Prototype Efforts to Date - IEEE

Prototype Efforts to Date - IEEE

vTools and You Bob Evanich Region 4 vTools Coordinator January 2010 vTools Mission Statement Providing tools to the volunteers and staff who support our members. vTools Team Volunteers Ron Jensen Dave Green

Howard Michel Marc Apter Bill Ratcliff Charles Lord Gene Ressler Contractors- part time Chris Marco Staff Cheryl Sinauskas Eugene Khusid Tom Smith

Khanh Luu Vera Sharoff Cecelia Jankowski Dim Dim MGA has an Enterprise DimDim license 20 meetings at a time 50 participants/meeting

One is reserved for Region 4 meetings Developing a scheduling interface using IEEE ID and password Use for Region 4 unit meetings Region responsible to manage L-31 The L31 process is changing for all 2010 meetings. Previous L 31 tool to be archived. The Meetings L31 tool will now be standard. Select create a new meeting report

While you are there, please use the Meetings tool to get your meetings on the calendar. Select create new event notice Easy to put an automated calendar on your web site. Easy link to send to members with all details. Calendar support, loads to myIEEE vTools projects Meetings Available for use now! WebInABox Available for use now!

Many of our sections should be using Voting Used by 50 units for recent election In production by this Summer Finance Working to find a solution for Treasurers Student Branch Reporting About to beta test? vTools.Meetings Meetings Collection of meeting data 30+ sections involved

Credit card handling should be available in a pilot mode to a limited number of R1-R7 sections in Q2 2010. Full release after the pilot phase. R8-R10 support planned for phase 2 Complements family of products from

Conference Services for larger events (Internet Conferencing, Meetings and Conferences Management, Teleconferencing) vTools.Meetings Features On-line registration L31 Meeting report (only need to add attendee information) RSS, iCal, and other feeds of meetings and L31s Calendar support Badge printing, meal tickets Notice of meeting for display on a web site

without webmaster involvement Feeds meeting information to myIEEE Credit card support coming in 2Q 2010 WebInABox Basic Section web site WebInABox Wizard-like interface for creation

In Production Data driven Enable a common look and feel Calendar for all units pulls from meetings tool Pulls volunteer data from IEEE databases No webmaster involvement required Voting Electronic Election for local units

Piloted in 2007 & 2008 using a vendor learned much In parallel, started internal development IEEE Product Piloted in 2009 In Production Summer of 2010 Will support all units for 2010 elections Finance Financial Management Would prefer to not build a tool Investigating a product from Intuit Probable Function

Building a budget Handling of payments Recording all transactions into appropriate accounts Integrate with Concentration Banking System L-50 support Audit support Future vTools projects E-Notice replacement Prospective Members with IEEE Business Platform support Further integration with myIEEE Off-line join

More opportunities ?? Section Dashboard Integration with collaboration tools Membership Development Member Development Volunteer Reporting, more than officers- Voting Communicate

Agendas Awards vTools Program Summary Volunteer driven, going strong Developing methodology and framework Building vTools infrastructure Visit to see the roadmap for existing and future projects, ways to contribute to the project, and provide feedback

Contact info Ron Jensen vTools Chair [email protected] Dave Green [email protected] Howard Michel [email protected] Marc Apter [email protected] Charles Lord - [email protected] Eugene Khusid [email protected] Gene Ressler - [email protected] Questions

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