S O L A R * R E

S O L A R * R E

S O L A R * R E WA R D S 2015 TRAINING December 2015 WELCOME to the Solar*Rewards 2015 Training Goal: To provide installers and developers with the information and education necessary to complete Xcel Energys Solar*Rewards/ Non Solar*Rewards applications in a timely manner with little to no errors or delays. Achieving the above Goal will aid in meeting or exceeding our mutual

customers expectations, in terms of interconnection timelines, resulting in an overall increase in customer satisfaction 2 2 INTRODUCTIONS/TEAM Solar DG Roof Top Team

Manager Customer Choice- Kerry Klemm (MN) Program Manager - Lyndsay McDonald (CO) Marketing Assistant - Sheena Poskie (CO) Marketing Assistant - Elizabeth Klinger (CO) Marketing Assistant -Rod O'Connell (CO) Marketing Assistant- Alejandra Marquez (MN) Internal Team Players

Customer Service /Energy Expert s Builders Call Line Design Metering and Area Engineering Field Metering Billing External Industry Team Players

3 Installer Developers Local inspectors Home builders 3 ICE BREAKER/EXERCISE Getting to know you:

Your Name? Company you work for? Years in Solar? If I wasnt working in Solar I would be 2 Part Question: Part 1 - If you could change anything in regards to the Solar*Rewards Program /Non Program DG interconnection process (big or small) what would it be? Part 2- If you were in charge of implementing the change briefly describe how you go about the implementation? Doing nothing is a great way to change nothing, so we have to DO something Kid President

4 4 W H AT S N E W ? SOLAR*REWARDS TRAINING: WHAT'S NEW? Change in Process for 2016 Starting in January 2016, we will no longer run a queue for incoming applications for the Small program. When capacity has been fully reserved for the respective month (2MW)/quarter (3MW) the program(s) will close and reopen the following month/quarter. All other applicants will be notified via e-mail within 24 hours of the programs closing and will be able to resubmit the application(s) during the next release.

If there is any remaining unreserved capacity we will add it to the following months/quarters release. This aligns the program process with the Medium program and will help prevent some of the confusion caused by the queue, as well as ensure we can consistently offer the program throughout the entire year. 2016 Small & Medium Program Schedule Solar*Rewards Program SMALL (.5-25kW) MEDIUM (25.01-500kW) 6 Total MW Offering*

24 12 Released Schedule 2MW per month 3 MW per quarter (Jan., April, July and Oct.) 6 SOLAR*REWARDS TRAINING: WHAT'S NEW? 2 Notable Tariff Changes that Occurred in 2015 1. PV Production Tariff Charges Effective May 18, 2015, owners of on-site photovoltaic (PV) systems receiving service under

Schedule PV whose generation facilities were interconnected after March, 21, 2015 are being billed each month for Production Meter charges. This charge offsets the extra cost of providing and reading the additional meter needed for Solar*Rewards participants. You can find more details and view the rate schedule on page 157 of the Electric Rate Book. Customers will see this charge on their bills under the Electricity Service Details, as a line item under Electricity Charges. We appreciate your efforts to help customers understand this monthly metering charge as they consider the financial benefits of participating in Solar*Rewards.

7 7 SOLAR*REWARDS TRAINING: WHAT'S NEW? 2 Notable Tariff Changes that Occurred in 2015 (continued) 2. Revision to Schedule PV Applicability (Sheet 93) Effective as of 9/5/2015 ***If the proposed interconnection exceeds twenty kilowatts (20 kW), the Company on a case by case basis may evaluate and determine that the small generating facility may

nevertheless be interconnected consistent with safety, reliability, and power quality standards. 8 8 SOLAR*REWARDS TRAINING: WHAT'S NEW? EXCITING NEWS! Credit Card Payments for Application Fees Coming in 2017!!! Xcel Energy has an Order from the MN PUC to start accepting online payment for S*R deposits

in MN no later than 1/1/17. We will be implementing this requirement for all jurisdictions including CO. More details and training if necessary will ne provided as we approach the to-be-determined launch date. Non-Solar*Rewards Applications in Salesforce by early Q1 2016 The process will be very much the same as Solar*Rewards with a few exceptions +/- 10% changes do not apply, only compliance with the 120% rule will be required Application Deposit Fee is not required There is no required timeline to complete the

applications (365 days for Solar*Rewards) 9 9 SOLAR*REWARDS TRAINING: WHAT'S NEW? (CONTINUED) Online Training: Introducing Brainshark (Live, early January 2016) Brainshark is an online learning platform which enables training content to be accessible, on demand from any device. What to early January 2016: A similar iteration of this PowerPoint presentation with live audio and video

Imbedded Quiz to test your knowledge and comprehension of Solar*Rewards and Non-Solar*Rewards Program Operations, Rules and Requirements etc. Relevant Sample Line Diagram and Site Plans, SGIA, FAQs, Solar Contracts, just to name a few, will be provided in a centralized location 10 10 A P P L I C AT I O N P R O C E S S & TIPS FOR SUCCESS

WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS TRAINING? New installers: Familiarize with the basics of the Solar*Rewards application process and find answers to common questions Current installers: Continue your education and learn about best practices. Customers: Learn more about the Solar*Rewards application process and find answers to common questions. 12 12 Application Process Overview

1. Application Process How to start and complete an application. 2. New Construction Steps to take when a PV System is being installed on a new building that is under construction. 3. Assignment of Contract Process when a house with solar is sold, and changes owners. 4. Best Practices Insight from experienced Solar*Rewards installer. 13

13 A P P L I C AT I O N P R O C E S S Starting an Application* Application Website 15 15 Step 1: Start Xcel Energy permanent electric account number

Xcel Energy permanent electric premise number Address for PV installation New Construction, Rental Property, Existing PV System, Electric Vehicles Customer Service: 1-800-895-4999 16 16 Account Numbers How do I enter the customers account number? Im entering the 10-digit number and its not working. Remove the numbers before and after the dashes in the account

number (eg: 53-12345-7) Only enter the number in between the dashes. We advise always having a copy of the customers bill on hand when applying for a Solar*Rewards Application 17 17 Program Type I started an application as a Third-Party Developer Owned but it should be Customer Owned, what do I do? A Customer-Owned system is owned entirely by the customer. A Third-Party Owned system is owned by a third party developer, in most cases a customer has entered into a lease agreement with the

developer to rent out the system. If the system was registered incorrectly on the application, please notify the Solar*Rewards team as soon as possible at [email protected] If an incentive has been set prior to the mistake being caught for Small program applications, the application will be canceled and a new application will need to be re-submitted in its place since the incorrect REC incentive has been assigned. 18 18 Special Circumstances Please make sure you are selecting a box if a special circumstance exists.

Checking the applied box(es) will trigger certain events to occur 19 19 Step 2: Contacts Information must match the Customers Xcel Energy account as it is seen on the customers bill. Make sure the customer name that is populated is correct (if its not you may have a Rental Property)

Call customer service at 1800-895-4999 if account information needs to be changed. 20 20 Rental Properties How do I enter customer information if a tenant is living in the customers home? The account number and premise number you enter could potentially list a tenant in the customer field of the application. If the customer name is not the same please email Solar*Rewards at [email protected] For Rental properties, a tenant will be required to sign a tenant release form upon approval of the application.

The tenant release form can be found on our website, or you can find it in the Appendix of this presentation. Complete the form and send it to [email protected] 21 21 Step 3: System Details Add array(s) and inverter(s) information Add estimated project cost System size cannot change by more than +/10% after the initial

application has been submitted for review and an incentive has been set. 22 22 Array(s) and Inverter(s) I cant find the array and inverter I want to use when I try to enter my system details. Can I still use them? We accept all UL certified equipment listed on the Go Solar California website: gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov If youd like to use equipment not currently listed in Salesforce, please send a screenshot of the listing on Go Solar California to

[email protected], and we will add the equipment. 23 23 120% Rule (Requirement) The application says I am failing the 120% Rule. What do I do? PV solar systems can produce up to 120% of the customers average annual energy usage. This is a state statue set forth by the state of Colorado which Solar*Rewards Participants and Non-Solar*Rewards Participants are required to adhere to. By looking at the customers energy bills over the past year, you can estimate the system size necessary for the premise. If the system size meets this requirement, but you are still failing the

120% Rule, contact us at [email protected] and we will provide feedback. We have noticed some installers only attain one or two copies of the customers usage/bill, resulting in a 120% Rule failure. This creates further delays in the overall application timeline, and in most cases could have been prevented had the appropriate account history been attained. 24 24 Pre-Existing PV Systems A Solar*Rewards customer wants to add an additional PV system to their already existing system. Do I need to disclose the pre-existing system on the application or in plan documentation?

The Existing PV System box must be checked when starting an application for the new PV system when there is a pre-existing system. The addition cannot exceed 120% of the customers annual usage. The pre-existing system details must be included in the new application. A second production meter will be installed. If the combined kW are greater than 10kW, an SGIA will be required 25 25 Electric Vehicles How will the energy usage be calculated if the customer has an

electric vehicle? 26 Less than 4 months of consumption history with EV: +250 kWh (3,000 kWh total) per month to consumption history when calculating the 120% Rule. At least 4 months of consumption history with EV: No additions made when calculating 120% Rule.

Must submit copy of vehicle registration showing the registration address, which corresponds with the install address, as well as confirmation of the EV purchase date. 26 Proof of Square Footage Do I need to upload Proof of Square Footage? Proof of Square Footage is required for New Construction If the customer is planning on remodeling or making an addition to the home, please provide us with the Proof of Square Footage for the addition.

Proof of Square Footage is required for all premises with less than 4 months of electric usage history for the current customer. If the current customer has 4 months of electric usage or more, Proof of Square Footage is not required and the available usage needs to be used to determine system size. 27 27 System Size Changes, +/- 10% I need to change my system size. Is this allowed? Before an incentive is set by the Solar*Rewards Program, you may change the system size by any percentage as long as you are able to pass the 120% rule.

After an incentive has been set, system size can only change by +/-10%. If you need to change system size after receiving an incentive, contact the Solar*Rewards team at [email protected] and we will make the required changes to the application In addition you will also be required to submit a new Line Diagram and Site Plan reflecting the change and re-submit the new engineering documents. System changes outside the defined bounds of +/-10% are not allowed. Failing to comply with this rule may result in application cancelation The previous REC incentive applied to the original application will not be transferred to the new application 28 28

Step 4: Documents & Payments Mail Application Deposit Form and check to the following address: Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards, PO Box 59, Minneapolis, MN 55440-0059 Application Deposit must be postmarked within 7 business days of application submission otherwise the application will be canceled Once the we have record of the payment, the application will be reviewed by Solar*Rewards team (this includes evaluating the 120% rule if there is a fail) Once an Incentive price is set you will receive a notification via email. 29 29

Confirmation Email 30 30 Incentives and Queues How are incentives set? Will I be put in a queue if I do not receive an incentive? Incentives are set in the order we receive the submission by Opportunity ID (OID) in ascending order We will not set an applications incentive until an application deposit

has been received There is no program queue for the Small and Medium Program going forward into 2016 as mentioned from previous slides. We find it creates this 31 31 Study Fee, Site Plan, Line Diagram Mail in your Interconnection Study Fee Form and Study Fee check (this check can also be sent with the Application Deposit but it must be a separate check)

Upload a Site Plan and Line Diagram (requirements in Contents section) Upload SGIA, Proof of Square Footage, Ternate Release Form, EV Vehicle Registration if necessary 32 32 Study Fee, Site Plan, Line Diagram Note: A Study Fee check may be submitted at the same time as the Application Deposit, but it must be sent as a separate check. Only an Application Deposit is necessary when applying for an incentive.

33 33 Systems over 10kW What additional documentation should I submit for systems over 10kW? All systems over 10kW require a $1,000 Study Fee All systems over 10kW require a Small Generation Interconnection Agreement Form (SGIA) 34 34

Step 5: Engineering Review If all the information is correct then click Submit for Approval at the bottom of the screen to submit the application to our engineers for review. Must be reflective of the end product changes are not prohibited during engineering review. If a rejection occurs, the installer will receive an email with further instructions. (Refer to Handout Timelines) 35 35 Step 6: Final Information

Upload NABCEP form, Proof of Insurance, Final Electric Inspection Fill in Final Application Details If accurate and ready to be submitted, click Retrieve Documents button. Once Retrieve Documents has been selected, no changes can be made to the application. 36 36 Restricted Meter Access If the customer has restricted access to the meters, what do I do? Restricted Access may occur when a customer has dogs in their backyard, or a locked gate prohibiting entrance to the yard.

If Restricted Access exists, check the Restricted Access to Meter Area Add a note on the Application Summary page detailing the restricted access. Email a member of the Solar*Rewards team if an appointment for meter installation will need to be made. We will then reach out to the customer and the metering department for scheduling 37 37 Final Electrical Inspection What does a Final Electrical Inspection need to include?

38 The premise address The name of the inspection agency (i.e.: City of Denver) The type of inspection (Final Electrical) The outcome of the inspection (Pass/Fail) The date of the inspection The inspectors name and signature

38 Sertifi e-Documents Unless the application is for a Rental Property the customer name and email address must match the name on the monthly electric bill for Xcel Energy service Installers cannot add additional signers 39 39 Deadline Extensions I cant finish the application within the year deadline. Can I get an extension?

Extensions are granted under special circumstances In order to request an extension request you will be required to fill out an extension request form Email extension requests to [email protected] To qualify for an extension, the following must be true The application must be within 60 calendar days of the expiration date The request is made at least 2 weeks prior to the projects expiration date (close date) The application must received an approval from Engineering Review 40

40 M E T E R I N S TA L L AT I O N Installation Time Frame Once the solar meter order has been placed, meters will be installed approximatley15 Business Days. If customer has restricted access to their meters (locked gate, dogs) and you did not previously check the Restricted Access box, please email us immediately.

Permission to Operate (PTO) email will be sent to the customer after meters have been installed. This is only true for customers going through the Solar*Rewards program until we automate the non-Solar*Rewards applications in Q1 2016. 42 42 Application Deposit Refund

If application is completed within the 1-year deadline, the Application Deposit will be refunded to the payee. We have begun consolidating the Deposit refunds into monthly checks with itemized statements for some installers. This service is available to all installers/developers upon request Benefits: 1) Reduce Waste Win-Win! 2) Reduce Operation Costs 3) Reduce Admin Costs 43 43

Assignment of Contract The homeowners are selling their house, but their 20-year contract is not up. What should they do? The Solar*Rewards contract must be assigned to the new homeowner. This is referred to as the Assignment of Contract or AOC Process The new homeowner and the previous homeowner will both work together with the help of the [email protected] to sign the required documents and complete the AOC process

44 44 NEW CONSTRUCTION New Construction If a home is currently being constructed, you may apply to Solar*Rewards if: A permanent Xcel Energy electric account exists. Permanent premise and account numbers exist. Note: A Solar*Rewards application cannot be started with temporary account numbers. Please contact the Colorado Builders Call Line (1800-628-2121) to set up permanent account and premise numbers 46

46 Builders Call Line To create a permanent premise and account for a new home, please contact the Builders Call Line: Builders Call Line 1-800-628-2121 47 47

Builders Name on Account We have permanent account and premise numbers, but they are under the builders name. Can I start a Solar*Rewards application? Yes, you may start a Solar*Rewards application under the building or construction companys name, as long as the premise has permanent account and premise numbers. After the application has been completed and the new customers name is on the account, an Assignment of Contract will need to be executed (see next section). 48

48 ASSIGNMENT OF C O N T R A C T E D U C AT I O N Assignment of Contract I entered into a 20 year contract with Xcel Energy through the Solar*Rewards Program, but now I am moving to a new location, what should I do? The customer will need to begin the Assignment of Contract process to transfer the Solar*Rewards Contract over to the new owner. If the new owner does not agree to sign the Assignment of Contract, they will be in default of the original agreement with Xcel Energy and their may be consequences for breaking the terms.

Link to the Assignment of Contract page: http ://www.xcelenergy.com/Energy_Solutions/Residential_Solutions/Renewa ble_Energy_Solutions/SolarRewards_Assignment_of_Contract_Process 50 50 BEST PRACTICES Industry Insight: Buglet Solar Introduction: Whitney Painter is co-owner of Buglet Solar Electric Installation, based in Golden since 2006. Her

husband and business partner named the company after her childhood nickname--Buglet. She is here today to talk a bit about industry best practices. 52 52 COLORADO COMMUNITY GARDENS SOLAR REWARD COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIP FLOW

54 54 BILL CREDIT TIMING FOR PARTIAL MONTHS First month No Bill Credit for Entire Month Final month Bill Credit for Entire Month


INTERCONNECTION PROCESS OUTSIDE OF THE SOLAR*REWARDS PROGRAM Program Licenses Installers and developers may submit applications with up to 10 licenses for the January 4, 2016 release. Please note this number includes pre-existing licenses. Companies functioning as both the developer and installer are considered a single entity, and may submit using up to 10 licenses total. The number allowed may change in the future and there may be associated costs for these licenses.

License sharing is PROHIBITED 58 58 GLAD YOU ASKED ABOUT THE REQUIREMENT FOR PRODUCTION METERS Production Meter Requirement We need to understand the production behind the meter because we have to plan for reserves and it is necessary to also understand the production on our system now that we are starting to see two-way flows. Safety Reliability

59 59 PA N E L D I S C U S S I O N CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for taking the join us for the 2015 Solar*Rewards Installer/Developer. Still have questions? We are here to help! Solar Program Contact: [email protected] Phone-303-571-7652

Program Manager Contact: Lyndsay A. McDonald 61 61

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