Psyc 190 Global Family Violence Latin American Contexts

Psyc 190 Global Family Violence Latin American Contexts

Psyc 190 Global Family Violence Latin American Contexts Film clip: The Way Home Different groups Cultural values Understanding machismo in context Risk factors for abuse Culturally tailored responses to abuse Brazil: Political responses Key elements in responses to family violence Different Latin American Groups

Different experiences: migration,discrimination, acculturation Mexican Americans: 1845 US annexed Texas, 1849 treaty ended Mex Am war,gave US So.W. territory welcomed only for lowest paying jobs, discrimination peaks in recessions Puerto Ricans: 1848 US invaded, annexed Spanish colony, history high unemployment 1917 citizenship, 1952 commonwealth status Most discrimination & poverty, darkest skin Cubans: 1959-1965 anti-Castro refugees, wealthy educated professionals, light skinned Cultural Values

Family & hierarchical respect important Machismo Both positive and negative connotations Man as nurturer, protector, provider, proud Stereotype: Siolent, dominant, sexually aggressive Internalized by some, rationalizes DV, < help Marianismo Women as spiritually superior, can endure Should endure suffering like the Virgin Mary Remain chaste, keep family together, fatalism

Understanding Machismo in Context Social conditions influence gender roles Oppression is internalized Must examine class, history, & ethnicity How have different groups coped with exclusion from jobs, power? Masculinity as a valued social resource Men of color exclude from public sphere Response: Hypermasculine role performed Emphasis on family solidarity maintains roles Risk Factors for Abuse in Latin American Families

Poverty (31% Puerto Ricans, 27% Mex Ams,14% Cuban Ams) Low education (a little over 50% have HS degrees, 11% have college degrees) Unemployment & seasonal migrant work Substance abuse History of abuse Recent immigration: lo help seeking, distrust Family emphasis on chastity and silence Acculturation associated w/ more violence but more help seeking Culturally Tailored Responses

Instead of asking why women stay See IPV as interpersonal, economic, psychological and cultural (sees paradoxes) Recognizes strengths of victims and barriers Respects & celebrates positive cultural values Rejects stereotypes that support violence Explores internalized values & interpretations: from dominant culture (racism) from religion (rejects silence, rejects chastity as female responsibility) Empowers with economic opportunities Brazil: Political Responses

1943 laws: women as 2nd class (needed male permission to work, couldnt own property) 1975: international & church based human rights movement against military dictatorship Womens issues seen as divisive, lesser 1875 UN Year of the Woman: Brazilian Feminist group emerged others followed 1984 Brazil ratified UN Convention against Discrimination of Women 1988 new constitution, = rights, task forces Establishment of womens policy stations for DV although under resource 1991: Defense of honor deemed inadmissible

Key Elements in Responses to FamilyViolence Active pressure group focused on federal government to maintain womens interests Search out and preserve statewide services Pressure judiciary system Expand alliances with groups against violence Provide community education Maintain 800 number hotlines Expand shelters, counseling, advocacy

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