Thermal Insulating Coating to Achieve R Value Using

Thermal Insulating Coating to Achieve R Value Using

Thermal Insulating Coating to Achieve R Value Using Aerogel Mark Toscano General Dynamics Electric Boat March 12-14, 2019 Charleston, SC Aerolon Project Involvement PROJECT TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVES SP&C Panel Chair Arcino Q Quiero NSRP PROJECT MANAGER ATI - Frances Pearce

INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT Electric Boat Mark Toscano Tnemec Company Andy Hoffman Righter Group Greg Pope NAVY INVOLVEMENT NAVSEA 05 (tech warrant holder) David Owen NAVSEA 05 (coatings) Mark Ingle/Howard Castle 2 Project Scope The scope of this project is to develop a NAVSEA

approved process qualification document and evaluate the use of Aerolon sprayable insulation for the replacement of polyamide foam Navy vessel hull insulation. Task 1 - Performance Test Plan Task 2 - Fire Test Plan and Report Task 3 - Submarine Atmosphere Control Manual (SACM) Certification Request Letter Task 4 - HVAC Analysis 3

Technical Discussion Currently, the insulation installation process on ships is labor intensive. To improve the application process, this project is evaluating aerogel filled insulative coatings (AIC) as an insulation alternative. Aerolon AIC is water based spray applied coating, which makes it quicker to apply than taped on insulation panels. To replace the current insulation system, Aerolon must be proved to be equivalent or better than the current process, and also suitable for the vessel environment.

Aerolon is a robust system with low thermal conductivity. 4 Technical Discussion This project focus is to replace vessel hull insulation. Aerolon can also be used for other ship systems, as ventilation and pipe insulation. Aerolon also has potential use for applications on other Navy ship classes. 5

Technical Status Task 1 Performing the Qualification Test Procedure has been completed, the final report is being finalized. Task 2 has been completed - SWRI was contracted to perform the qualifying IMO Part 2 and Part 5 fire testing. The final report has been submitted to NAVSEA for review. Task 3 The Submarine Atmosphere Control Manual (SACM) Certification Request Letter has been submitted, results from NAVSEA not expected until June 2019. Task 4 HVAC Analysis overview has been completed

6 Project Status Schedule Project is completed. Final reports being reviewed by NAVSEA Business Status No issues regarding project funding or invoicing. Issues No issues encountered to date. Near-Term Plans Engage NAVSEA tech warrant holders for results review.

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