Presentation Outlaw Trade 1 Question What are the most commonly smuggled goods in outlaw trade?

2 Answer Gold, diamonds, seafood, timber, people, industrial equipment, medicines, computers, weapons, food, appliances, chemicals, vehicles, counterfeit fashions, compact disks, digital video disks, cell phones, and various electronics.

3 Question Illegal products make their way along specific trade routes. A drug route, arms route, and counterfeit products route would be examples. Do you agree? Explain. 4

Answer Disagree. Trade routes are for all products. Drugs, arms, and contraband (illegal products) move alongside cigarettes, foodstuffs, and ordinary commercial products. 5

Question Which of the following can be purchased in a small village 300 kilometers from Moscow? Pharmaceuticals. Johnny Walker Scotch. Polish sausage. Danish butter. Dell computers. 6

Answer All of them. 7 Question Carolyn Nordstrom describes her visit to Angola as follows: I stood in a dusty border town and

looked at crumbling buildingsDogs slept in the streets. It was midnight, and I was talking to the owner of the only hotel in town. A man I had never met beforeI introduced myself only as Carolyn, giving no last name or identity papers. 8 Answer

He said with a sly smile I was born in the same year as you were, Carolyn. He then laughed and explained the movement of illegal goods through the area. 9 Question A convey of trucks is carrying products to a remote village in a developing country.

The phone rang in the destination city. The person who answered it learned that a truck carrying goods for him is missing from the convoy. What did the person do? 10 Answer He: Contacted an international group of his

associates by satellite phone. Checked transit and routing channels on his computer. Sent emails to his lawyer. Sent emails to local individuals who could track down the vehicle. 11 Presentation Doing Business in Russia

Question (1) Charles was an American invited to dinner at an unknown Russian insurance company. The Russians sent a car to drive him and his interpreter from his hotel. The car stopped in front of a 5-story building with no signs and closed shutters. The driver escorted Charles to a door that suddenly opened and Charles was greeted in

English by a well-dressed Russian. 13 Question (2) The men entered the building: They passed through it to a courtyard where a modern, glass structure sat all by itself. The Russian gave Charles a tour. He showed him glossy brochures of the company.

What do you think happened next? 14 Answer (1) When the tour was finished, the Russian said, Lets eat. Where did they go to eat? 15

Answer (2) The three men proceeded to the basement of the building: They entered a locker, removed their clothing, and put on robes. They joined other executives in a room with a table filled with food and alcohol. At one end of the table, a man was grilling meat. What do you think happened next?

16 Answer (3) After eating, drinking, and laughing, a Russian said, Now we go to the sauna. Everyone went down the hall and sat in a high-temperature sauna. When they got out, they cooled down in a small swimming pool. They returned to the table where they ate

meat and a main course. What do you think happened next? 17 Answer (4) They repeated the process two times over a period of hours. No business was discussed. 18

Answer (5) At almost midnight, the Russian said to Charles: We have a request. We insure against loss of Russian satellites. Would you ask your underwriters if your company would be interested in talking with us about reinsuring our exposures? The meeting was over. The men got dressed and Charles was taken back to his hotel.

19 Presentation Russian Car Dealer Question A man is walking through a parking lot near the Franz Josef Strauss airport in Munich, Germany. Passing a Mercedes Benz S Class 550, he glances around, then moves toward the car. A

few minutes later he inserts a card at the gate and pulls out of the lot headed to the A93 autobahn. Where is he going? 21 Answer (1) Perhaps to his home. An hour later, he stops at a house in Regensburg where he picks up a new license plate and forged papers showing

ownership of the car. He also watches a locksmith prepare a set of programmable keys and repair the damage to the ignition system. He watched as the trunk is filled with cigarettes, DVDs, and other items. What happens now? 22 Answer (2) He resumes his journey heading east crossing the

border into the Czech Republic. After passing Prague, he finally reaches Wroclaw, Poland where he turns the car and papers over to Vladimir Starov. Who is Vladimir Starov? 23 Answer (3) Vladimir is the next driver. He continues the journey on an eight-hour drive to the Belarus

border and Brest. He waits until the change in the guards and then drives the car to the checkpoint where he hands a captain of the border guard the cars papers and a separate envelope. He is waved though the checkpoint with no inspection of the vehicle. What was in the envelope? 24

Answer (4) Perhaps legal papers and customs fees. Perhaps not. Vladimir continues the journey past Minsk on the 600 mile route to Moscow where he arrives three days later. After unloading the items in the trunk, he drives the car to a busy street in Moscow where he pulls up to a walled and guarded compound housing a six-story parking garage. What happens here?

25 Answer (5) Vladimir Shows his papers to an attendant and the gate opens. Drives the car up the circling ramp to the third level where he parks. Walks to the end of the ramp and enters a large room.

Hands over some papers, receives an envelope, and leaves. 26 Question Do you want a tour of the facilities? 27 Answer (1)

Starting at the bottom. German, French, Italian, Japanese, and U.S. vehicles. Sedans to SUVs and luxury vehicles. Stalls with locked chain link fence gates for Audis, Land Rovers, Mercedes. Whats in the final three parking slots on the covered top floor? 28

Answer (2) Three brand-new, bright-red Ferrari Testarossas. 29

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