Presentation #1

Presentation #1

Gaining International Experience Anne Kaay, Social Sciences Jennifer Soutter, Digital Services Librarians, University of Windsor Overview of Presentation What we dont cover The UK The USA Specific Issues Stressed

Brainstorming Presentation/Contact Information Annotated Resources (not discussed) Discussion Not Covered/Assumption(s) Job exchanges Volunteer work Student-based, student-oriented work programs Landed immigrant status

Assumption: that you have or will have a Library degree before going. The UK Picture (photos removed) of Scotland Picture

of England Why did I go? always wanted to go to Scotland to live looking for personal growth and professional challenges wanted to regain my perspective on Canadian society an aging parent earlier better than later wanted to get to know my Scottish relatives

it would be fun! General Information re: UK Oversight body: CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals The jobs: They conceptualize their positions differently. Investigate using the websites provided in Annotated Resources. VISAs @ British High Commission Investigate? Investigate what matters the most to you before going, to make sure youll be happy there. International Drivers Licence (CAA) Cost-of-Living A typical salary in Edinburgh is 12,000. My professional salary as a high school librarian (a

newbie) was between 12-14,000. Investigate? Regional professional associations? Where are the Canadian Consulates? Alumni associations? Canadian associations in UK? Develop a knowledge of the country you are leaving behind!! Take a book of facts about Canada. You will be asked many questions.

Also investigate? Estate Planning Keeping in touch. An e-mail address just for this trip/event. Why? Money in Canadian bank to cover overseas use of Canadian Visa/Mastercard etc. is useful Going, Going Travel

requires a return ticket Insurance: onger.html You have no credit rating in the UK Take cash and/or travellers cheques Your paperwork and UK Customs: your passport and visa, a UK address (hotel/hostel/), proof of return ticket, proof you can support yourself for a while, paperwork for belongings shipped independently....

Gone UK National Health Insurance Number (SIN#) Chequing account in UK? ATM cards - were no real controls you dont have to enter your PIN number or sign your name (in 2000) DONT lose it! Culturally, you may be more limited. Have a craving for a shawarma or gyrosuh oh. Ask a lot of questions!!!

Job stuff Universities and hiring - slow Job = health insurance Interviews: always wear a suit always expect to do a presentation and NEVER go over watch for confusion over terminology and everyday speech avoid levity but smile! are NOT interested in making a connection

Join professional associations, network!! The US Map of United States removed Map

of Washington, DC removed Why? Job opportunities greater at the time Very good job offer Curiosity would be an adventure Besidesnot really that oddin 2000, about 2.5% of foreign-born population in the U.S. was Canadian

(Profile of Foreign-born population in the U.S., 2000 ( Sowhy not? Accepted employment with WRLC for fall of 1997. What you need? NAFTA Professional worker/TN Visa: : Benefits of TN Visa ( 1 year):

Streamlined application procedure No limit on extensions of stay/application for readmission No limit on number that may be granted* Bring your documentation including offer of employment specifying your job title, duties and salary. You will need your unframed degree (and not a photocopy), passport, drivers licenseI did not need a long-form birth certificate * us%20Adjustment/filename/immigrationlaw_1_670

What (more) Border procedures are different now than when I initially crossed and applied for TN Visa: Enroll in US-VISIT ( xml ; ontent_multi_image_0006.xml ): biometrics (digital fingerscans and photographs) are

collected and checked against a database of known criminals and suspected terrorists ( .xml) Where and When? Work: 2 employers (WRLC and Trinity) Change Both of employer = new Visa

positions had health insurance; employees pay a portion of it. Health plans vary by company so benefit options vary. How good the plan is can depend on the insurance provider and your plan options so be prepared to review the details. Where and when (more) Lived: Crofton, MD: Help from a librarian at a

WRLC-affiliated school helped me find a place close to work Takoma Park, MD: Group house Washington, D.C. Washington Monument with American Flag; picture removed

Important to consider Where in the US you will be: Washington = expensive city Use a cost-of-living calculator to help determine your salary needs for the area you are considering, e.g. a average salary of a librarian in Washington, D.C. is $44,944 with range from $33,906-60,629 ( Research the area climate, housing, politics Really research the area

Same continent but it is different country Be prepared to feel out of place as you are a resident alien Removed United States of Texas map So whats important to you? Health care? Culture? Crime? Terror?

Terror Alert Advisory Scale Also important to consider Consider your moving options: if youre using a moving company, be prepared to meet the truck at customs Review what you want to bring over and know what you cannot take across the border Car? There may be additional costs to certify your vehicle. These vary by state. And be prepared to pay more for auto insurance although that can vary by location

Culture/Politics Culture/PoliticsNationalism Canada/US map based on a political statement removed Specific issues Stressed Be pro-Canadian not anti-American because criticism is not welcome (as anti-Canadian criticism would be unappreciated)

On insularity and world perspectives: US is the narrowest then Canada with the UK being broadest Be aware of the politics and culture of the area you may work/move to do research Voting as a Canadian may vote for up to 5 years. Elections Canada tells you how Moving back: see Specific Issues Stressed (contd) Health

Care: Make sure your job includes it and that it is satisfactory. Ask questions find out if it cover pre-existing conditions? Pension Plan? Brainstorm reasons to go Consider these honestly and carefully: Why do you think you want to go international? What do you think you will be happy to leave behind? What do you think you will miss?

What are things that you are looking forward to doing/seeing Location of Presentation URL: will be loaded to OLA website UK maps will be removed from presentation before posting Our Contact Information Jennifer

Soutter, Digital Services Librarian, Leddy Library, University of Windsor, tel: 519/253-3000 x3186 e-mail: [email protected] Anne Kaay, Social Sciences Librarian, Leddy Library, University of Windsor, tel: 519/253-3000 x3848 e-mail: [email protected] Annotated Resources

The UK Options for Entry? Official: British High Commission, Ottawa. http:// (Accessed Nov 1, 2004). All possible visas are listed on their website with accompanying information. Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office Unit. UK visas [visas4UK]. (Accessed Nov 1, 2004). General Register Office for Scotland> For Scottish birth certificates. Unofficial:, (Accessed Nov 1, 2004). A generic overview of Visas available, undated webpage UK - Relocation Information Official: British Information Services. All About Britain FAQs. Living and Working in Britain. http:// (Accessed Nov 1, 2004) Government of Canada. Living Abroad: information links. =00030009&ID=9&act=2&tbID=2 (Accessed Nov 1, 2004)

Unofficial: (Accessed Nov 1, 2004) Expatriate -> Canadian -> Clubs and Organizations (Accessed Nov 1, 2004) the combination search engine. /Society/People/Expatriates/Canadian/ (Accessed Nov 1, 2004) The UK Jobs and the field Department of Information Studies, The University of Sheffield. http:// (Accessed Nov 1, 2004) A comprehensive look at the field of library and information science in the UK including job adverts. Extremely useful for providing a perspective on how they structure themselves and where you might fit in. provides the context of the structure of lib info in uk BUBL Information Service, Centre for Digital Library Research, Strathclyde University. BUBL (Bulletin Board for Libraries) Information Service (Accessed Nov 1, 2004) Another comprehensive website that includes information related to and

for librarians. It includes lists of libraries, of library catalogues and libraryrelated organizations, among other resources. Useful for identifying all libraries in areas you may wish to work. The UK Jobs and the field Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. CILIP Homepage. (Accessed November 1, 2004). And specific to international professionals: Offers information on UK accreditation, professional guidance, special interest groups

(Chapters or Divisions), membership, including the foremost listing of jobs available in the UK and offers an email alert. They also provide salary guides and information on negotiating salaries, a clearinghouse for job exchange, and INFOmatch Recruitment Services. _ Lisjobnet. (Accessed November 1, 2004) Sarah Johnson. Library Job Postings on the Internet. (USA) http:// (Accessed November 1, 2004). Offers a

section on Europe that lists associations and organizations websites with a synopsis of scope, how frequently the relevant resources are updated, who is responsible for the resource(s) and instructions on use. The UK Jobs and the field Contact the regional association(s), special interest groups related to your

areas of interest and the libraries you are interested in working at and start a dialogue with them about who you are, your interests and why you wish to work overseas at with their organization. Sell yourself before a position opens. Be flexible and willing to take on contract or short term positions as an in to the organization Mailing list: IFLANET. LIBJOBS: an employment service list for library professionals. (Accessed November 1, 2004) Local newspaper, print and/or online e.g. the Careers section in the Scotsman, the Thursday edition was print only. Now there is:

Useful Resources U.S. Visa information at Department of State: INFO-Pass: free service, web-based; allows you to schedule an appointment with Immigration Officials Useful Resources U.S. Google UncleSam: Canadians Living in the States: Active group; useful to post questions on common issues, e.g. drivers licenses, Visas, adapting to new culture. Registration required but free. Canadian Librarians Living in America: Useful tips for the newly arrived, information on legal issues and discussion group.

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