Presentation Title - National REP

Presentation Title - National REP

Building a Joint Information System (JIS) Changing the paradigm: New communication and emergency response strategies for todays environment Why Change? The current standard for emergency communications during a declared emergency is antiquated Changing the Paradigm

2 What is a JIS? A JIS is a holistic approach to emergency communications. It provides an important framework for reaching out to the public to provide accurate, timely information, as well as to protect and maintain company trust and credibility A JIS allows flexible, scalable and portable communications to meet the demands of real world reporting Changing the Paradigm 3

Components Pre-event planning Virtual Joint Information Center (V-JIC) Social media & emergency response Message management during an event JIC operations Realistic drills and exercises Protocol for response to an event of public interest Changing the Paradigm 4 Guidance for Pre-Event Planning Changing the Paradigm

5 Effective Partnership Corporate communications and emergency preparedness must partner for success. Communications/EP working group Outline communications support Determine shared responsibilities Review OE, procedural changes, etc Joint Information Center Guidebook Changing the Paradigm 6 Normal Communications

Event Communications Utilize the resources and processes already in place Do not need to reinvent the wheel Communications takes the lead Emergency Preparedness supports Communications Changing the Paradigm 7 Public Education and Outreach Program An effective public education program includes both public education material

and community outreach. Benefits of effective communication Public education examples Leverage state-wide or national events National preparedness month People will respond appropriately Changing the Paradigm 8 Establish a Group of Spokespersons Spokesperson - public face of organization Should be skilled at delivering messages

Proven leaders, organized, good listeners Training media training and drills Mock media Surrogates lead to negative training Changing the Paradigm 9 Develop Relationships with Stakeholder Public Information Officers Annual meeting with key PIOs Conduct media training for off-site PIOs Review pre-approved templates/messages Understanding of NIMS/ICS

Plant emergency communications manual Press conference specifics Conduct video interviews with PIOs Changing the Paradigm 10 Develop Working Relationships with Local Media Good relationships during normal operations will result in more balanced reporting during a declared emergency or unexpected event. Periodic meetings with the news managers

Invite the media to the plant Provide media with contact information Review and update all contact lists Changing the Paradigm 11 Cultivate Third-Party Experts The general public places a high level of trust in third-party experts. Provide them information Grassroots efforts Outreach to different groups Social networks Media training for identified experts

Changing the Paradigm 12 Develop a Group of Simple, EasilyUnderstood Templates/Graphics Develop graphics and other collateral before an emergency occurs. Fukushima - need for technical data, plant information and key facts, quickly Materials should not be complicated - hard copy and electronic Examples of materials Changing the Paradigm

13 Develop Emergency Message Mapping From NUREG/CR-7033 Ideally, each nuclear plant should: Develop a message map briefing book for different scenarios. Develop a comprehensive risk and crisis communication plan. Conduct regular message mapping practice sessions, drills, and exercises. Changing the Paradigm 14

Prepare for Hostile Action Events Understanding the challenges Identifying gaps in public information processes The need for public information personnel at an incident command point (ICP) Strong communications - ICP and JIC National Response Framework (NRF) and ESF 15 Changing the Paradigm 15 Establish a Dark Website Invisible site that can be activated

quickly and made visible in a declared emergency Important crisis communications tool Recommended items to include on a dark site Changing the Paradigm 16 Virtual Joint Information Center (V-JIC), Social Media and Realistic Drill and Exercises Changing the Paradigm

17 Virtual Joint Information Center V-JIC NUREG/CR-7032 A public communication system Relies on technology, not a building Immediate interface Inclusive/scalable Infrastructure Information integration Changing the Paradigm 18 Recommendations for a V-JIC

Information to share Plant status Fact sheets Links to participating/relevant agencies, videos, social media Infrastructure Conference bridge lines Email distributions Video conferencing-Skype Share drives and software Changing the Paradigm 19 The Ultimate Goal

Validate and share information early, quickly and continually Coordinate/integrate information across affected jurisdictions and organizations no boundaries Changing the Paradigm 20 Integrating Social Media into Communications Develop a social media strategy Join social media communities watch, share, then engage

Prepare materials ahead of time Monitor/plan for social media interaction: Day to day 24x7 Extended events Changing the Paradigm 21 Incorporating Social Media into Emergency Planning/JIC Operations Formalize social media roles within ERO Social media manager

Social media monitor Social media/admin assistants Develop processes for incorporating social media information Drill social media Use instant messaging/emails Changing the Paradigm 22 Guidance for Twitter Use As soon as possible, state that event has occurred and you will provide updates Share information from generic fact

sheets/pre-approved content to keep information flowing Include links - let media know where to download content Update Google AdWords to direct people to your site Changing the Paradigm 23 Guidance for Twitter Use (contd) Post spokesperson quotes and links to

video Look for ways to quell rumors through blog postings or follow up tweets Continually monitor news monitoring tools Promote/retweet Twitter handles of reputable organizations/individuals Reach out to NEI for help Changing the Paradigm 24 Social Media Lessons Learned OK to post raw/unedited video/photos (discuss approach with legal PRIOR to events)

Speed important but consistency, clarity and veracity MORE important Resist urge to share information until details and messaging are established Dont respond to every tweet look for repeated questions or major concerns Become the credible source via your web Changing the Paradigm 25 Social Media Lessons Learned

(contd) Look for influencers (those with large followings) - work with them to quickly disseminate info Own the messaging for your plant background info, basics about nuclear power, etc. Ensure graphics and videos are Nuclear Fuel available and easily downloaded CONTROL ROD


contains 193 fuel assemblies Changing the Paradigm 26 Message Management during an Event Changing the Paradigm 27 Initial Emergency Message Coordination

Vital to speak with one voice to maintain credibility, prior to, and after JIC activation Ability to provide near immediate information via a press release, Twitter and company website is a priority Initial tweet acknowledges event and indicate where information will be posted Once the JIC is activated, all Changing the Paradigm communications and messaging should 28 Message Management Prior to JIC

Activation Emergency Declared Messages Drafted Within the first minutes of notification, nuclear leadership and corporate communications discuss event and initial messaging. Initial press release and Twitter message drafted and sent to nuclear leadership for approval (templates may be vetted and pre-approved prior to an event).

Messages Approved Distribute press release to media, corporate communications, company phone operators, customer service, governmental affairs, NRC region, media representatives, spokesperson, etc. Tweet message, monitor Twitter and post initial press release to company website. Changing the Paradigm 29

Media Management at the Plant Site Plan for managing media at the plant and corporate offices. Cover the time period prior to JIC activation, (90 to 120 minutes), and for events where the media may not go to the JIC, or the JIC may not be activated. Changing the Paradigm 30 Media Management at the Plant Site

Two scenarios to consider: Some media outlets will dispatch crews to the plant site and to the corporate office. If the emergency has a newsworthy component, such as a fire that is visible from a distance or a hostile action against the plant, assume media outlets will remain at the plant Changing the Paradigm 31

Media Management at the Plant Site Develop a kit of information and equipment. The kit may include: laptop computer with internet/email connections, USB drives satellite phone, pager, PDA w/wireless capability, equipment chargers digital camera/flip cams B-Roll/plant fact sheets/press kits press kits personal protective equipment business cards, bios Changing the Paradigm 32

Message Management Following JIC Activation Speaking with one voice is vital to success. The JIC facilitates communications between the site and corporate offices. The corporation should communicate with others, such as: company crisis councils executives governmental affairs / investor relations customer service / external customers employees and retirees Changing the Paradigm

33 Message Management Following JIC Activation Provide journalists who may report to the plant site with first public messages Plant Media Team Joint Information Center

Control company messages Guide press release process Interface with plant media team and corporate office Coordinate with PIOs Coordinate the flow of emergency information to other business units Coordinate press conference at HQ as

needed Corporate Office Changing the Paradigm 34 Realistic Drills and Exercises Each organization supporting nuclear should participate Realistic goals/objectives must include communications Partnership between

corporate communications and emergency planning a MUST for effective JIS/JIC Changing the Paradigm Operations 35 Integrating the Communications Point of View Include communications representative on scenario development team Include meaningful communications elements in scenario: audible, visible, offsite

response Prepare/drill for all types of media radio, TV, social media, calls, interviews, etc. Changing the Paradigm 36 Test the Communication Links Mock media simulate real world inquiries Inquiries from customers, media, investors, social media, etc. Press conferences Tweets and blogs to social media

NUREG/CR-7033 example questions the public may ask Changing the Paradigm 37 Rumor Control Key Evaluation Element Ability to identify, track and address rumors and inaccurate information Important to monitor and coordinate ALL avenues of information We are only as good as the information we provide

Changing the Paradigm 38 Exercise Evaluation NUREG 0654 - basis for JIC exercise objectives Must broaden to address paradigm shift of technology and JIS communications In addition to standards of timely, accurate information and adequate facilities, include ability to use social media and perform elements of a JIS Changing the Paradigm

39 Questions? 40

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