Presentation Title - Nottinghamshire

Presentation Title - Nottinghamshire

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) Rebecca Atchinson Sue Coleman Steph Morrissey Jane OBrien What is a JSNA The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) provides a picture of the current and future health and wellbeing needs of the local population.

The JSNA is split into four themes Adults and vulnerable adults, children and young people older people cross-cutting themes

What is a JSNA cont Each chapter outlines the local picture for the topic of interest, evidence of what works, unmet need, assets and recommendations for consideration. All completed JSNAs are signed off by the Health and Wellbeing Board Recent JSNAs In March 2019 three JSNAs were signed off by the Health and Wellbeing Board

Avoidable injuries in children and young people Self-harm Domestic abuse Engaging with the Alliance Bring on the signed off JSNAs with an impact on children for the Alliance to; Consider the findings and recommendations Identify areas of influence and partners can add value Identify areas for further investigation (deep

dives) Feedback to the Health and Wellbeing Board JSNAs in progress Cross cutting themes Children and Young People Sexual health and HIV Health and

Homelessness Oral Health Tobacco Early Years 1001 Days Children and YP with special educational needs and disabilities Emotional health and wellbeing

JSNA Self-harm Jane OBrien Public Health and Commissioning Manager Self-harm - all ages Self-harm is A complex behaviour Defined as an intentional act of self-poisoning or self-injury irrespective of the type of motivation or degree of suicidal intent. (Public Health Fingertips definition).

An indicator of unbearable emotional or psychological distress Not confined to CYP - 49% of A&E attendances for selfharm in Nottinghamshire were for people over age 30 (Jan 2013-Dec 2016) There is evidence of association between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and self-harm Focus on CYP Key messages (1) The UK has the highest CYP self-harm rate of any country in Europe, with a rate of 400 per 100,000 population 22% of 15 year olds reported in surveys that they had

self-harmed (32% of girls and 11% of boys) Research shows an increase of self-harm in childhood and adolescence in recent years with 68% increase in girls aged 13 to 16 Research suggests that self-harm increases the probability of someone dying by suicide within 12 months, by between 50 and 100 times above the rest of the population (NICE 2016) significant risk factor Focus on CYP Key messages (2) Self-harm is a largely hidden issue + inconsistent & incomplete data = difficult to measure.

Often not recorded as a presenting need or not considered as a need on its own (a behaviour not a mental illness). Public Health analysis estimated potentially over 2,500 12 to 17 year olds in Notts who self-harm and are unknown to clinical services. Self-harm Iceberg Model Source: Hawton K et al (2012) Recommendations

Note: Self-harm as a risk factor for suicide is a priority within the refreshed Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire Suicide Prevention Strategy, public consultation now open until 07/08/19: JSNA Domestic Abuse Sue Coleman Public Health and Commissioning Manager Domestic Abuse

Definition DA is defined as any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. Domestic Abuse Children and Young People 75% (approx.) of children living in

households where DA occurs are exposed to actual incidents. These children have an increased risk of developing acute and long term acute physical and emotional health problems. Domestic Abuse Children and Young People Proportion of children on a Child Protection Plan with DA is high 58%. Lack of evidence on what interventions can help

protect children from the effects of DA. Outcomes. Safety and wellbeing, ability to express feelings, increased school performance and positive peer relationships. Domestic Abuse Specialist Community Based Services IDVAs support adults at high risk (often when children are involved) going through the MARAC.

Children and Young Peoples workers offering one to one support and group work of children Hands are not for Hurting. Prevention work in schools. Dedicated service for teenagers experiencing domestic abuse within their own relationship. Domestic Abuse Encompass Process of informing schools of reported DA, where a child is in h/hold or affected, the next day at school.

1,036 calls made to schools in 2017 (723 to primary). Managed by MASH. Domestic Abuse Primary Prevention Addressing DA before it happens, through awareness campaigns and working in schools. Primary schools. GREAT: Good Relationships are Equal and Trusting.

Secondary schools (targeted). Equate, Choices and Know More. Equation - Specialist DA training provider Domestic Abuse GREAT Good Relationships are Equal and Trusting. Years 5 & 6 4 wks for 2hrs. Specialist provider Equation, and quality materials 750 cost to school.

Ashfield & Broxtowe separate funding and schools being contacted. Domestic Abuse Equate Whole school approach/ Year 7, 8 & 9 Educating about DA, gender equality and healthy relationships. Targeted Secondary schools (to-date) in County (VAWG & RC Bid Lottery) 9 schools, 4,500 pupils. Staff trained - 180

Domestic Abuse Equation Member of Nottinghamshire Domestic and Sexual Abuse Executive, and Specialist Training Provider. Email: [email protected] Phone: 0115 9623 237 Post: Equation, 2 First Avenue, Nottingham, NG7 6JL Domestic Abuse

DA JSNA Recommendations No Recommendation (7/19) 3 All agencies to develop and promote policy and procedures for work with survivors, children and perpetrators, including workforce training and employee domestic violence policies.

6 Assess the implications of the Domestic Abuse Bill published January 2019. 7 Continue to support and promote campaigns to promote healthy relationships, gender equality and raise awareness of domestic abuse. 8 Encourage more schools to take up specialist early intervention and prevention

programmes for children and young people, building on mandatory healthy relationships and sex education (RSE) from September 2020. 9 Develop targeted interventions to support at risk victims and young people that harm. 14 Improve identification and response across healthcare settings, including mental health (women, men, teenagers and children) e.g. therapeutic counselling.

17 Increase capacity for support for children affected by domestic abuse, both in the community and in refuge. JSNA Avoidable Injury in Children and Young People Stephanie Morrissey Public Health and Commissioning Manager

Introduction Why this chapter? Definition: an injury that occurs as a result of an accident, so injury is not deliberately caused and could have been avoided/ prevented What the chapter covers Themes Picture for Nottinghamshire Hospital admissions

Lower than England average rate since 2010/11 for 0-4 and 014. 15-24 age group similar or lower than England rate. Geographical differences Inequalities In the home Falls Burns & scalds Poisoning Picture for Nottinghamshire (2) On the roads Age differences

Geography Mode of transport Leisure activities WAID data Current activity, Service Provision and Assets Children and Young Peoples Avoidable Injury Strategy Group In the home Mansfield CHES County CHES

On the road Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership VIA East Midlands road safety education work (and partnerships) Leisure activities Nottinghamshire Water Safety Partnership School swimming service Assets University of Nottingham Road Accident Investigation

Recommendations General Mechanism for strategic leadership and co-ordination Reduction of inequalities Combination of interventions - education, engineering, enforcement and empowerment In the home Opportunities for funding Future commissioning Implement evidence based, standardised, age appropriate home safety messages across the system

Recommendations On the road Continuation of needs lead, evidence based interventions Allocating recourses where evidence of need has been identified Leisure activities Development of partnership action plan relating to water safety and safety education plan

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