Prospecting & Apponitment Setting

Prospecting & Apponitment Setting

PROSPECTING From the 7 fundamentals PROSPECTING Is the most valuable skill and task one will do to improve and grow. Consistent prospecting will lead to appointments, recruits & sales, income & ultimately success. Just Do It, you dont have to like it but you must do it consistently. THE KEY Be disciplined- make it part of the way

you go through every day Antennae- up at all times looking for people who would be interested in making more money, owning their own business, becoming free WHO TO LOOK FOR

PEOPLE THAT ARE MARRIED HOME OWNER AGE 25-35 (NOT MANDATORY) KIDS INCOME $40,000 PLUS PER YEAR LIVING IN AREA 2+ YEARS Obviously everyone you meet wont meet these criteria, this is the ideal and you should shoot for the ideal 80 plus percent of the time if you want to

accelerate your success and have less frustration building your business. WHERE TO LOOK YOUR HOT/WARM MARKET (TOP


If you dont master setting appointments you will constantly be frustrated because w/o appointments you cant recruit anyone or close any sales. No recruits or sales = no growth/ $$$ HOW TO Practice,

practice, practice, The better you, your new recruit, and anyone who appears to be serious are about setting appointments the more likely you/they will actually set them. Always use 2 choice close. Would it be best to meet During the week or are weekends better?

BUT HOW.. Your new recruit manual.follow the scripts. Countless CDs Primerica online

La Marque System ( Brandon Neil CDs ( password: Pricafe BUT HOW DO I DO IT??? By asking moving, motivating, life stirring questions.

By getting to the point. Dont dance around the subject. If you dont have faith in what you bring to families, how are they to believe you? By giving them a choice. BUT WHAT ?S DO I ASK

How do you feel about your opportunity to create the life you really want through your current career? Is what you are doing what you thought you would be doing when you were a teenager and still dreaming about a great life? Do you plan on doing your current job until your 65 or until you retire? If not, what is your plan to change careers and do what you really want?

If you could be your own boss, determine your income, have complete control of your time, and help other people in a significant way doing it, would that be attractive to you? What kind of income would you have to

potentially earn to consider making a career change? If you could earn 2 to 3 times that amount would you be open to finding out how? How would you feel about making $100k a year or more by helping people get debt free, and financially independent Is your current career w/ its pay scale ever going to pay you what you are worth or provide for your family the way u intended to?

What dreams and goals do you have that you thought you would have accomplished by now but you havent and theyre still important to you? Whats your current plan If I could show you how to earn $500$2000 per month part time with a flexible schedule would you be open to exploring that opportunity? Winning Presentation You must master your Kitchen Table

Presentation! Master and Memorize Its showtime! Audio and Videos Study and drill for skill! Audio yourself Learn and use Referrals! Success System Master your Products

Life (ratebooks) Mutual Funds Variable and Fixed Annuities Auto and Home PPLP Long Term Care Debt Watchers, Freedom Financial, Enrich FNA

Overcoming Objections Keith Otto Jeff Fieldsted Hector Lamarque Review every presentation for a debrief Recruit Your Client

Learn to recruit at the KT Shortfall or upfront Recruit Fast Start

Fast Start Bonus Build a list Contact the list Solves the prospecting problem Builds a business instead of being self employed. 80% of your appointments should come from new recruits markets. Rally to Big Events

Shows the big picture Does the work for you Work from event to event! Learn to sell. dont tell 4 Point Game Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. Recruiting is the #1 priority

Everybody attends the Opp meeting FNA for every new recruit Race new teammates to District

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