Project Design Review

Project Design Review

Critical Design Review Team Floating Point MIT 16.00 April 25, 2003 Team Members Caroline Reilly David Lafferty Elsa Castillo

Synthia Tonn Tudor Masek Objectives To demonstrate the final design for the Lighter Than Air vehicle. And to demonstrate the expected performance of the final design in order to ensure that it is optimal and ready to be built.

Previously Approved Design Final Design Final Design Concept Beam as main body 2 balloons 1motor 1rudder 2 servos (1 for the rudder and 1 for the

motor) Horizontal Stabilizer Control Systems The rudder is the main control surface for our design. It gives us the ability to turn, and it also acts as a stabilizer. Use of the motor for vector thrust (acts as an elevator). Use of a horizontal stabilizer in order to

maintain steady flight. Vehicle Mass Estimates Component Battery Speed controller Receiver Servo (Elevator) Motor Propeller 10 Servo (Rudder)

Rudder Body Subtotal Payload Total Mass (in grams) 160 8 27 43

230 43 48 87 656 500 1056 Aerodynamic Analysis Assuming mass is 1.056 kilograms (full payload) Thrust needs to equal 1.4 N for steady level flight

Drag is equal to .43 N with 10% increase for body drag = .473 N Estimated cruising speed = 1.9 m/s Final Design Evolution The changes made to the design were to make the structure lighter and faster: The second motor was removed from the design because the advantage it would provide in speed is not worth the additional weight. We decided that for our purpose a beam of balsa wood

was just as effective and more convenient than a truss structure. We also concluded that 2 balloons would provide sufficient lift for our vehicle. Gnatt Chart TASK NAME architectural design examine LTA designs choose LTA designs analyze selected design

PDR prototypes testing redesigning/modifications final detailed design CDR final build TRIALS fixes RACE MARCH

3-Mar 10-Mar 17-Mar 31-Mar APRIL 7-Apr 14-Apr

21-Apr 28-Apr MAY 5-May 12-May ****20-Mar

****24-Apr ****6-May ****13-May Picture of our LTA (so far) Questions???

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