are its voyages and its adventures. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 36 Justin Blacks contribution

Space, the final frontier. Endless. Silent. Waiting. This is the story of the United Space Ship Enterprise. Its mission: a five year patrol of the galaxy. To seek out and contact all alien life. To explore. To travel the vast galaxy, where no man has gone before. A Star Trek. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 37 What Do You Know About Your Organization? What is the vision of your work here? What are the Core Values of the organization?

How do you know this? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 38 Leadership Exercise Think of someone that you followed. Why did you follow them?

What did they demonstrate or show you? What did they believe? What would they not tolerate? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 39 Big Ideas Values Energy 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW Edge 40 Big Ideas Encompassing, metaphorical; sets direction and keeps people focused on the same goals; something everyone in the organization can contribute to We wont have any nursing home that I wouldnt put my mother in Every child will enter school ready to learn Every child has a right to a childhood 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 41 Big Ideas I am the Greatest Lets put a man on the moon Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness. Each One Teach One 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 42

What is my best hope for the mentoring movement in America/the World? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 43 Big Ideas Must Be Clear

Concise Consistent Compelling 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 44 The Paradox of Ideas Quantum Ideas Trans-formation (aka BIG IDEAS)

Incremental Ideas Continuous Improvement (aka little ideas) Evolutionary Change 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW Revolutionary Change

45 Values Core values are traits or qualities that you consider not just worthwhile, they represent an individual's or organization's highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces. Core values define what your organization believes and how you want your organization resonating with and appealing to employees and the external world. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 46

Big Idea Exercise - Values Its 10 15 years in the future, and you encounter someone you or your program mentored. What do you want them to say about the experience? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 47 Edge-Exercise If those statements or comments are your values statements, and your belief about the

people who came to you for help, then what wont you tolerate? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 48 Edge What is your line in the sand about mentoring? What wont you tolerate? What will cause you to take action to stop something from happening? How will people know what your edge decisions are?

12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 49 Energy The thing that makes you go Yea Baby! The reason that you come to work. The reason that you got into this business. What energizes you?

What energizes others around you? (team/division/agency) What de-energizes you and others? What will you do to stop the energy leaks? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 50 Energy-Exercise What are the things about this work that energize you? How do you create, maintain and contribute to an environment where people want to perform at their best?

12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 51 Winning Organizations & Movements Have strong values Everyone knows the values Everyone knows what they look like Decisions are made that are consistent with the

values The organization finds ways to energize its members Edge decisions are made & people can see when & where the tough calls are made 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 52 DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP LENS Look for Places and Opportunities to do More Leadership and High Performance Work 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 53 Diagnose Your Organizations Leadership System - Setting Boundaries COMMUNICATION GOALS SET SYSTEM 1 Exploitative Autocratic SYSTEM 2 Benevolent Autocratic

SYSTEM 3 Consultative SYSTEM 4 Participative SYSTEM 0 Laissez Faire Down Only Mostly Down Up & Down

Up, Down, and Sideways Mixed (mostly within technical areas) Top Down Top Down At Top, with Consultation Group Participation

Mixed (sometimes not set at all) None Little Some Much Security Money Status

Growth Recognition Mixed (mostly on technical issues) Identity Achievement Influence Mixed (toward) positive Favorable


(toward negative) Mediocre Fair to Good Developed by AHPSA Greg Owens, LMSW Higher Level (from outside organization) Mixed (positive toward job

but not org.) Mixed (poor to good) 54 Diagnose Leadership Philosophies; Find and Fill Leadership Gaps With High Performance Work 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 55 Winning Leaders and Organizations

Clearly articulate a set of values for the entire organization Embody the values with their own behavior Encourage others to apply the values in their own decisions and actions Adapted from The Leadership Engine by Noel Tichy 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 56 Walking the Talk Stumble the Mumble o Values

Walk the Talk o Values Children & families are important Trust, openness, inclusiveness Actions Children & families will be safe, have enough food, thrive, be successful Children & families will be a part of the process 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW Children & families are

important Trust, openness, inclusiveness Actions People suffer, not enough to go around, poverty, crime, etc. You make all of the decisions for the children & families. They are not included 57 Aligning Values & Behaviors Not settling for achieving results or honoring agency values. High Performance requires both! 12/18/2013

Results Results Honoring Values No Values No Results No Results Honoring Values No Values

Greg Owens, LMSW 58 The Nature of People 5% People who will try to do a good job 10-15 % People who will perform with some help regardless of the system People who are watching what 60 % happens to them before deciding 15 % -10% help

People who will perform with some 5% People who wont do a good job regardless of the system 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 59 A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves

- Eleanor Roosevelt 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 60 Leadership Tools Time Behavior Attention Decisions 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW

61 Where do you spend your leadership time? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 62 Leadership and Management in the Networked Talent Model 12/18/2013 Longer)Term Top of the

Organization Time Horizon Leadership 100 % + 0% Percent of Time Greg Owens, LMSW Shorter)Term Task Management

1st Line Worker Level in Organization Focus of Attention 63 Behavior can Increase Leadership Capacity You are a role model your staff and your peers observe what you do. Be the leader you want to be lead by. You can stop saying we/they about the field vs. home office or between Divisions or between units or facilities. You can stop complaining about other divisions, other parts of the organization.

Model respect being on time is one way to do this. If your staff meetings are not focused on outcomes, change them. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 64 Time and Attention You send a signal to everyone around you about where you spend your time, about what is important. As a manager/supervisor spend time where performance is not happening. What meetings do you go to? Are they focused on outcomes? What do you do with your meeting time? Going around the room for a report out of what everyone did with their time is a waste of

time. Ask instead: "What did you do this week to accomplish the agency mission? Whose help do you need? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 65 Do you take extra staff with you to meetings? Why? If it is for teaching purposes it makes sense. Or, is it just wasting someone's time? Do you spend time on leadership work? Performance? Outcomes? Show people you value them. You are worth my time. 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 66 Assignments Give assignments that will get staff to develop new behaviors about performance. Get them thinking about performance. Volunteer for assignments that will build new skills. Ask for expectation, directions and required outcomes. Set expectations, give direction and require outcomes. Publicly reward contributions. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 67

Decisions How do you make decisions Which do you make that your staff should make? Ask them. Link decisions to performance. Help staff, teach staff to make better decisions. Spend time coaching. Teach others how you make decisions. Spend an hour per week with direct reports. Make this valuable time and show them it is important by not allowing interruptions. Ask for some time with your supervisor. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 68 Leadership Competencies

Those discrete skills & abilities that enable you to use the tools effectively. In order to build capacity throughout the agency we need to assess what behaviors and competencies we need to develop at the individual, team and organizational level. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 69 Communicating Vision and Direction Promoting Ethics Leading by Example Continuous Learning

Strategic Thinking Decision Making Systems Thinking 12/18/2013 Championing Innovation Organizational Astuteness Interpersonal Communications Developing Leadership Team Leadership Supporting the Community

Greg Owens, LMSW 70 Exercise How many of these competencies do you (individual) have? How many does my team (office, group) have? How many does the organization (CATA) have? How will you work to get more competencies for yourself, team and the organization? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 71

Championing Innovation ...Most companies are peppered with people who are very quick to say no. Most newly hatched ideas are shot down before they even have time to grow feathers, let alone wings. In saying yes to all those who brought their ideas to me, I was simply leveling the imbalance a bit. One yes in a sea of nos can make the difference. Gordon MacKenzie. author of Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fools Guide to Surviving with Grace. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 72

This is no time when the usual is suitable. Hip Hop Artist Mos Def 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 73 Leaders Teach Act Like the Leader they want to be lead by Have strong values Demonstrate those Values in their Behavior

12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 74 Leaders have a Personal Narrative Whats Yours? Where is the chaos in your leadership world? What does that place look like? Where do you go from there? Questions posed at the Open Society Foundation: Leadership and Sustainability Institute, Miami Fl., December 2013 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 75 Leaders Are Great Communicators 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 76 Communication Exercise What is the current communication strategy for your organization? What would the perfect communication strategy for your organization look like?

What is the difference? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 77 A problem well defined is half solved! 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 78 The Gap Analysis

1. Think of a situation that you would like to change or improve. 2. What is it like now? Be as descriptive as possible. 3. What would it be like if everything was perfect? 4. The difference between bullets 2 & 3 is the gap. 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 79 Closing the Gap What will I do to begin to close the gap? What does my team need to do? What resources do we need?

Whose help do we need? What do we want them to do? Does this align with other work/projects/initiatives that are already underway? 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 80 Tomorrow What will you do tomorrow, or the next time that you are at work, or school, to become a better leader and encourage leaderful work? 12/18/2013

Greg Owens, LMSW 81 The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Madiba 12/18/2013 Greg Owens, LMSW 82

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