Prezentacja programu PowerPoint

Prezentacja programu PowerPoint

Foreign language not so foreign Language policy and security Agata Jagiello-Tondera Language requirements Officer cadets

STANAG 6001 Interpretation of STANAG 6001 language proficiency levels for-non language experts Source: %20NonSpecialists_Modified_June2013%20doc%20(3).pdf STANAG 6001

Listening CEF Speaking CEF Reading

CEF Writing CEF Overall CEF STANAG 0

Below A1 Below A1 Below A1 Below A1

Below A1 STANAG 1 A2 A2


B1 B1 B1 B1

B1 STANAG 3 B2.2/C1 B2.2/C1

B2.2/C1 B2.2/C1? B2.2/C1 STANAG 4

C1/C2 C1/C2 C2 C1/C2

C1/C2 STANAG 5 C2 or above

Above C2 Above C2 Above C2 Above C2

Summary of Mapping STANAG 6001 and CEFR Source: Mapping STANAG 6001 and CEFR STANAG 6001 The Polish Armed Forces School of Languages (PAFSL), d Central Examinations Board for Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defence

(CEBFL) STANAG 6001 Source: Modele/Regulamin_CKEJO_MON_2009.pdf Military English

Militarese Forbidden Words, Allan and Burridge, 2006 Military English Model of Military English according to B. Dobbs.

Source: MILITARY ENGLISH Operational Military English (B.Dobbs 2015) hard/technical Military English English for the Military English in Military Contexts

Military English Military language (Chambers 1999) official military language informal military speech Military English

Modified ELT Tree of Hutchinson and Waters 1987 with Military English Military English Source: Military English

Country Military alphabet Geography Animal

Plant Famous person Military object Military English

Photo:Chris Niedenthal Source: Using Film to Teach Languages Debora Chan Dr Carmen Herrero Multimodal pedagogies

Multiliteracies Military English FILTA Film in Language Teaching Association Visual literacy: it facilitates comprehension activities that are perceived as real

It creates a curiosity gap that facilitates the exchange of opinions It helps to explore non-verbal elements It improves oral and aural skills It provides meaningful contexts and vocabulary, exposing viewers to natural expressions and natural flow of speech Military English

Militarese Forbidden Words, Allan and Burridge, 2006 Military English Euphemism collateral damage

to neutralize Military English Collateral language Military English Abbreviations

initialisms GI government issue KIA killed in action SAM surface-to-air missile acronyms AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System AWOL absent without leave FIBUA fighting in built-up areas

HALO high altitude low opening (in parachuting) clipping COSCOM corps support command KFOR Kosovo Force SFOR Stabilization Force blends BRITFORCE British Force EUCOM European Command

HUMINT human intelligence MEDEVAC medical evacuation PSYOPS psychological operations Textbooks Campaign 2

Campaign 2 FILM: Future Weapons Source: v=L2Fm0JaGfaE

Campaign 2 FILM: Star Wars FILM I aint got time to bleed. FILM FILM

Source: -parachutes-market-to-see-strong-growth-and-business-scope-from-2017-to-2025/ FILM: Private Benjamin Judy Benjamin: To be truthful with you, I cant sleep in a room with 20 strangers. Capt. Doreen Lewis: Oh dear.

Judy Benjamin: And I mean look at this place. The army couldnt afford drapes? Ill be up at the crack of dawn here! Private Benjamin (1980) G.I. Jane G.I. Joe G.I.s

Officer cadets Projects Language policy A language policy is not a purely institutional one to facilitate operations within a particular organization but one that must take into consideration the social, political and cultural

circumstances outside of it Source: Jones I.P., Askew L., Meeting the Language Challenges of NATO Operations. Policy, Practice and Professionalization, Palgrave Macmillan 2014 Language policy Language and language policy is imbricated in all aspects of social identity and social change. Language is the medium by and through which individuals define

their own identities and, in the process, assess and ascribe the identities of others. It is often these differences in identities that lead to conflicts in which language may play an important role. Source: Ricento T. (ed), An Introduction to Language Policy: Theory and Method Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2006 Language policy Conditions of Military Multinationality

Report of the Trinational Research Team Strausberg Copenhagen Warsaw July 2003 Language policy Lost for Words:The Need for Languages in UK Diplomacy and Security In an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, language skills are gaining rather than losing their relevance. Source:

Language security The process of globalization and geopolitical transformations added new elements to national security and gave rise to non-traditional security, in which economics and cultural security gained increasing attention. It is a system where security and non-security issues interrelate to each other and mutual dependence and interactions among various aspects of the system are commonplace Source: Han Yuan, Culture and Security: A Strategy for China, Paths International Ltd., Reading 2016

Language security 1st International Conference LANGUAGE SECURITY TECHNOLOGY 24-25 October, 2019 Foreign languages in NATOs security system

Conference purpose The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge and experience, discuss and present recent research in the following areas: security e-learning and new technologies effectiveness of teaching students in compliance with STANAG

6001 internationalization of educational processes [email protected] Thank you

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