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SSADM Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method Hazrlayan Yard.Do.Dr. Zehra KAMILI ZTRK SSADM (Structured System Analysis & Design Methodology

- SSADM) basic principles 1. top down functional decomposition analyze level Break down functional complex system into chunks Ignore the small details until it engages the key features of the system

Lower levels of the system are considered in detail, later on SSADM 2. Requirement of explanation physical aspects of the current system physical perspectives of the

current system Logical point of view how things are currently done and who does them? what is currently done or? This completes the analysis phase, and then its on to design

What the new system should do? Who and how will do? SSADM 2. Requirement of explanation SSADM 3. SSADM requires users to get involved from the

start The analyst must meet the users regularly to sort out problems and check understanding. SSADM, would involve users from the beginning Stay happy in the new system SSADM 4. effective use of diagrams

i. Forming detailed logical data structure ii. Establishing multipart data structure multipart iii. Creating data dictionary like a map of the system SSADM 5. SSADM allows the analyst to see the

system from different views check to see if the different views match up Cross-checking 1980lerin banda kullanlmaya balanmtr. SSADM SSADM, genellikle devlet bilgisayar projeleri iin bir gereklilik olarak belirtilen ngiltere'de yaygn olarak kullanlan bir bilgisayar uygulama gelitirme yntemidir. Giderek Avrupa'da kamu sektr tarafndan kabul edilmitir. SSADM kamu maldr ve ngiliz Standard BS7738 ile belirtilir.

6. SSADM is an industry standard It has been used science early 1980s. SSADM, is a widely-used computer application development method in the UK, where its use is often specified as a requirement for government computing projects. It is increasingly being adopted by the public sector in Europe. SSADM is in the public domain, and is formally specified

in British Standard BS7738. SSADM's objectives are to: Improve project management & control Make more effective use of experienced and inexperienced developmentstaff Develop better quality systems Make projects resilient to the loss of staff Enable projects to be supported by computer-based tools

such as computer-aided software engineering systems Establish a framework for good communications between participants in a project The structure of SSADM SSADM Stage 0. Feasibility

Technical is the project technically possible? Financial can the business afford to carry out the project? Organizational will the new system be compatible with existing practices? Ethical is the impact of the new system socially acceptable? Stage 1 Investigation of the current environment

Through a combination of interviewing employees, circulating questionnaires, observations and existing documentation, the analyst comes to full understanding of the system as it is at the start of the project. Stage 2 Business system options the degree of automation

the boundary between the system and the users the distribution of the system, for example, is it centralized to one office or spread out across several? cost/benefit impact of the new system Stage 3 Requirements specification

To produce the logical specification, the analyst builds the required logical models for both the data-flow diagrams (DFDs) and the Logical Data Model(LDM), consisting of the Logical Data Structure (referred to in other methods as entity relationship diagrams) and full descriptions of the data and its relationships. Stage 4 Technical system options

the hardware architectures the software to use the cost of the implementation

the staffing required the physical limitations such as a space occupied by the system the distribution including any networks which that may require the overall format of the human computer interface Stage 5 Logical design

the outputs of this stage are implementationindependent and concentrate on the requirements for the human computer interface. Stage 6 Physical design This is the final stage where all the logical specifications of the system are converted to descriptions of the system in terms of real

hardware and software. The Case Studies Swillbuckets Country Club Swillbuckets Country Club Tasks:

Reservation of artists New memberships Preparing receipts to artists Promotion of future events chasing memberships Nice meat dishes! reward the Chief !! Swillbuckets Country Club

Card-based data storage system Users and artists 2-3 shoeboxes Not an Adequate storage system !! There isnt an option to open a new box and / or information system Subscription fees of the members - assistant: Amanda

Definition of the problem Amanda is not patient !! She wants from Jack the list of members who have delayed payments I want the list (2 weeks ago) Is it possible for Jack to remove the list from the box?? Definition of problem -2

changing customer records Creation of Monthly "future events" list announce these events to the local press Definition of problem- Food Service They have a well-planned food range Meat, especially organ meats, expert Several suppliers

Reliable? Payments are made in cash Unknown instant stock records unknown It remains a difficult situation while cooking for chef Last-minute changes in menus Problem background

Appointments: chaotic, with double bookings, no room for urgent cases, and changes not made. A foolproof system of appointments is the top priority for the Centre. Patient processing: the filing of records is haphazard. They can go missing, or be misfiled. With such a high turnover of patients, the records are not always maintained accurately. Much information is duplicated and often disparities appear. The

doctors require a way of viewing patient records without having to keep going backwards and forwards to see Betty and George. Prescriptions are normally illegible, which results in Heather in the chemists having to pop in regularly to have them decrypted. Problem background management information: the GPC requires regular information about the hours doctors have worked, new patients, supplies used etc. Currently, Nurse Payne attempts to produce these, but mathematics is not

her strong point. The staff time sheets are a mess and staff often get paid for hours they havent worked. The accountant is not happy about this. Neither is the GPC. The GPC also needs regular updates on currently enrolled patients. It is the responsibility of the receptionists to record when patients leave and keep a list of patients for each doctor. However, the University does not tell them when a student withdraws, and patients rarely think to inform them when they move away.

Problem background The only information it gets is from the GPC when it issues a new Medical Card for another practice, or from the Registrar of Deaths. Betty gets quite queasy when she has to tear up someones medical records and throw them in the bin. The Prescription Monitoring Agency also requires information about what prescriptions have been issued so that it can compare different practices and see who is out of line. It sends a report every six months to the Centre. This is

shredded and used as a home for the hamster. The accountant requires regular financial information about outgoings. This is the bane of Nurse Paynes life. A proper accounting system is required. Ordering supplies: on a more mundane note, Nurse Payne has no information about potential suppliers, other than the catalogues she keeps under her desk. She may be paying too much for bandages etc. She is keen to find out more about some recycled Crimean War bandages that her friend, Nurse Blunt

mentioned to her. Registration: it has been known for the receptionists to take down details wrongly (e.g. blood group), or to omit key words such as haemophiliac. These typing errors have had unnerving results. Also, George and Betty have had problems trying to determine who is eligible to join the practice. A street map with felt tip lines on it has proven to be a less than adequate tool. Ideally, they want to be able to say instantantly if a postcode is

within their catchment area. Staff 4 doctors - every doctor has his/her own patient list Patients can go another physician 1 nurse: prescription writing & ordering injection & syringe - plastic and so on.

2 receptionist & 1 trainee receptionist: patient tails and appointments Summary of the problems Appointments Complex, dual enrollment, no emergency rooms Patient process

Random records, not updated records Doctors do not know the patient case history Prescriptions are illegible: influence of pharmacist Summary of the problems Management information

Regular information requested by the GPC working hours of doctors New patient Suppliers ... Charts inadequate. accounting & GPC :( GPC new records An appropriate accounting system suppliers

Do Nurses know potential suppliers ?? There may be more money to bandage !! Register Receptionist missing records (major diseases) or take the wrong record Haimato / 0rh positive

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