Presentazione standard di PowerPoint

Presentazione standard di PowerPoint

SWITZERLAND LOCATION Switzerland is situated in Western and Central Europe. It is bordered by Italy to the South, France to the West, Germany to the

North and Austria and Liechtenstein to the East. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY Switzerland is a landlocked country, geographically situated between the Alps, the Swiss

Plateau and the Jura. The most important rivers are: the Rhone, the Ticino and the Rhine. The most important lakes are: Geneva, Bodensee, Neuchatel, The most important mountain is the Cervine, south of Zermatt.

CLIMATE The climate in Switzerland is temperate, but is varies with altitude. The winters are cold, cloudy, rainy and snowy

and while the summers are cool to warm, but cloudy and humid. POPULATION The population in Switzerland is about 8 million.

The population density is higher in Plateau. ETHNIC GROUPS One particular ethnic group is the Balsar: The Balsar people speak a Walser German dialects and live in the Alps of Switzerland and Liechtanstein.

RELIGION The most important religions are: Catholicism Protestantism Islam

This is the Convent of Mustair, situated near the Alps. It was a very important monument in the Medieval times. LANGUAGES The official languages

and those most commonly spoken in Switzerland are: German French Italian Romansh

BERN (BERNA) The capital city of Switzerland is Bern. Bern is also the capital of the Canton of Bern, the second most populous of Switzerlands cantons.

The office language of Bern is German. Monument of Bern The parliament building of the capital city OTHER CITIES


The Brunswick monument, in Geneva HISTORY Switzerland was originally inhabited by Celtic tribes Switzerland has existed as state in its present from form since the adoption of the Swiss federal

costitution in 1848. The English name of Switzerland is a compound containing Switzerm, an obsolete term for the Swiss wich was in use from the 16th to 19th centuries. POLITICS Switzerland is a federal republic.

The president of the republic is Simonetta Sommaruga. The chief of state is the president of the republic, who is elected for a four-year term. The Swiss currency is the Swiss Francs. ECONOMY PRIMARY SECTOR:

Agricoltural and breading products: grains, friuts, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk. Natural resources: hydropower potential, timber and salt. SECONDARY SECTOR: Major industrial products: machinery, chemicals and

watches. TERTIARY SECTOR: Major imports: machiner, chemicals, vehicles, metals, agriculture products and textiles. Major export: tourism. (esporta il turismo?)


CULTURE The traditional instrument is the alphorn This instrument is used by the shepherds to communicate.

Traditional outfit FAMOUS PEOPLE Michelle Hunziker Roger Federer

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