How can Europeans benefit from an innovative approach

How can Europeans benefit from an innovative approach

How can Europeans benefit from an innovative approach to offshore wind farm lifecycle and supply Fiona Devoychain McAuliffe University College Cork Project supported within the Ocean of Tomorrow call of the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme Presentation Structure Why cost reduction in Offshore Wind benefits Europeans Offshore Wind Market Share LCOE & SCOE Recent developments in technologies and tools to reduce costs in a project lifecycle and the supply chain LEANWIND Project

Impacts From an SCOE & LCOE perspective Benefit to society Cost reduction in Offshore Wind Offshore wind could meet at least 25% of the EUs power needs by the end of the next decade at an average of 54/MWh in the most favourable locations off UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and France, according to a new resource assessment produced for industry body WindEurope by BVG Associates and Geospatial Enterprises. Societies Cost of Electricity (SCOE) Recharge News: 6th June 2017: Offshore Wind Conference Article Offshore can supply 25% of EU energy Benefit to society Cost reduction in Offshore Wind All types of energy

are subsidised, offshore wind included Reducing the cost of Offshore Wind reduces the cost to the European consumer, and promotes the use of clean energy Ecofys (2014), on behalf of EC: Subsidies and costs of EU Energy, Final Report 2014 Benefit to society Cost reduction in Offshore Wind Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE): only provides the cost to the farm owner, not the cost to society Societies Cost of

Electricity (SCOE) Siemens (2014), A macro-economic viewpoint: What is the real cost of offshore wind? Background Policy EU Directive 2009 20% wind energy penetration by 2020 TPWIND Strategic Research Agenda More than 10% of Europes electricity demand to be covered by offshore wind. Offshore generating costs that are competitive. Commercially mature technology for sites with a water depth of 50m, at any distance from shore.

Technology for sites in deeper water, proven through full-scale EUdemonstration. integrated maritime policy objective: developing a thriving maritime economy, in an environmentally sustainable manner. The European Wind Initiative implementation plan To make wind a competitive source of electricity by tapping into the vast potential of offshore wind. Innovative logistics including transport and installation techniques, particularly in remote sites WATERBORNE

Deliver more efficient and sustainable waterborne transport systems and infrastructure. Increase support for the emerging offshore energy sector. Reduce impact on the environment. Help deliver a more competitive and sustainable low carbon economy. Prioritise safety and security. Project summary LEANWIND Logistic Efficiencies And Naval architecture for Wind Installations with Novel Developments OBJECTIVE: to provide cost reductions across the offshore

wind farm lifecycle and supply chain through the application of lean principles and the development of state of the art technologies and tools. UCC is coordinator 31 partner organisations 52% industry partners Representing 11 countries; 14.9m total funding; 10m EC funding 4 year duration Start date: December 2013 Dr. Jimmy Murphy (UCC), Mire Geoghegan-Quinn (EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation & Science), and rnulf Jan Rdseth (Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute) Gary O'Neill

Background Offshore Wind Industry Anticipated and potential impact of innovations on Installation (LEFT) and O&M (RIGHT) for a wind farm with 6MW-class turbines with FID in 2020 compared with 4MW turbine on the same site in 2011 (Source: BVG Associates, Offshore wind cost reduction pathways: Technology work stream, June 2012, p. 110 & 137.) Project Summary LEANWIND Consortium 52% Industry Partners Aims to be industry relevant and not simply an academic project Project Summary Industry Advisory Group Voluntary external industry stakeholder group With the intention of

maximising the impact and the value of the project by involving key industry stakeholders in the delivery of the research objectives LEANWIND Work Structure - Levels of Optimisation Work is structured to follow three tiers of process optimisation Strategic: Tactical: Project

stage specific Project stage assessment models economic, logistic, O&M strategy, substructure selection, GIS-T transport tool Project life cycle Project life cycle assessment models economic and logistic Procedural/Technological: e.g. Vessel designs, access technologies, condition monitoring systems, remote presence technologies, substructure adaption for installation, etc. LEANWIND Work Structure

Construction, Deployment & Decommissioning Novel Vessels & Equipment Operation & Maintenance Integrated Logistics System Integration (H&S and training) Testing & validation of tools & technologies Economic & Market Assessment LEANWIND Work Structure Construction, Deployment and Decommissioning Leading work: GDG Ltd. Cost and time optimisation/innovation of the assembly, deployment and decommissioning of wind turbines and their support structures. Focus on innovative sub-structure concepts designed to minimise the requirement for HLVs (fixed and floating) and innovations to their associated deployment strategy. E.g. float-out of gravity base structures, piles v suction bucket for jacket structures, seabed preparation, pre-installed cables GeoSea, DEME Group LEANWIND Work Structure Novel Vessels & Equipment Leading work : Lloyds Register - Improvements to the primary vessel types used for wind farm installation and O&M - Improve efficiencies of vessels - Design new vessel concepts tailored specifically to industry requirements - Compare the benefit of using jack-up v DP vessels for increasing water depths - O&M personnel transfer systems Wider weather window access of vessels and personnel transfer Courtesy of A2SEA Courtesy of A2SEA

Courtesy of Arklow Marine Services LEANWIND Work Structure Operation and maintenance strategies Leading work : University of Aalborg - optimise existing O&M strategies - develop & test condition monitoring and remote presence systems - Use of flotels, launch and recovery, centralised offshore hubs, helicopter access, etc. - Adapt O&G knowledge for offshore wind Total O&M costs relative to optimal solution 160% O&M vessel fleet optimisation 140% 120% 100% Personnel cost

80% Vessel cost 60% Spare part cost 40% Lost income due to downtime 20% 0% Maintenance at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind: Image Statkraft, LEANWIND Work Structure Integrated Logistics

Leading work : MARINTEK - Optimise the logistics of the offshore wind farm supply chain throughout the lifecycle - Develop a holistic logistics optimisation model specific to the offshore wind farm development using mathematical algorithms Image - ISL, - Ports management and development for the sector - A coupled economics and logistics optimisation model for offshore wind farm project management Image - Siemens, LEANWIND Work Structure System Integration

Leading work: Fraunhofer-IWES integrate the other work examine relevant H&S and training procedures. Testing & validation technologies of tools and Leading work : PLOCAN Test and validate the technologies and tools through: 1) Simulation; 2) Field testing through in-situ trials or case studies; 3) Case study validation using the project tools Courtesy of FORCE Technology Economic & market assessment

Leading work: MaREI, UCC place the work in an economic context relevant policy, business regulation and commercial framework for successful LEANWIND Key project outputs GIS-T model to inform logistics decisions Port layout/configuration decision making model O&M strategy model considering preventative and corrective maintenance, condition monitoring, reliability based design and remote presence

Economics model and full supply chain logistics model Novel adaptations to existing substructures to improve installation Novel and adapted vessel and equipment design for installation and maintenance Simulator models and training for installation and maintenance activities New business models considering risk Novel condition monitoring equipment installed and tested

Contact us Website Sign up to our newsletter View public reports and executive summaries See upcoming events & news Follow us on twitter @LEANWINDFP7 Email - [email protected] LEANWIND Expected Impact Support the development of new niche markets for EU shipping and shipbuilding industries thereby contributing to the competitiveness of the sector and to the creation of new jobs. - LEANWIND will support sustained growth of the offshore wind sector by accelerating the route to market of new innovative tools and technologies that address industry challenges in the short, medium and long term. The value added at each stage of

the supply chain. LEANWIND Expected Impact Cost reduction potential Innovations developed in LEANWIND could potentially reduce the LCoE of offshore wind energy by up to 13.8% over the next decade. Wind Farm Construction 7% Balance of Plant 4.3% Operations and Maintenance 2.5% [1] Wind Farm Construction Improvements in the installation process for space-frames Improvements of working conditions & feeder for structure installation Introduction of buoyant concrete gravity based foundations Introduction of float-out-&-sink installation of turbine & support structure Balance of Plant Improvement in monopole designs and designs standards Improvements in jacket design and design standards Introduction of suction bucket technology

Operations & Maintenance Improvements inventory management Introduction of turbine condition-based maintenance Improvements in O&M strategy for far-from-shore wind farms Improvements in personnel transfer from base to turbine location Improvements in personnel access from transfer vessel to turbine Potential reduction in LCOE 1.1% 1.3% 1.6% 3.0% Potential reduction in LCOE 2.0% 1.2% 1.1% Potential reduction in LCOE 0.1% 0.7% 0.8% 0.2% 0.7%

[1] Based on impacts of innovations described in Future renewable energy cost: offshore wind. BVG Associates, May 2014 LEANWIND Expected Impact Environmental & Societal Environmental and Societal Impacts of Technology Innovations Life Cycle Analysis of given technology types Other environmental impacts of offshore wind activity based on recent literature Societal and employment impacts of offshore wind developments on port communities The market impact of these technology innovations in the industry Thank you

for your attention Email: [email protected] Tel. +353 21 4864376 - Website:

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