O R C S Organic Reactions Catalysis Society

O R C S Organic Reactions Catalysis Society


Catalysis Society

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ORCS is affiliated to the North American Catalysis Society

ORCS is pleased to announce its 28th
Biennial Conference at the One Ocean
Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, FL
March 29-April 2, 2020
ORCS Brings Together Key Researchers from Industry, Academia and National Labs
For Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities, Please Contact [email protected]

Keynote Speakers
Dr. Mark Jones

Prof. Robert Grubbs

Senior Research, Executive External Strategy and
Communications Fellow, Dow Chemical

Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology
Recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Dr. Shane Krska
Senior Principal Scientist, Merck

Key Dates
Abstract Submissions Due Oct. 1, 2019
Conference Registration Opens Oct. 1, 2019

New for 2020
Plenary Session on Biomass and Waste
Carbon Conversion and Panel Discussion

Award Notification October 1, 2019
Abstract Notification November 15, 2019
Conference Dates Mar. 29 - Apr. 2, 2020

Technical Topics

Biomass Conversion
Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis
Polymers for Medical Applications
Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
Sustainable and Green Chemistry
Advances in Base Metal Catalysis
Characterization and Deactivation

Networking Golf Outing
A golf outing is planned for Sunday, March
29, 2020 at Queens Harbor Country Club
Enjoy ideal weather and networking
Enjoy your stay at a luxury boutique beach resort with excellent amenities and free docent
service ($179.00/night) www.oneoceanresort.com

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