Proper Body Mechanics - Medical Center Health System

Proper Body Mechanics - Medical Center Health System

Proper Body Mechanics Body Mechanics The use of ones body to produce motion that is safe, energy conserving, and anatomically and physiologically efficient and that leads to the maintenance of a person's body balance and control

Benefits of Proper Body Mechanics Conserve energy Reduce stress and strain to muscles, joints, ligaments, and soft tissues Promote effective, efficient respiratory, and cardiopulmonary function Promote and maintain proper body control and balance Promote effective, efficient, and SAFE movements

Causes of Back Injuries Increase force/stress Repetitive motion/twisting Forward bending Poor or improper lifting techniques Poor posture Poor job design Poor physical fitness

Causes of Back Injuries Overweight Smoking Poor nutrition Stress Mechanics: Poor Posture One of the main reasons that injuries occur Means that the spines normal curves

are exaggerated or decreased creating stresses and strains in the tissues The result is pain and dysfunction and can lead to serious injury Mechanics: Forward Bending Forward bending can over stretch the low back muscles to the point where they can lose strength to protect the

spine from injury The ligaments are also weakened Can increase stress on the discs Range of the bend and time spent in the position can determine amount of damage Mechanics: Twisting Repetitive twisting can do damage to the spine

It over stretches ligaments and muscles causing weakness Can damage discs especially combined with bending Mechanics: Poor Job Design/Ergonomics Injury can occur when: Moving a load too heavy Moving a load too often

Moving a load too far Twisting with a load Work too far too reach Cold temperatures Vibration Improper chair/equipment Mechanics: Poor Work Habits Poor Positions Poor Movement

Improper lifting habits Make the job more difficult Repetitive twisting and bending Mechanics: Poor Physical Fitness Decreased oxygen delivery to muscles can cause muscles to wear down and lead to weakness Mechanics: Overweight & Smoking

Creates extra work for the spine Leads to excess fatigue and wear/tear in the body Nicotine damages connective tissue decreasing circulation and oxygen in the blood which affects muscle strength Mechanics: Nutrition & Stress Muscles need protein to repair worn

musculoskeletal tissue Bones need minerals for strength Stress stiffens and weakens back muscles and increases pain sensitivity Body Mechanics: Quick Tips Think about what you are doing Know your work environment Know your patient

Know the tools available Know how to use the tools Quick Tips. Bend knees Use legs No twisting Avoid long distances Keep objects close to you Ask for the patients help (if possible)

More Quick Tips.. Clear environment Secure transfer areas Slow secure movements Get help Use assistive devices Proper Lifting Techniques Stand with feet apart one foot slightly ahead of

the other Wide stance helps balance during lifting Squat down keeping back straight, keep chin tucked, and lift smoothly Keep objects close to you Bend your knees and hips using legs to lift Proper Lifting Techniques Maintain lumbar curve Do not twist or bend sideways

Face the object you are picking up If changing direction, do not twist, pivot with your feet If you reach over shoulder level, raise onto a low step to get closer to the object Proper Lifting Techniques Push rather than pull Pushing is much easier for your back Stabilize hands on the object, keep back in

extended position, and do all the pushing and moving with your legs Take your time! Hurrying causes muscles to contract inappropriately and increases chance of injury Proper Lifting Techniques Change stressful positions often If you are sitting too long: Stand If you are standing for too long: stop and

squat Carrying an object: hold the load close to the body Prevention Keep muscles and joints flexible Interrupt stressful positions

Exercise to decrease weight Maintain good sitting posture Stay in shape Increase muscle strength Prepare safety is a lifestyle Prepare for your job Maintain good standing

posture Perform back extensions Back safety is a lifestyle Wear comfortable clothes to allow movement Get plenty of rest/sleep

Healthy balanced diet

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