Romulus lost his. 1 Rubber Ducky 2 Can

Romulus lost his. 1 Rubber Ducky 2 Can

Romulus lost his. 1 Rubber Ducky 2 Can you build an

arcade to deliver his rubber duck? 3 First lets look at Aqueducts 4

Aqueduct Photos 5 6 7

TAKE NOTES How is an aqueduct constructed? The first story is composed of six arches. The second story consists of ten arches, and the third story carries the water with thirty-five arches. Pont du Gard; Nimes, France

Column third story Arch second story first story

8 Arches, especially the arches constructed in the Pont du Gard, were built around wooden frames. The frames were removed upon completion. 9

An arch was constructed from each end up to the center piece, known as the keystone. The keystone exerts a force on the adjacent stones so that this one stone at the top held the entire arch together. Thus, it is the key to the structure. keystone

10 The Romans transported water from far away to cities via aqueducts. Cities had plumbing, providing private water for the rich and

for public baths. Poor neighborhoods shared a public water site. 11 How does an aqueduct work?

QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Water is heavy stuff. It weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon. The Romans needed a

structure strong enough to hold all that water to move it from the mountains into the city. 12 The water was transported in concrete tunnels. The tunnels were underground if possible. Sometimes the tunnel had to go above ground.

Tunnels could be build with a shaft. This shaft allowed them to take out dirt and lower supplies to the workers. shaft tunnel 13

water channel The water flowed in a tube on the top of the aqueduct called a water channel. The arches supported the water channel. 14 The channel was lined with concrete. The Romans invented

concrete. 15 How did it work? Gravity made the water flow. Roman engineers had

to construct the aqueduct so the water would flow. The aqueduct was build to slope down at a .025 meters per kilometer. 16

Comparing Rome to Modern 17 You will be building the Arcade part with your group. Use the engineering design process.

18 19 Materials


Tape Construction paper Tag board Aluminum Foil Wax paper Scissors Anything extra you want to bring from home 20

Construct an Aqueduct Game by Nova roman/aqueductwave.html roman/aqueductjava.html 21

Photo Credits 22 Sources structural/10-roman-engineering-tricks.htm 29209-what-the-ancients-knew-roman-architecturevideo.htm 23

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