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Promoting Positive Wellbeing in Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy JCPP Meeting November 2018 Overview State of Wellbeing in Academic Pharmacy Impact of Negative Wellbeing

AACP Wellbeing Initiatives to Date Students Under Pressure Rigorous academic demands Family and personal pressures Financial burdens Poor time management skills Social media

Role of Grit in Pharmacy Education Disagreement on the role of grit in pharmacy education Grit scores higher for URM student pharmacists & lower for first-generation Disagreement on whether authentic grit can be taught in the classroom Student Pharmacists Under Pressure Perfectionism Higher rates in student pharmacists Imposter Syndrome

Higher rates of depression and anxiety Correlated with burnout and women Low Mental Health Quality of Life Lower MHQL for P3 students vs US average Correlated with increased stress Marshall LL, Allison A, Nykamp D, Lanke S. Perceived stress and quality of life among doctor of pharmacy students. AJPE. 2008 Sep;72(6):137.

Villwock JA, Sobin LB, Koester LA, Harris TM. Impostor syndrome and burnout among American medical students: a pilot study. Int J Med Educ. 2016;7:364-369. Henning K, Ey S, Shaw D. Perfectionism, the impostor phenomenon and psychological adjustment in medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy students. Med Educ.1998;32(5):456-464 The Road to Burnout Emotional Exhaustion Depersonalization Low Personal Achievement Burnout

Pharmacy Faculty Stress on the Rise Pharmacy practice faculty suffer from burnout at higher rates than in past years and current medical school faculty Pharmacy faculty with higher emotional exhaustion:

Women Assistant professors Those with young children Those who work high #of hours per week Those without a mentor Potential Impact of Faculty Burnout Decreased empathy and interest Disregard for student welfare

Lack of desire to engage with students Lack of motivation to participate in required and non-required activities Decline in the quality of teaching Impact of Faculty Burnout on Schools

Faculty turnover Low morale Poor teaching/job performance Low organizational commitment

Absenteeism Halbesleben JR, Rathert C. Health Care Management Review 33 (1): 2939. 2008; 39. 2008; Williams ES, et al. Advances in Health Care Management 8: 339. 2008; 20. 2009. Impact of Stress on Individuals Depression Substance abuse

Suicide ideation Anxiety Tijdink JK et al. BMC Medical Education 2014;14:183; Shanafelt TD et al. Ann Surg 2009;250:463; Kabat HP et al. report of the Council of Faculties Academic Affairs Faculty Development Committee Am J Pharm Educ 1989;53:423-429; Shanafelt T et al. Onocology 2005;68:23;Maslach C. Burned out. Hum Behavior 1976;5:16-22. Impact on Patients Suboptimal care

Reduced patient care Medical errors Lower patient satisfaction Https:// AACP Wellbeing Initiatives to Date Student Affairs Standing Committees

Factors contributing to declining student resilience. Strategies to promote positive wellbeing on campus Strategies for working with students experiencing negative wellbeing

Initiatives to enhance student wellbeing AACP Policy Statements AACP encourages schools and colleges of pharmacy to proactively promote overall wellness and stress management techniques to students, faculty, and staff.Source: Student Affairs Committee, 2017 AACP believes that all administrators, faculty, staff, preceptors, student pharmacists and alumni should contribute to a culture of wellness and resilience in pharmacy education. Source: Student Affairs Committee, 2018

Academic Leadership Fellows Program Achieving a healthy balance between the commitments of work and home life. AACP Institutes: Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 Strategies to Promote a Culture of Wellbeing among Students and Faculty

Defining Well-being, Grit and Resilience Promoting Well-being and Preventing Burnout in Faculty Crisis and Campus Threat Assessment Teams Mind-Body Medicine Program Developing Real Life Solutions for Modern Day Student Stressors Designing a Well-being Program for Students Institute Lessons: Program Review Train faculty/staff to identify stress points Identify intellectual challenges, changes

Acknowledge student stressors Examine grading systems Adjust, synchronize curriculum Align exams Institute Lessons: Support Services

Examine clerkship structure and support Prepare students for difficult situations Offer mental health services Promote mindfulness, stress reduction

Offer financial advising and support Develop offices of student wellbeing Institute Lessons: Assessment Recognition of students in distress Assessment of students at risk for selfharm and suicide

Proper support and referral process Grief support when tragedy strikes Supportive faculty advising and mentoring Wellness Webinar Series Resilience: An Essential Component of Todays Pharmacist

Addressing our Students Mental Health & Emotional Needs Mental Health Crisis: What Do I Do Now? Faculty Well-being: Stay Grounded in the Busyness of Life Selected AJPE Articles on Wellness

Assessment of Burnout and Associated Risk Factors Among Pharmacy Practice Faculty in the United States Heart of Pharmacy: A Course Exploring the Psychosocial Issues of Patient Care It is Time to Confront Student Mental Health Issues Associated with Smartphones and Social Media Quantitative and Qualitative Factors Associated with Social Isolation among Students from Graduate and Professional Health

Science Programs Review of Grit and Resilience Literature within Health Professions Education The roles of empathy, attachment style, and burnout in pharmacy students academic satisfaction Transition and Student well-being - Why We Need to Start the Conversation

NAM Partner Organization Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience AACP is deeply committed to collaborating with other health profession organizations and stakeholders to promote positive wellbeing and resilience among health care providers, educators, and students. AACP recognizes that stress and anxiety can have devastating consequences on mental health, student learning, patient care, and the community at large. Graduating Student Survey Proposed questions to assess student

perceptions about wellbeing at the end of the Pharm.D. degree program Discussion Libby J. Ross, MA Senior Director, Student Affairs American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 703.479.3809 [email protected]

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