Enabling the software-defined data center Steve Oakley Enterprise

Enabling the software-defined data center Steve Oakley Enterprise

Enabling the software-defined data center Steve Oakley Enterprise Solutions Consultant - Dell September 2015 Dell World 2014 Change: The only constant Internet users worldwide Tweets per day Size of the digital universe 2009 2014 The future 25 % 40 % ??

2.5 M 500 M ?? 800 K 4400 K ?? PETABYT Software Defined Data Center PETABYTES The CIO paradigm Technology priorities Business priorities Deliver business results to shareholders Improve customer satisfaction & innovate

Cut/maintain costs Keep us competitive Improve employee productivity Keeping the lights Accelerating the on business Manage current Optimize workloads workloads Application rationalization HW updates & migrations Reduce costs Software Defined Data Center Protect our data Software-defined X Utilize new IT benchmarks

Deliver ubiquitous mobility Implement cloud computing Which approach gives you better results? Decreasing operating costs New proprietary solutions Closed management stack Limited interoperability Lock-in penalty Increasing acquisition costs Legacy systems The Future-Ready Enterprise Initial Ongoin costs g Cost

Initial Ongoin costs g Cost Initial Ongoin costs g Cost Initial Ongoin costs g Cost Complex and monolithic High cost-per-transaction Proprietary to one vendor Commodity systems Increasing operating costs Software Defined Data Center A scalable, end-to-end approach that delivers: Rapid time to value Superior ease of use Unrivaled flexibility to adapt

Decreasing acquisition costs Hardware with no value added Technology transition issues Limited vendor support Now you can synthesize traditional and new IT Traditional IT New IT Support traditional IT applications and architectures with efficient and scalable virtualizationbased cloud solutions Software Defined Data Center FutureReady IT Support new IT applications and architectures with efficient, scale-out, hyperscale- inspired cloud solutions

A common computecentric, software-driven platform for traditional and new Shift your focus from infrastructure to service IT silos Orchestration stack Infrastructure control Open standards-based hardware Management Software Defined Data Center Multi-vendor, cross-platform unified management Software Networking Storage Server Management

Enterprise applications & workloads SDDC delivers needed agility and efficiency Benefit Hardware-defined (HDDC) Software-defined (SDDC) Innovation Slow Fast Long hardware/ASIC cycles Rapid software innovation Flexibility Ease of insertion/ deployment Software Defined Data Center No Yes

Lock-in Choice of infrastructure Low High Requires forklift upgrade Non-disruptive Evolution strategy Embrace your legacy, control your destiny IT Evolution Best-ofbreed systems System of system s Softwaredefined networki ng Future-Ready IT Design Tenets

Software -defined storage Server-centric, softwaredefined systems Integrated Built on open standards, making it quicker and easier to adapt Modular Cost-effectively scales up, down, or out as needed Automated Simplifies IT operations and service delivery Software Defined Data Center Software-defined | Hardware-accelerated | Standardsdriven Enabling the unified data center

Management Workload Virtualizati on Server IT services IT services ecosystem Automati onengine Private cloud Dell Software 3rd Party Virtualization Integrated infrastructure Server

Software Defined Data Center Desktop virtualization Active System Manager Storage Network Enterprise applications Storage Networking Converged The building blocks Software-defined storage Dell World 2014 Software-defined networking Enabling the Future Ready Enterprise Workload ready + virtual infrastructure ready + software-defined & cloud ready

Software-Defined Computing Software-Defined Storage Software Defined Data Center Software-Defined Networking The future of SDS is flexible Enterpriseclass infrastruct ure Optimized hardware & monitoring Appliances & bundled solutions End-to-end solution architectur es Global

services & support Dell Enterpriseclass infrastruct ure Storage Optimized hardware & Spaces monitoring Software Defined Data Center Appliances & bundled solutions End-to-end solution architectur es Global VSAN, services & support EVO:RAIL

Global services & support SDS Series Software-defined storage is an emerging paradigm Software Defined Data Center Evolve storage Hypervisorbased Vmware, Microsoft, Open Stack Fluid Cache for SAN PerformanceIntensive Software Defined Data Center Softwaredefined storage X86 Based New paradigm Dell XC powered by

Choose your software-defined networking approach Overlay /Hypervisor Solutions Vmware, Microsoft, Open Stack Open Open Open Open standards + protocols + source = IT with choices Open Networking Dell Networking TCL, Perl & Python scripting REST-API, XML, OMI, Puppet, Chef Programmable Solutions Software Defined Data Center Software-Defined Networks SDN Controllers

Open Standards, Open Source Controller Solutions The future of SDN is Open Open Networking Traditional approach Proprietary architectures & mgmt tools Hundreds of protocols Optional 3rd party SDN / NVO controller Dell Any OS Proprietary OS (e.g., Cisco IOS, Jun OS) Open standard hardware Proprietary ASICs Merchant silicon Software Defined Data Center

Global services & support Standard orchestration and automation tools Software-Defined Networking in the data center Powered by Open Networking, choice + innovation Software Defined Data Center Dell Networking data center strategic framework Open Networking: choice & innovation Application/Cloud environment Automation & Programmability Other NVO/Controller software Open system software Management & Orchestration Plus partners Dell Networking Software

Standards-based Dell M-Series, FN-Series hardware S-Series, Z-Series Merchant silicon Integrated solutions for SMB & mid-market Software Defined Data Center Plus open ecosystem for Plus partners OS and L4-7 services Dell PowerEdge servers and converged systems Monitoring Plus partners Disaggregated solutions for large enterprise & carriers Enabling SDDC in your data center 1 2 3 Software Defined Data Center Prioritize SDDC plans

Watch for business needs that require flexibility, carving out of resources, and rapid, dynamic response Maintain agility Stay open so you can leverage the technology you want, when you want Choose the right partner Ensure your solution provider is committed to your needs, so when challenges arise, your outcome is assured Thank you Software Defined Data Center

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