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PowerPointova predstavitev - pef.uni-lj.si

Erasmus Students Welcome Meeting Ljubljana, 1 October 2019 About the University of Ljubljana Established in 1919. Among 500 best world's universities on the Shanghai, Times and Webometrics ranking lists. 26 full Members (3 art academies and 23

faculties) and 3 associated Members (National University Library, University of Ljubljana Central Technical Library, University of Ljubljana Innovation-Development Institute). Number of staff: 5.972 Number of students: 48.822 About the Faculty of Education App. 2.500 students

193 staff (143 teaching staff, 50 administration) 9 departments About the Faculty of Education Study Programmes: 1ST CYCLE (UNDERGRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMMES) Preschool Education, Primary Teacher Education, The Two-Subject Teacher, Art Pedagogy, Special and Rehabilitation Pedagogy, Visually Impared Education and the

Pedagogy of Specific Learning Difficulties, Social Pedagogy 2ND CYCLE (MASTER STUDY PROGRAMMES) Preschool Education, Primary Teacher Education, Primary Teacher education with English specialisation, Subject Teacher Education, Art Pedagogy, Special and Rehabilitation Pedagogy, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Pedagogy, Supervision, Personal and Organisational Counselling, Cognitive Science (Joint Degree), Arts Therapy, Museum Education, Educational Policies

3RD CYCLE (DOCTORAL STUDY PROGRAMME) Teacher Education and Educational Science Office for International Cooperation Office for International Co-operation (room 34) Tel: +386 1 5892 347 Fax: +386 1 5892 233 E-mail: [email protected] Opening hours:

Monday and Friday 8:30 - 11:30 Wednesday 12:30 - 15:30 Igor Repac Tina Kralj First Residence Permit: Administration Unit (Upravna enota), Tobana ulica n. 5 Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am 6pm, Wednesday 8 am 7 pm,

Friday 8 am 2 pm Documents: A valid identity card or passport copy, Acceptance letter original (or copy), Health insurance European Health Insurance Card copy, Statement of having enough money, Photo (biometrical) If you have Visa D, you dont need to apply for residence permit, but you need to register your temporary address at

Tobana ul. 5 if you are staying in private room!!! Student meals You need: student card or Acceptance letter, mobile phone with slovenian SIM card - free SIM cards at Student Organization/ESN- Pivovarnika 6 or (Telekom, A1, Telemach, T2...) or your mobile phone with mobile data On-line registration www.studentska-prehrana.si

Registration at: Kampus, Pivovarnika 6, from 8 am -5 pm, FRI 8 am -2 pm; More info and list of restaurants: www.studentska-prehrana.si Health problems If you get sick or have a toothache, you should visit: ZDRAVSTVENI DOM ZA TUDENTE (Health Center for students)

Akereva 4 1000 Ljubljana http://www.zdstudenti.si/en/ You need to bring your European Health Insurance Card! Erasmus Documentation Confirmation of Stay Learning agreement

Transcript of Records Confirmation of Stay Must be signed on first and last day(!) of mobility. Used to calculate the Erasmus scholarship based on the number of days on mobility Signing right after the meeting!

If you have your own form, we can sign it. Then you do not need ours. Learning agreement Changes still possible till October 14. Changes have to be requested by e-mail: [email protected] Problem 1: most of the courses are already full Problem 2: group changes highly unlikely

Problem 3: Art in Slovenia canceled (let us know by tomorrow till 12.00!!!) Problem 4: Full year exchanges. Courses for second semester will be finally approved in December. Dont forget: changes must be approved by your home coordinator as well. Transcript of Records Issued at the end of studies by

international office You have to order it in international office once you have all the grades in the information system Sometimes Erasmus students return home before the grades are in the system. On this meeting you received:

Student ID Card (with or without the picture!) Instructions for activation of your UL Digital Identity Personal registration Number (EMO) Confirmation of Stay Form Bus ticket form Schedule of Courses (See QR Code)

Student ID card The Student ID card of the University is an official document that gives the exchange student the same rights as to Slovene students. The card is used as an accession to libraries and faculty exams. Student ID card of the University can be used for enabling discounts on admission to museums and sights, inexpensive meals in some restaurants and

discounts on many forms of transport. Personal Registration Number (EMO) The EMO is a personal identification number in the Republic of Slovenia. It is entered in official records and other databases when so stipulated by the law. You will need it, for example, for

buying monthly bus tickets etc. Your UL Digital Identity You need it for access to Student Information System and Virtual Classroom Your UL digital identity is comprised of your username and your password. The username resembles an email address, e.g. [email protected]

You must first activate identity on special portal - you received your username. See Instructions! Student Information System https://vis.pef.uni-lj.si/peful_ang/ (link avilable also here: www.pef.unilj.si/erasmus.html) Use your Digital ID of University of Ljubljana! The System includes:

My Data (Important: please check if you have all your chosen courses enabled in information system!) Exams (exam registration, withdraw from exam, exam dates, exam results) Dont confuse this with Virtual Classroom! Virtual Classroom https://ucilnica.pef.uni-lj.si/?lang=en

(link avilable also here: www.pef.uni-lj.si/erasmus.html) Use your Digital ID of University of Ljubljana! Virtual Classroom is used by professors in the courses (for literature, assignments etc.) Courses are locked by enrolment key. Each professor will give it to you. Dont confuse this with Student Information

system! Erasmus Day 11 December 2019: Erasmus Day presentation of Erasmus students and countries they are coming from. Preparation of national dishes in cooperation with Slovenian professors & students.

Sport Recreational sport on the Faculty for further information please contact: Mr. Ale Omahen [email protected] Room: T008 Sports

Center for Extracurricular Activities FREE sport activities https://www.uni-lj.si/extracurricular_activities/sport_en/ects_s ports_subjects/ 3 ECTS for one year sport programmes; online application open from 23 September (12 am) - 3 October (12 am) https ://www.uni-lj.si/obstudijske_dejavnosti/sport/ects_sportni_pred

meti/ Daily recreation at the University Sport Hall in Rona dolina www.facebook.com/events/523364388074866/ LIBRARY Librarian for Erasmus students Milena Repa

[email protected] 4th floor Monday to Friday 7.30 19.00 Saturday 7.00 14.00 individual consultations and training

online library account (My Library) electronic access to online journals, books etc. password for remote access website in English

group training for using the library

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