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Презентация PowerPoint

Rumex International Co. Bridge between innovative technology and perfect surgery Rumex International Company 13770 58th Street North, Suite 317 Clearwater, FL 33760, USA [email protected] www.rumex.net Silicone Oil SmartSil 1000, SmartSil 5000 CE Marked 02 March 2012 www.rumex.net 10.0 ml oil in syringe 20 ml 2 What is silicone oil? Liquid which is designed for the retinal endotamponade after vitrectomy Polymer of POLYDIMETHYLSILOXANE ()- [(CH3)2Si-O]n -())2Si-O]n -()n -()

CHARACTERISTICS Transparency High refractive index (1,4) []n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()-[]n -() Dimethyl 4 []n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()-[]n -() Dimethyl 5 []n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()- - - -[]n -()-[]n -() Dimethyl n BENEFITS Excellent visualization of the posterior segment Low density (0,960.02) Does not make difficulties for laser coagulation of the retina (laser calibration for refractive index 1.4) Low interface tension Not toxic long polymers Prolonged tamponade High biocompatibility

Easy injection and removal from eye www.rumex.net 3 Emulsification of the silicone oil Silicone oil = heteropolymer of DIMETHYLSILOXANE long molecular chains with medium chains Emulsification increase of content of low molecular weight compounds CH3)2Si-O]n -())3)2Si-O]n -()- [(CH3)2Si-O]n -())2Si-O]n -()n -(CH3)2Si-O]n -())3)2Si-O]n -() []n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()-[]n -() Dimethyl 4 []n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()-[]n -() Dimethyl 5 []n -()-[]n -()-[]n -()- - - -[]n -()-[]n -() Dimethyl n D 2 - D 20 = Oligomers Rumex is used only ultra purified silicone oils with long molecular chain

compounds (fractionating) in order to prevent emulsification (D2 - D20) www.rumex.net 4 Emulsification Emulsified silicone oil Not emulsified silicone oil www.rumex.net 5 The composition of the silicone Molecules with oil chains different length and weight including foreign substances

and Technical Oil Separation of Purifiedmolecules medicinal oil (Other manufacturers) with different chains length and weight . Molecules with different chains length and weight without foreign substances and

Fractionated oil (Rumex) SmartSil www.rumex.net 6 Silicone Oil SmartSil 1000/5000 SmartSil 1000/5000 is an ultra purified silicone oil which leads a maximum interactions between tissues, cells and endotamponades media. The physical properties include a combination of specific gravity, refractive index and surface tension. The choice of viscosity offers an optimum balance between easy injection and a stable temporary tamponade. SmartSil 1000/5000 is designed for the retinal endotamponade after vitrectomy. www.rumex.net 7 SmartSil 1000, SmartSil 5000

Appearance : viscous, transparent, odorless liquid Formula : POLYDIMETHYLSILOXANE www.rumex.net 8 Exclusive Purification Vacuum molecular distillation purification of the RUMEX Int. LTD. Silicone oil: * Solvent free purification * Potentially toxic low molecular weight oligomers (D_4 to D_20) extraction * Residual volatile components extraction (water, ethanol, ) Post-purification controls: * Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) * Gaseous chromatography (GC) www.rumex.net 9 Emulsification Implantation time

There is no recommend implantation time for the silicone oil. The implantation duration must be controlled and adapted to the retinal state of the patient Emulsification Rumex silicone oil has proven an excellent stability and optimal transparency because of its exclusive vacuum molecular distillation purification. No solvent are used, potentially toxic low molecular weight and residual volatile components (water , ethanol) that could lead to emulsification are extracted in the purification process. www.rumex.net 10 Purification process PURIFICATION PROCESS: Because the silicone oil replaces the vitreous , it must be clear and transparent in order to let both the patient and the surgeons see through it. One of the main risk after injecting silicone oil is to see it becoming opaque because of an emulsification process. In order to avoid any emulsification risk, the purification process is a key element for the manufacture of a safe and reliable silicone oil. This is why Rumex silicone oil purification process is unique: it is called vacuum molecular distillation purification. The purification process aims to get rid of the low molecular weight oligomers which might cause an emulsification . Usually, our competitors are adding some solvents like

ethanol in order to remove the low molecular weight oligomers. After, they rinse the solvent with water in order to remove it from the silicone oil. While doing this, they take a double risk: the first risk is to leave some solvent in the silicone oil, which is very toxic. The second risk is to leave some water in the silicone oil: water might cause emulsification of the oil. The Rumex vacuum molecular distillation purification process does not use any water or solvent; in fact this process removes the low molecular weight oligomers without adding any substance to the silicone oil. This is why we think our silicone oil is one of the purest available on the market. No emulsification shall occur when doctor will use the recommendation mentioned in the instructions for use. www.rumex.net 11 Purification www.rumex.net 12 Indications SMARTSIL is indicated in prolonged tamponade

after surgical treatment for severe retinal detachment, especially: retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy retinal detachment that complicate a diabetic retinopathy retinal detachment with giant tears traumatic retinal detachment secondary retinal detachment to a viral retinitis www.rumex.net 13 Packaging SMARTSIL is supplied sterile. It is dry heat sterilized in its primary packaging (syringe). This is then packaged in a pouch for a steam sterilization, to make it easier to handle in aseptic conditions. Our purification process guarantees a pure silicone oil, free of low molecular weight components and synthesis residues. SMARTSIL is a single-use liquid and must not be resterilized. www.rumex.net

14 Complete set * High resistant glass syringe 20 ml with silicone oil 10 ml * Silicone plunger + * Reusable/disposable tubing for syringe. Vitrectomy system: Assistant, Pentasys, Harmony Buget, Associate, Constellation, Accurus, Millenium, Stellaris, Orbit + * Viscous Fluid Injection Cannula, 23G or 25G, 10 mm polyimide tip www.rumex.net 15 Physico-chemical properties Interfacial tension 43,2 mNm^(-1)at 37C Density 0,97 g/cm3

Viscosity 1000 cSt, 5000 cSt Refractive index 1,404 Volatility 0.06% Polydispersity 2.33 Elements potentially toxic < 3 ppm Low molecular weights D4 - D9:< = 24 ppm D10 - D20: < = 4 ppm

Volume of oil 10 ml Syringe 20 ml www.rumex.net 16 Competitors 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11)

12) Baush & Lomb, USA DORC, the Netherlands Acri.Tec GmbH, Germany Micromed, Italy Alcon, USA Alchimia, Italy Geuder, Germany Arcad, France Aurolab, India Alamedics, Germany Biotech, India Croma Pharma, Austria www.rumex.net Oxane 1300, Oxane 5700 Sil-1000, Sil-5000 Acri.Sil-oI 1000, Acri.Sil-oI 5000 PDMS 1000, PDMS 2000, PDMS 5000 Silicone 1000 RS-OIL ECS 1000/5000 Siluron 1000/2000/5000 Acriolane 1300/5500

Aurosil 1000/5000 Alasil 1000/5000 BioSil 1000/5000 Vitreocrom 1000/5000 17 Interface tension Indicates the capacity for the silicone oil to form a bubble Rumex AcriTec Micromed B&L DORC 43.2 42.7 42.7

40 21 Interface tension, mNm^(-1) -> Rumex has the highest interface tension of the silicone oils analysed! www.rumex.net Very low 18 Polydispersity Indicates the repartition of the molecular chains of various sizes. A perfect polymer would have an index of one (1). It would indicate that all molecular chains have exactly the same lengths, that is a perfect homogeneity. Polydispersity Rumex

AcriTec Micromed B&L Aurolab 2.3)2Si-O]n -()3)2Si-O]n -() 2.3)2Si-O]n -()5 2.3)2Si-O]n -()4 2.3)2Si-O]n -()0 2.50 -> Rumex has one of the lowest index. In our oil, the majority of the chains are medium, with only few small and large chains! www.rumex.net

Very high 19 Elements potentially toxic Indicates the concentration of toxic elements such as Cr, Co, Ni, Zn, Cd, Sn, Sb, Pb, etc. Elements potentially toxic (ppm) Rumex AcriTec Micromed <3 <4 <4 -> Rumex has the lowest value!

www.rumex.net 20 Refractive index It gives an indication of how the light reflects at the contact of the material. The air has an index close from one (1). It Means that light is not reflecting in the air. Refractive index Rumex AcriTec Micromed B&L 1.404 1.403 1.404

1.400 -> The indexes are very similar! www.rumex.net 21 Volatility It indicates the capacity of vaporization of the silicone oil in the atmosphere. For example, paint has a very high volatility. A low volatility index indicates a high stability of the oil. Volatility, % Rumex AcriTec Micromed Alamedics

Geuder Arcad 0.06 0.05 0.15 0.10 0.15 0.10 -> Micromed and Geuder volatility is very high! www.rumex.net 22 Low molecular weights The measures below indicate the concentration of oligomers that contain

between 4 and 20 molecules. These short molecular chains have to be eliminated with a purification process. If they are not removed, they can: - Migrate in the tissues - Migrate in the anterior chamber - Close themselves in buckles, creating toxic oligomers - Increase the risks of emulsification of the oil Number of molecular chains Low molecular weights D4 to D9 D10 to D20 Rumex AcriTec Micromed Aurolab

24 4 77 261 70 408 842 AcriTec, Micromed and Aurolab have a very high values! www.rumex.net 23 Viscosity Viscosity Rumex 1000Cst

5000Cst B&L 1300Cst 5700Cst Arcad 1300 Cst 5500 Cst There is no relation between viscosity and interface tension. For example, B&L and Arcad has an interface tension exactly the same as Rumex, but is more viscous. It is more difficult to inject, even if it does not maintain better the retina in position. www.rumex.net 24 SmartSil 1000/5000

* SmartSil is an ultra purified silicone oil which has lowest value of concentration of toxic elements and low molecular weights * Not emulsification * SmartSil has the highest interface tension * SmartSil is indicated in prolonged tamponade * There is no diffusion or absorption of the silicone out of the eye www.rumex.net 25 Rumex International Company 13770 58th Street North, Suite 317 Clearwater, FL 33760, USA USA, Canada: Tel: +1 (727) 568 0909 Toll Free: +1 (877) 77 RUMEX Fax: +1 (727) 568 0919 Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America: Tel: +371 6616 3182 www.rumex.net


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