Preliminary Evening For 3rd Years

Preliminary Evening For 3rd Years

Preliminary Foundation Evening For 3rd Years Isabel, Paddy and Steph January 2006 1 Who are we? All final years Interested in helping organise career advice for whole school Career Group

3rd year Career Group Reps Theodora & Victoria Not the experts, but know enough for now! 2 Why are we here? Share information equally at one point in time to try and stop the rumour mill !! To find out what you need You asked for something

3 What are we going to say? Overview with some details Introduction/revision of: MMC Foundation Programme PMETB

Deaneries & Foundation Schools Who, why, when, where, how & what Academic Foundation Posts What you could do now 4 Background 5 Modernising Medical Careers improve patient care by delivering

modernised and focussed career structure for doctors through a major reform of postgraduate medical education... aims to develop demonstrably competent doctors who are skilled at communicating and working as effective members of a team. Ref - 6 MMC Health minister idea in 2003

SHO lost tribe After PRHO comes SHO 6 monthly rotations Essentially do what you like and try out stuff before choosing specialty and do membership Problem takes too long, people get disillusioned etc 7 Foundation Programme Foundation Programme: 2 year programme after med school

(FY1 = PRHO, FY2 = SHO) Seamless, continual programme, not separate Choose specialty after FY2 Currently three option pathways Competency based with continual, standard assessment nationwide 8 PMETB PMETB Postgraduate Medical Education Training

Board Oversee all training of doctors after medical school Major body putting foundation and specialist training in place Allow for improved flexible training, overseas opportunities Control over doctors who are currently nontraining posts staff grades, associate specialists 9

Consultant Specialist register SERVICE PMETB NCCG Specialty Yr 5+ Clinical

assistants Trust SHO Specialty Yr 4 Specialty Yr 3 Specialty Yr 2 Postgraduate Medical Specialty Yr 1 F2 Year F1 Year

Medical School SAS Research fellow Clinical fellow Education Training Board

GMC 10 11 Deaneries UK divided into 17 deaneries 14 England + Wales, NI and Scotland Responsibilities include: Management and delivery of postgraduate education Ensuring training posts provide opportunities for doctors Also responsible for overseeing trainers and

supervisors 12 Foundation Schools Deaneries contain foundation schools Sub divisions centred around groups of hospitals West Midlands deanery has 6: Birmingham North (Sandwell General, City, Good Hope and Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull) Birmingham South

(Selly Oak, Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham Womens, Birmingham Childrens & The Royal Orthopaedic) Black Country (Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton) Coventry and Warwickshire (GEH, Walsgrave, Warwick, St Cross) Shropshire and Staffordshire (Burton, North-staffs, Mid-staffs, Shrewsbury & Telford) Herefordshire and Worcestershire

(Hereford, Worcester Royal, Redditch Alexandra) 13 Applications Who, Why, Where, How, When & What 14 Applications Who = YOU! Why? National standardised process, all application

form interview gain GMC registration and earn money!!! 15 Where? Anywhere you want! (UK) First question you need to ask yourself Then find out the deanery Email them, check websites What are their application dates Any other info required for application 16

Where? Find out foundation schools, they may offer different advantages/disadvantages Think about how competitive it is in that deanery Remember most UK graduates stay local or go to family and most come from SE Figures? 17 Where? Exporting

deaneries IN ESSENCE - HAVE MORE STUDENTS THAN HAVE POSTS AVAILABLE Northern Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland South Yorkshire and Humber Scotland Northern Ireland South East Thames

18 Where? Importing deaneries IN ESSENCE HAVE MORE POSTS AVAILABLE THAN STUDENTS Incomplete data But thought to be Trent, West Midlands, Mersey Oxford East Anglia Bristol WMD approx. 1000 students but 1100 posts

19 How? 1. MDAP = Multi Deanery Application Process. Online computer form, one opening and closing date Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland London - North East Thames Foundation School North Central Thames Foundation School*

North West Thames Foundation School * Kent, Surrey and Sussex - South East Thames Foundation School* South West Thames Foundation School

Northern Ireland North Western Trent* West Midlands Yorkshire *also includes some posts in Devon and Cornwall 20 2. Non MDAP (2005)

Eastern Mersey Northern Oxford Scotland

Severn & Wessex Severn Foundation School Wessex Foundation School South Yorkshire & South Humber Wales Could change for 2007 entrants as many are considering MDAP process!! 21 How? Your automatic (default) deanery is W.Midlands Units of Application (UoA) = a given deanery

Group 1 are Non-MDAP deaneries Can apply into 3 UoA Group 2 are MDAP deaneries Can apply to 2 UoA 22 Out of deanery applications To change default deanery to another requires Med School Deans written permission (see Form) Ensure there are no concerns with respect

to Fitness to Practice 23 Out of deanery applications Info at the time was scarce More known due to people having done it Differs from MDAP deadlines, process after form, who apply to 3 examples are: Miss L Mersey Deanery

Mr J Northern Deanery Miss F Severn Deanery 24 When?

MDAP opened 15th October 2005, closed 5th December 2005 Other deaneries varied For example. 25 When? Eastern Mersey Northern Oxford Scotland

Severn & Wessex: Severn Foundation School Closing dates 8 November 2005 28 October 2005 28 October 2005 4 November 2005 28 October 2005 30 November 2005 8 November 2005 S.Yorkshire & S.Humber 26 October 2005

Wales 25 November 2005 Wessex Foundation School 26 What? - Job choices Mostly 3 x 4month rotations Medicine, surgery and one other! There are variations (e.g. 4 x 3 month) Some apply F1 only, Some joint application F1 and F2

Nottingham twinned with Cornwall for some F2 27 What job? All generic experience, just different specialties Just because you know consultant shouldnt put you on/off job! Ask your F1 on placement find out what rotations are like? 28

WM Deanery & Local Foundation School Within WM jobs are listed for all Foundation Schools hospitals If apply and get F1 in C&W Foundation School, F2 job will be guaranteed within same school If you want to change in F2 it then becomes open competitive process 29 WM Deanery & Local Foundation School Why stay local?

Familiarity Friends & support network PGA in Professional Skills Stand alone qualification Core option of MClinSci 30 The jobs locally There are 77 individual jobs in the four hospitals of UHCW, Warwick, St Cross, GEH These come in blocks of three (each 4 months long)

This makes a total of 26 available rotations (one rotation only has 2 posts available!!) 31 Examples of local jobs The jobs In the 2005 application for Aug 2006 there were

6 rotations had double surgery 2 rotations included psychiatry 3 rotations included paediatrics 1 rotation included A&E 3 rotations included anaesthetics or ITU 2 rotations included T&O (in double surgery) Others were haematology, pathology, pharmacology 32 National jobs

These were pretty similar to C&W Some did include O&G, choice of rotation, infectious diseases Length varied Some were 4x3 month long, few were 2x6 month Able to see other jobs within MDAP when logged into the Programmes Available 33 THIS MAY CHANGE FOR YOUR APPLICATION

A NATIONAL MDAP SCHEME IS PLANNED 34 Pay scales Not known for individual jobs Pay scales can be found on BMJ careers website PRHO minimum = 20,295 SHO minimum = 25,324 Some bands are expected to remain despite

EWTD Further info see Ox.Handbk.The Foundation Programme pg 105 35 The Form Newdoctor website The statement of achievements section The marking of it!

6 areas to tackle with 2 examples for each 12 actual answers Each answer graded 0-4 based on quality of answer Max 48 points Where possible each answer should be unique (NB will provide examples of our answers in June) 36 Foundation Academic Programmes

An introduction Isabel Costello 37 What I will cover What is academic medicine

What are FAPs Options available Posts in West Midlands Deanery Posts in other deaneries 38 What are Clinical Academics? Broadly- practicing clinicians with an additional interest joint appointments with a university or other research institution Clinical expertise, PLUS

Research expertise (most) Expertise in medical education (fewer) 39 What the future career pathway for researchers might look like 40 FAPs- What are they? FAPs= Training programme for newly qualified doctors who are considering an academic career

Introduction to academic medicine whilst attaining the clinical training required as part of the Foundation Programme WHY? New initiative: part of Modernising Medical Careers Not enough academic doctors No clear route of entry or transparent career structure 41 Options available Academic F1 job in West Midlands Deanery

Academic F1/F2 rotation Academic component is usually in F2 Apply for stand-alone academic F2 following F1 42 Academic F1 posts in West Midlands Deanery NEW IN 2006!! 43

Academic F1 posts in West Midlands Deanery AIMS: Same clinical experience but a flavour of academic medicine Exposure to clinical academics to decide if this is the area you wish to pursue WHERE? Coventry and Warwickshire Foundation School only Mentorship of the academic firms of Professors of Orthopaedics (Professor Griffin)

Diabetes (Professor Kumar) 44 Academic F1 posts in West Midlands Deanery DOING WHAT? Standard F1 clinical experience: 3x4month jobs Additionally: Attend the academic sessions of the Professional firms Get involved in an academic research or audit project. Could lead to publication of an

abstract/short paper 45 This years rotations: 1. General Medicine & Diabetes/General & Upper GI Surgery/Anaesthetics 2. General Medicine & Cardiology/General & transplant Surgery/Trauma & Orthopaedics = 6 posts: 3 for each rotation 46 What happens after the

academic F1? OPTIONS: 1. Academic F2 post with a 4 month period of research in Diabetes/Cardiovascular or Orthopaedics By 2007 an academic F2 in General Practice should also be established 2. Academic F2 in another deanery 3. Non-academic F2 rotation 47

Can I wait till F2? Currently at C&W Foundation School the F1 and F2 posts are not linked. Application for F2s would be open to all Warwick Foundation School F1s. 48 How to Apply FAPs in all deaneries are applied to directly Can simultaneously apply to jobs through usual matching schemes

For WMD this year: Closing date for application- 7th November 2005 Required: Application form Supporting letter from medical school CV Interview- for either post, asked preference 49 Posts in other deaneries Who offers them? Structure varies

Some joint F1/F2, some F2 only Academic element can be integrated or could count as one rotation Where are they advertised? Application process varies Need permission from med school to move out of deanery Examples Mr H Mr T London Deanery Oxford Deanery


About academic medicine: MMC website: Follow links for academic medicine BMJ careers website Check deanery websites e.g. 52 What you could do now !!

DONT WORRY !! Be different, have a think, make a note Variety of experiences Member of 12 committees enables you to answer questions but only giving one aspect Diversify your skills e.g carer responsibilities, sports, charity/voluntary, jobs, music, ELECTIVE etc 53 Whats happening next June

Data from 2006 cohort about jobs, success rate etc F1 and F2 talks day in the life of with Q&A session Career advisor talk How to make the most of 75 words!! 54 Sources of info MMC website: Links to all deaneries, info on application process, FY1 & FY2, Publishers of Target booklet. Lots of info. StudentBMJ Recent articles. See WMS career webpage Follow link from societies page. Loads of info currently being uploaded. Watch that space!! 55 56

Questions Q) As we apply for jobs before finals do our marks from ICE go on the application form? If so how is ICE graded (other than grades AE) and if you are in extended ICE is that reflected in the application? A) No. Cohort who started in 2005 had module marks from Med School assessed. This was dropped for 2006 cohort.


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