Data Specialist CPD Programme Module 2 - Welcome

Data Specialist CPD Programme Module 2 - Welcome

Data Specialist CPD Programme Module 2 - Welcome Fiona McLaughlin University of Leeds @n8prp Module 2 - Data Management Welcome Back! #Dataspecialists 1. 9.30

Feedback Session (Scott Keay) 2. 10:30 I Have My Data - What Next?* (Fiona McLaughlin, & Dr Alistair Norman) 3. 12:00 Data Preparation & Introduction to R (Fiona McLaughlin) 13:00 Lunch 4.

13:45 Data Wrangling with R (Fiona McLaughlin) 5. 14:15 How to Handle Missing Data* (Dr Richard Hodgett) 6. 15:15 Wrap Up Dr Jude Towers & Fiona McLaughlin *Breaks included in these sessions @n8prp Housekeeping No food or hot drinks in the computer cluster, bottled water only

Sign the sheet being circulated, make a note of your log-in and password Lunch and refreshments will be served in the break out area, which has been booked out for our use Toilets, turn left, on the left of this corridor Fire alarms @n8prp Scott Keay @n8prp I Have My Data What Next? Objectives:

Identify key data quality challenges, discuss their root causes and share examples of best practice . To identify key areas needing organisational change to improve data quality. Output from this session will be captured as notes and shared as a resource through the Data CPD Hub. Plan: Facilitated workshop @n8prp Workshop Who thinks they spend more time on data preparation than on presenting their findings? How much time do you spend on data preparation and similar activities? (Looking for data, extracting data, transforming data, loading software, exploratory analysis, etc.)

Youre not alone: Data scientists spend up to 80% of their time engaged in data preparation (CrowdFlower Data Science Report 2016). What data scientists want is more support or direction from managers. @n8prp Workshop 10:30-11:00 Group work Activity 1: 5 minutes, each of you write down the 3 data quality issues that cause you the most difficulties. (One issue per post-it.) Activity 2: 25 minutes, in your groups, discuss these issues. What do you think are the root causes? Share best practice if your organisation has done

something to improve data quality. (Make notes on the flip-chart.) 11:00-11:15 Break @n8prp Workshop 11:15-11:35 Activity 3, group work, 20 minutes What needs to Activity 3: change? Who is responsible? Who to engage Best Practice

20 minutes, each group has been given a theme and a template. What actions are needed to make organisational change? Who is responsible? Who do you need to influence? If you have examples of best practice, put your name in the final column. 11:35-12:00 Feedback from groups @n8prp

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