Year 9 GCSE History Lesson 3 date The

Year 9 GCSE History Lesson 3 date The

Year 9 GCSE History Lesson 3 date The Succession Crisis Learning Gain: All learners will explore the final years of Edward the Confessor & the problems that resulted. Today we will: Examine a timeline of Edwards last years as King.

Research the houses of England at the time. Decipher the possible heirs to the English throne. Todays Learning Muscle What is an earl? The final years of Edwards reign created a big problem: who would be the next King of England?

During the years 1053-1066, many different people tried to put themselves in position to take the throne from Edward. Unlike today, the rightful heir to the throne was not based on birth-right alone it was a decision made by the Witan about who would be best for the job. Write down anything in GREEN. The House of Godwin was a powerful family in AngloSaxon England, led by Earl Godwin of Wessex. Wessex was the richest earldom of England and Godwin and his family owned so much land, they

were as rich as the king. The Godwins were lords to so many thegns that they had greater military power than the king. Earl Godwin an adviser to the king - was able to pressure him to make decisions that would benefit the House of Godwin. (Bishops who were loyal to the Godwins were put in high positions in the church, Godwins sons were given their own earldoms, etc) How was the House of Godwin linked to King Edward the Confessor? Why might this be important?

Write down anything in GREEN. Harold Godwinson was named the Earl of Wessex when his father died. Earl Godwins other sons were given powerful positions, making the House of Godwin very powerful. Harold was very powerful due to being a strong military leader. He helped King Edward defeat a major threat to the throne in 1062 By 1066, when Edward died, both Harold Godwinson and his brother Tostig had expressed interest in

being the next king of England. Identify one way in which the Godwins were economically powerful, one way in which they were militarily and one way in which they were politically powerful. Write 3 PEE paragraphs to explain different ways that the Godwins had power in Anglo-Saxon England. Edward a 57 year old man was too

weak to control the Godwins. Thats why they got so powerful. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Support with evidence. Plenary Speaking/Listening SWEEP Edward the Confessor was Harold Godwinson was

The House of Godwin was powerful because Edward the Confessor and the House of Godwin were linked

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