connecting and representing Disabled Staff Networks in the

connecting and representing Disabled Staff Networks in the

connecting and representing Disabled Staff Networks in the tertiary education sector (universities and colleges) across the UK and beyond @nadsn_uk NatAssDSN WHAT? NADSN is a super-network with a mission to connect and represent disabled staff networks We focus on the tertiary education sector (i.e. universities and colleges) We are open to any individual and organisation interested in the equality of disabled staff

We act as a collective platform to share experiences and good practice and examine challenges and opportunities We are an unincorporated association, non-governmental, independent and self-determining, made up of impassioned people SOME OF OUR AIMS! Promote disability equality and campaign for disabled staff networks to be supported in the workplace Promote the interests of disabled staff on a national level Challenge stereotypes by endorsing the Social Model of Disability, promoting a positive image of disabled people and eliminating the deficit/medical model Organise and deliver accessible events that can bring disabled staff and disability equality allies together Create regional hubs to make it easier for members to meet each other Support relevant research projects, policies and guidance for disabled staff, managers, institutions of tertiary education (HEIs and FEIs) and Government

agencies Link with disabled students, particularly at postgraduate and doctoral levels SOME FACTS Launched at the What Are We Hiding? National Conference on 6th June 2014 at The University of Manchester NADSN-ALL list on JiscMail currently has 170 members from more than 80 different organisations across the UK and abroad, including 51 universities in the UK Led by a Steering Committee 4 NADSN STEERING COMMITTEE Chair Hamied Haroon (Uni Manchester) Vice-Chairs

Jacquie Nicholson (Uni Aberdeen) Stuart Moore (Health Educ Eng) Secretary Nicole Brown (Uni Coll London) Fundraiser/Treasurer Sarah Shemilt (Imp Coll London) Communications Lead Katie Lucking (Uni W Eng, Bristol) Events Lead vacant Regional Leads Northern Ireland Angela Getty (Ulster Uni)

North West England Lykara Ryder & Mona Patel (Manchester Met Uni) West Yorkshire Gill Cockburn & Cath Rose (Uni Bradford) Wales Erica Alabaster (Cardiff Uni) South West England Katie Lucking (Uni W Eng, Bristol) Scotland Jacquie Nicholson (Uni Aberdeen)

North East England vacant North & East Yorkshire Mary Laurenson (Uni Hull) Midlands Angela Breen (Uni Birmingham) East of England vacant London & South East England Stuart Moore (Health Educ Eng) COLLABORATIONS

4th Annual Conference 13th July 2018 Time Session 10:00 Welcome! Dr Hamied Haroon (Chair, NADSN) 10:10 Welcome from UCL! Rex Knight (Vice Provost (Operations) & Disability Equality Champion, UCL) 10:20

Charter Marks in HE where is disability? Patrick Johnson (Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, The University of Manchester) 11:00 Equality and quality: discovering, becoming and being fully yourself Jane Cordell and Hormoz Ahmadzadeh (Directors, Result CIC) 11:40 How accessible is academia? Nicole Brown (Lecturer & Academic Head of Learning and Teaching, UCL Institute of Education) 12:20

LUNCH 4th Annual Conference 13th July 2018 Time Session 13:20 Sustaining Effective Disabled Staff Networks Dr Christine Rivers (NHS England), Sue Bott CBE (Disability Rights UK), Vikki Albarraque (Oxleas NHS FT) 14:00 Open Debate: the value of a charter mark or standard for disability equality Moderator: Mike Higgins (ED&I Manager, UCL), Proponent: Diane Lightfoot (CEO, Business Disability Forum),

Opponent: Dr Tim Levine ([email protected], UCL) 15:00 BREAK 15:30 KEYNOTE SPEECH: Equality and Inclusion for Disabled People after Brexit: Taking Stock and Looking Forward Professor Anna Lawson (Professor of Law & Director, Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds) 16:20 Round-up and Conclusions 16:30

DRINKS RECEPTION 18:00 CLOSE THANK YOU!!! Mike Higgins ED&I Manager, UCL Stefanie Anyadi (UCL) Reena Babu (UCL) Rachel Benedyk (UCL) Sonal Bharadva (UCL) Nicole Brown (UCL) Stephen Ellis (UCL)

Michele Farmer (UCL) Jo Howcroft (UCL) Julia Hubbard (Crick) Alex Lee (UCL) Ketan Parikh (UCL) Manjula Patrick (UCL) Patrick Robinson (UCL) Jacqueline Sheehan (UCL) Paul Thompson (UCL) Michael Walker (UCL) Siobhan Watts (UCL) + VOLUNTEERS Supporters and Sponsors

YOUR FEEDBACK! Please share your comments, views and suggestions by sticking them on the board! You can also share your highlights, questions and thoughts on Twitter @nadsn_uk #NADSN2018xUCL A feedback form will be available online Join NADSN!

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