Protists and Fungi

Protists and Fungi

Diatoms PROTISTS Commonalities / Differences in the Protist Kingdom

All are eukaryotes (cells with nuclei). Live in moist surroundings. Unicellular or multicellular. Autotrophs, heterotrophs, or both.

Some can move - others cannot. 3 categories of Protists Animal-like Fungus-like Plant-like

Animal-like Protists (Protozoans) *Unicellular *Consumers *Groups based on movement: flagella, cilia, pseudopods Protozoans with pseudopods

Pseudopods also called false feet Cytoplasm flows this allows the protozoan to move, dragging the rest of the cell behind it. Pseudopods, cont.

Can form 2 pseudopods to surround & trap food. Food vacuole forms to break down food. Example of a protozoa that uses pseudopods Amoeba

Protozoans with cilia Cilia - hair like structures help organisms move, get food and sense environment. Oral groove lined with cilia - moves food into food vacuole at end of oral groove.

Example of protozoan w/ cilia: Paramecium. Protozoans with flagella Use long whip like tail called flagella to move. Example of a protozoa with flagella

Giardia Found in contaminated water and can cause severe diarrhea

Other Protozoans Some protozoans are parasites Feed on cells & body fluids of hosts Plasmodium (causes malaria) have more than 1 host: mosquitoes

and then humans Fungus like Protists

Decomposers Produce spore have cell walls of chitin Not in fungi kingdom because they can move at one point in their lives. (seed like structures)

Fungus-like Protists example Slime mold Plantlike Protists Producers unicellular to very large multicellular Contain different pigments so they come

in different colors. Green cholorphyll is common Plantlike Protists Euglena: special type of algae when there is no sunlight they become consumers

Flagella Plant-like Protists example Volvox Diatoms Euglena

Dinoflagellates Kelp-a.k.a. Seaweed

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