Prince Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry the Navigator

& Portugu Prince Henry the Navigator 1441-1462 Portuguese Established a school for navigators

Never actually sailed himself Prince Henry the Navigator Sponsored voyages along the African coast to: Win the slave trade away from the Muslims

Stop Muslim expansion Vasco da Gama 1497-1498 Portuguese First to reach India from Europe by sea

Went around the Southern tip of Africa Christopher Columbus 1492 Italian (?), but sailed for Spain Wanted to

sail west to reach India It was my wish to bypass no island without taking Christopher Columbus 1492 Made landings in the

Bahamas, Cuba & northern South America Called the natives Indians because he believed that he was off coast of India Amerigo Vespucci 1497-1502

Was the first to recognize that the Americas were new lands & NOT India German geographer may have named the Americas after Vespucci Ferdinand Magellan 1519-1522

Portuguese, but sailed for Spain His crew completed the first ever circumnavigati Ferdinand Magellan

1519-1522 Killed in the Philippines, but his crew returned to Spain Significance: world is round, oceans connected, lands that Columbus discovered Magellans

Route Hernando Cortes 1519-1521 Spanish conquistad or Conquered the Aztecs

Hernando Cortes 1519-1521 Montezuma believed that Cortes was a god Offered him gifts of gold Cortes was not satisfied; killed a large # of Aztecs during a religious festival

Hernando Cortes 1519-1521 Spanish advantages over the Aztecs: Guns, horses & disease

Juan Ponce de Leon 1513 Spanish Looking for the Fountain of Youth Left Puerto Rico & arrived in Florida

Francisco Pizarro 1531 Spanish Sailed from Panama to Peru Conquered Incas

French, Dutch & English Samuel de Champlain 1608 French

Founded Quebec First permanent French settlement in the Americas John Cabot 1498

Italian, but sailed for England Looking for a Northwest Passage 1497-

John Cabot 1498 Explored coasts of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, & New England 1497-

Henry Hudson 1609-1610 English; sailed for the Dutch & the English Looking for Northwest

passage to Henry Hudson 1609-1610 Charted: Much of coastal North America The Hudson River The Hudson Bay in

Northern Canada

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