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Stress Management Presented by HealthLinks The American Cancer Society HealthLinks program is provided with support from Washington State Department of Health WHAT MAKES YOU STRESSED? STRESS Definition:

The bodys response to any demand Positive Negative TYPES OF STRESSORS External Stressors Physical Environment Noise, Bright lights, Too hot/cold , Confined Spaces Social Interaction Rude, Bossy, Interruptions,

Aggression Organizational Rules, Deadlines TYPES OF STRESSORS More External Stressors Major Life Events Birth, Death, Lost/new job, Promotion or Marital Status Change, etc. Daily Hassles

Traffic, Lost keys, Car trouble TYPES OF STRESSORS Internal Stressors Lifestyle choices Caffeine, Schedule overload, Lack of sleep Negative self talk Overanalyzing, pessimism Mind traps Unrealistic expectations, all or nothing

thinking Personality traits Perfectionists, Workaholics, Type-A personalities THE INDIVIDUAL Everyone is different, with unique perceptions of, and reactions to, events. There is no single level of stress that is optimal for all people. Some are more sensitive because of

experiences in childhood, the influence of teachers, parents and religion etc. STRESS FEELINGS

Worry Tense Tired Frightened Elated Depressed Anxious Anger THE STRESS RESPONSE VS

Fight or Flight Response PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF STRESS The Stress response is controlled by your Endocrine System. Any time there is a demand for the stress response, it results in hormone secretion Testosterone (fight) Adrenaline (flight)

WHAT HAPPENS DURING HORMONE SECRETION? Increased pupil dilation Perspiration Increased heart rate and blood pressure Rapid breathing Muscle tenseness Increased mental alertness PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS FROM OVEREXPOSURE TO

HORMONES Dizziness Sleep pattern changes

Fatigue Fainting Digestion & Sweating changes trembling Loss of sexual Tingling handsdrive & feet Headaches Breathlessness Aches and pains

Palpitations Infections Missed heartbeats Indigestion MENTAL SYMPTOMS OF OVEREXPOSURE TO HORMONES Lack of concentration Memory lapses Difficulty in making decisions Confusion


Appetite changes - too much or too little Eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia Increased intake of alcohol & other drugs Increased smoking Restlessness Fidgeting Nail biting Hypochondria

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS DUE TO OVEREXPOSURE OF HORMONES Bouts of depression Impatience Fits of rage Tearfulness Deterioration of personal hygiene and appearance (Loss of selfworth) STRESS RELATED ILLNESSES Stress is not the same as illhealth, but has been related to

such illnesses as; Digestive Disorders Ulcers, Sour Stomach, Etc. Headaches, Migraines Depression HOW DO YOU CONTROL YOUR DAILY STRESS? A = AWARENESS What causes you stress? How do you react? B = BALANCE

Fine line between positive and negative stress How much can you cope with? C = CONTROL What can you do to chase away the negative? BENEFITS OF CONTROLLING YOUR STRESS Higher self-esteem Less self-conscious Less anxious Feeling of self-control

Manage stress more successfully Appreciate yourself and others more easily STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES Change your Thinking

Reframing, Positive thinking Change your Behavior Be assertive, be prepared, get organized, vent your problems, use humor, diversion and distraction, better time management Change your Lifestyle Diet, smoking, alcohol, exercise, sleep, leisure activities, relaxation

BENEFITS OF EXERCISE Uses up excess energy released by the Fight or Flight reaction. Improves blood circulation Lowers blood pressure Clears the mind of worrying thoughts Improves self image Makes you feel better about yourself Increases social contact SLEEP

Good stress reducer Difficult to cope when tired Wake refreshed after nights sleep Plenty of daytime energy Take a breather from the situation and deal with it after a good nights rest LEISURE Do things that interest you Camping, Amusement Park, Spend time with family and

friends Gives you a break from stresses Provides outlet for relief Provides social contact BENEFITS OF RELAXATION Lowers blood pressure Combats fatigue Promotes sleep Reduces pain Eases muscle

tension Decreases mental worries Increases concentration Increases productivity Increases clear thinking OPTIONS FOR RELAXATION

Floatation Counselling Support Groups Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Pet

Therapy Meditation Reflexology Massage Yoga Acupuncture Aromatherapy Thank you.

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