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Union Pacific Railroad David Wickersham Chief Engineer, Western Region February 24, 2014 1 Key Union Pacific Railroad Corridors Fast Facts Route miles 32,000 in 23 states Employees 46,000 Annual Payroll $4.3B Customers 10,000 Locomotives 8,400 Seattle Eastport Portland Duluth Powder River Basin Twin Cities Central Corridor

I-5 Chicago Omaha SLC Denver N. Platte KC Oakland St. Louis Phoenix Calexico ry t n ia E y As e K m fro Memphis

West Colton LA El Paso Ft. Worth Shreveport Nogales Sunset Route San Antonio Eagle Pass Laredo Brownsville 2 Dallas Houston New Orleans UPRR Routes in California 2012 Fast Facts

I-5 Route Miles of Track 3,283 Feather River Route Annual Payroll $430.7 M In-State Purchases Donner Pass Route $233.3 M Capital Spending $376.1 M San Joaquin Valley Line Employees 4,872 Community Giving Coast $1.4 M Charitable Organizations 3

385 Line Sunset Route How We Built Track Over 150 Years Ago 4 Todays Track Design & Construction Foundation Crosstie Drainage Ballast 12 Inches Below Bottom of Tie Concrete ties Continuous welded rail

Roadbed Construction Sub-Ballast 6 - 8 Inches Compacted Subgrade 12-18 Inches Earth 3/27/2008 29 3 75# 1890 56# 1869 5 90# 1900 115# 1925 133# 1940 136# 2003

141# 2003 UPRR Track Inspection Program 43 Full time dedicated track inspectors working within California Training 5 day FRA track safety standards Monthly evaluations by managers Annual training and on the job training - track maintenance field handbook 17 Managers of Track Maintenance in California 480 track maintenance employees in California Tracks inspected with hy-rail pickups more than twice per week Visual inspections prevent derailments Broken rails Track surface conditions We perform special inspections

6 During storms After earthquakes UPRR Track Evaluation System 2 state of the art track geometry cars - $10 million a piece Prevents track geometry related derailments Test main lines in California at least twice per year. Measures track geometry parameters FRA standards and UPRR policies Track Gage Track Cross level Track profile Track Alignment

Also provides 7 Rail Profile measurements curve wear Clearances in tunnels and bridges Video of track UPRR Rail Detector System Key technology to prevent broken rail derailments UPRR tests main line rail in California every 3 to 6 months Test frequency is based on tonnage Test frequency is more than FRA requirement We dedicate 4 rail detectors full time in California Ultrasonic (sound wave) searches internally for rail flows Cars in California are the latest technology

2 years old or less Car averages 7 mph. 8 UPRR Capital Track Maintenance projects in California Last 5 years, UP has replaced 2,054,000 ties and 452 miles of rail in California. $992 million Replacing ties and rail 2009 542,000 ties, 89 miles new rail 9 2010 2011 174,000 ties, 41 miles new rail 2012 2013 446,000 ties, 136 miles new rail 325,000 ties, 65 miles new rail 567,000 ties, 121 miles new rail Track Upgrades UPs plan to replace wood tie track with concrete tie

track Tehachapi mountains complete Dunsmuir complete Feather River Canyon complete Sunset Route 50% complete Donner Pass 33% complete 10 UPRR Bridge Management Program System Bridge Statistics Key Statistics for Union Pacific System California Total Number of Bridge Structures 19,339 3099 Total length of Bridge in Miles 407 56 Miles of Concrete Bridge 138 20

Miles of Steel Bridge 183 26 86 10 Miles of Timber Bridge Number of Culverts 52,846 Total Length of Tunnels in Miles 11 7340 62 28 UPRR Bridge Inspection Program Ensure structural integrity of bridges, culverts, and tunnels. Comply with FRA CFR 49 Part 237 Bridge Safety

Standards All bridges are inspected between 1 and 3 times per year 12 UPRR Bridge Inspection Program Structures Assessment Team 6 2 person - full time teams working within California 1 snooper truck (hyrail access truck) on Western Region 66 bridge maintenance employees in California 2 Managers of Bridge Maintenance in California 1 Director of Bridge Maintenance in California All report to Assistant Chief Engineer Structures 13 UPRR Bridge replacement projects in California Last 5 years, UP has upgraded 70 bridges $70.2 million Replacing timber with steel and concrete 2009 12 bridges, 2,288 feet 14 2010 2011

25 bridges, 980 feet 2012 2013 9 bridges, 760 feet 14 bridges, 242 feet 10 bridges, 2,020 feet UPRR Signal Inspection Program 218 Signal Maintenance employees in California 10 Managers of Signal Maintenance 23 Signal maintenance foreman 4 Signal inspectors

20 Electronic technicians 161 Signal Maintainers (50% of time spent testing) 16 Electricians What they do Maintain the wayside signal system Maintain and inspect crossing gates Signal System 15 Governs movement of trains

Provides broken rail protection Positive Train Control (PTC) Signal Construction 16 PTC System Overview Dispatch, MIS and Crew Systems PTC Back Office Server Track Topology Temporary Speed Restrictions Work Zones Train Consist Movement Authorities BRAKING IN PROGRESS WARNING BRAKING IN 70 SEC Warning Curve Initialization

Braking Curve Predictive Braking 17 RSIA Mandate 10/16/08 PTC will prevent Train to train collisions Over-speed derailments Unauthorized entry into work zone Switch misalignment Must be interoperable PTC implementation by 12/31/15 Regulations issued 1/15/10 UPRR Wayside Detection System Wayside detectors prevent railcar caused derailments 18 Bearing temperature scanners (1,504 on our system) Wheel temperature scanners (236)

Dragging equipment detectors (2,837) High/Wide shifted load detectors (106) Wheel Impact detectors (17) Acoustic bearing detectors ((7) Low Hose detectors (6) Wheel profile measuring systems (4) Sliding wheel detectors

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