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PowerPoint - standard


Tenders Estimated over $3.4B 1,500 new contracts over $2B 3000 + staff overseas Over 100 posts 438 1162 new Aid contracts new Corporate

contracts $1.34B $720m 5th Largest procurer in Commonwealth CHANGES TO COMMONWEALTH PROCUREMENT RULES From 1 March 2017 1. Where an Australian standard is applicable for goods or services being procured, tender responses must demonstrate the capability to meet the Australian standard, and contracts must contain evidence of the applicable standards. 2. Officials must make reasonable enquiries that the procurement is carried out considering relevant regulations and/or regulatory frameworks, including but not limited to tenderers practices regarding: a. labour regulations, including ethical employment practices; b. occupational, health and safety; and c. environmental impacts. 3. Where applying a standard (Australian, or in its absence, international) for goods or services, relevant entities must

make reasonable enquiries to determine compliance with that standard: a. this includes gathering evidence of relevant certifications; and b. periodic auditing The Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS) of compliance by an independent 4 assessor. 4. In addition to the considerations at paragraph 4.4, for NEW CHILD PROTECTION POLICY Risks to children must be considered DFAT will identify contact or working with children positions Child protection obligations in RFT/Contracts MID 2017 - DYNAMIC SOURCING 4 PANELS (DS4P) 6

INDIGENOUS PROCUREMENT POLICY Target of 3% of Commonwealth contracts to Indigenous businesses by 2020 Mandatory set-aside for remote contracts and $80,000 to $200,000 value contracts Minimum Indigenous employment/ supplier use requirements for contracts over $7.5m 7 MINIMUM MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS Indigenous participation apply to all new contracts delivered in Australia valued $7.5 million (GST inclusive) or more, where more than half of the value of the contract is being spent in one or more of the following industry sectors: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 8

Building, construction and maintenance services Transportation, storage and mail services Education and training services Industrial cleaning services Farming and fishing and forestry and wildlife contracting services 6. Editorial and design and graphic and fine art services 7. Travel and food and lodging and entertainment services INDIGENOUS PROCUREMENT ACROSS PORTFOLIOS Portfolio Defence Human Services Prime Minister and Cabinet Treasury Attorney-General's Environment Foreign Affairs and Trade Employment Agriculture and Water Resources Education and Training Social Services Industry, Innovation and Science Immigration and Border Protection Finance

Health Veterans' Affairs Parliamentary Departments Infrastructure and Regional Development The Commonwealth Contracting (CCS) Communications and theSuite Arts 9 Total Commonwealth Target 201516 70 18 6 19 19 14 13 7 5 4 6 15

19 8 12 4 4 8 Contracts awarded 2015-16 285 254 239 116 91 80 76 67 55 41 36 33 29 27 27 19 15

12 Total value of contracts $ million 142 10 28 35 4 4 14 1 6 5 4 15 5 5 4 1 1 2 5 256

7 1,509 0.1 284 AID ADVISORY SERVICES (AAS) Since 2013 the AAS has provided a unified, global solution for the procurement of technical expertise. 10 Benefits: Wide choice of pre-screened Contractors open tender process; Standard, simple agreement template (Services Order); Pre-negotiated management fees; 18 Categories of Services key to the implementation of the aid program. 1. Design 1.1 Strategic Programming 1.2 Operational Design (Activity and Program) 1.3 Organisational Capacity Building

(Strategy development, design and monitoring and evaluation) 1.4 Theory of Change / Program Logic Facilitation 2. Monitoring and Evaluation 2.1 Strategic Evaluation 2.2 Strategic Monitoring and Program Performance Systems 2.3 Activity Monitoring and Performance Systems 2.4 Activity Evaluation 3. Capacity Development 3.1 Capacity Development 4. Research 4.1 Research 5. Climate Change and Environment Services 5.1 Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions 5.2 Avoiding Greenhouse Gas Emissions 5.3 Climate Change Adaptation

5.4 Environment and Sustainable Development 11. Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Risk Management 6. Economics 6.1 Economics 7. Fragility and Conflict 7.1 Fragility and Conflict Training and Advisory Support 11.1 Humanitarian Emergency Preparedness and 11.2 Response 11.3 Humanitarian Policy 11.4 Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) 11.5 Assistance to Refugees and Displaced People 12. Infrastructure 8. Gender 12.1 Transport 12.2 Urban

12.3 Water and Sanitation 12.4 Community Development 12.5 Energy and ICT 12.6 Public Buildings 12.7 Infrastructure Management 8.1 Gender 9. Governance 9.1 Political Democratic Governance 9.2 Public Sector Management 9.3 Governance Reforms and Decentralisation 9.4 Governance Support Services 9.5 Anti-corruption 9.6 Law & Justice 10. Social Development 10.1 Social Development Safeguards 10.2 Social Development 10.3 Child Protection 10.4 Human Rights 10.5 Political and Social Analysis and Social Change 10.6 Communications for Development (C4D)

13. Public Finance Management and Fiscal Development 15. Due Diligence 15.1 Due Diligence 15.2 Financial Due Diligence 16. Procurement and Grants Administration Services 16.1 Procurement and Grants Administration Services 16.2 Probity Services 17. Partner Government Procurement Systems 17.1 Partner Government Procurement Systems 18. Education 18.1 Education 13.1 Public Finance Management and Fiscal Decentralisation 14. Food Security and

Rural Development 14.1 Agricultural Productivity 14.2 Rural Market Development 14.3 Social Protection AID ADVISORY SERVICES (AAS) PANEL 18 SERVICE CATEGORIES THE AID ADVISER REMUNERATION FRAMEWORK (ARF) Established 2011. Defines DFATs policies and rates for remuneration of commercially contracted international aid advisers. Ensures value for money when considering the type and level of technical expertise required for the task. 12 ARF will be reviewed through 2017. THE COMMONWEALTH CONTRACTING SUITE (CCS) The CCS is an online system which produces Approach to Market (also known as ATM or RFQ) and contract templates. It streamlines procurement processes for government and business, for low risk procurements.

Use of the CCS is mandatory for Australian Government contracts valued up to $200k DFAT policy mandates use of the CCS for all contracts valued up to $500k 13 THE CCS IS NOT USED WHEN Procurement and delivery is outside Australia. Purchasing from an existing panel or standing offer arrangement Buying ICT goods and services, using Source IT documentation Buying construction services The procurement is not low risk or the CCS clauses are not suitable No contract is required (ie. under $10,000 transactions) It is industry practice to use the suppliers terms and conditions 14 DFAT is entering a financial arrangement that is not a procurement (such as a grant, CCS DFAT SPECIFIC CONTRACT TERMS To address DFAT specific policies and risks associated with DFAT business, the following

clauses have been added to the CCS: DFAT CCS Clauses Fraud Children Protection, Displacement and Resettlement Security Debarred contractors Anti-corruption Publicity clause Counter terrorism and sanction Work Health and Safety Optional meetings, reports and travel sections 15 THE CCS UPDATED CCS PLUS DOF has updated the CCS and it is now available for

agencies to use for procurements up to $1M. DFAT will work with DOF on the DFAT specific clauses Edit Master Third level Fifth level andstyles implement CCS Plus in July 2017. text Fourth level Will applylevel to low risk aid projects under $1m in value Second 16 WHATS DIFFERENT IN CCS PLUS Approach To Market Explains in the evaluation criteria that the Indigenous Procurement Policy may apply. Contract clauses Fraud Liability Delivery and Acceptance - Evaluation Period Transition

in Edit Master Third level Fifth level text stylesout Fourth level Transition Second Access tolevel Suppliers Premises and Records Minor additions to other clauses in the CCS contract. 17 RISK MANAGEMENT DFAT Risk Management Aid Program Due Diligence Safeguards environmental and social Environment Displacement and resettlement Child Protection Fraud control and anti-corruption policy Procurement Policy Assessment of National Systems Work Health and Safety 18

REVIEW OF DFAT NON CCS TEMPLATES Formal consultation commencing mid-March. Details will be on the DFAT website Feedback to [email protected] 19

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