Psychological Assessment - Francis Marion University

Psychological Assessment - Francis Marion University

Psychological Assessment William P. Wattles, Ph.D. 1 Peter Medawar Good writing:

Brevity, cogency and clarity are the principal virtues and the greatest of these is clarity. a (persons) style of writing is an important part of his character Francis Marion University

2 Psychological Report The end product of assessment. More than merely test results Must interact with the data to make useful conclusions about

Referral question Making decisions Problem solving Francis Marion University 3 Referral Question

A brief description of the client general reason for conducting the evaluation Francis Marion University 4

Referral Question Orients the reader to the initial focus of the report and what follows. Clinician must clarify the referral question. Francis Marion

University 5 Referral Question Referred for a psychological lacks focus and precision leads to shotgun reports A wide variety of often-fragmented descriptions in the hope that something useful can be found.

Francis Marion University 6 Referral Question Example

Mr. Smith is a 35-year-old, white, married male with a high school education who presents with complaints about depression and anxiety. Francis Marion University 7

Report Format Please follow example Add Discussion (case conceptualization) section before Impressions and recommendations. Francis Marion University

8 Discussion Section This is where you put it together. Francis Marion University

9 clarity She was attractive, well spoken, and had high mannerisms Francis Marion University

10 Translate Technical concepts Examples page 568 Francis Marion University 11

Be concise Jesse S is a 23-year-old Caucasian female who presents with having the desire to feel fully fulfilled. She wants to feel settled in her life. The current evaluation was designed for the patient to gain personal insight regarding dissatisfaction with her current daily activities. (44) Francis

Marion University 12 Be concise Jesse S is a 23-year-old Caucasian female who is dissatisfied with her daily activities and wants to feel fully fulfilled. (21)

Francis Marion University 13 Be concise The patient answered all: The inquiries presented to him my questions.

Francis Marion University 14 Simple language

When this issue was further questioned, MT . Asked to elaborate, MT Francis Marion University 15 Simple language

She displayed a euthymic mood, which she described as great. Francis Marion University 16 Avoid pejorative terms

She was low on the Lie scale indicating that she received a normal score and appeared to answer honestly and openly. Francis Marion University 17

Avoid jargon People with this profile tend to be narcissistic, selfish, and selfindulgent. Francis Marion University 18

Seek active verbs The older sister was described as stubborn implying a strain in the relationship. Francis Marion University 19

watch for redundancy Her past work history consists of working on a local Francis Marion University 20

Seek clarity Mrs. Ls Mother is a resigned OB/GYN nurse Francis Marion University 21

Short She made no eye contact even though she was familiar with the interviewer. Her eyes focused on the hairline of the interviewer. She appeared to look over my head rather than making eye contact.

Francis Marion University 22 Dont over do quotes we werent poor but we werent well off either.

Francis Marion University 23 quotes because the other students think [she gets] all of the questions correct

but [she] still doesnt know everything [she feels] like [she needs] to know. Francis Marion University 24 Be concise

Given the behavioral observations, length and depth of clinical interview and MMPI-2 test profile, I believe this evaluation is an accurate assessment of TSs current level of functioning. Francis Marion University 25

Details and examples She admits that they sometimes overcompensate in caring for their children because neither of them received enough attention from their parents growing up Francis Marion

University 26 Be direct, dont repeat After high school, she felt that college was the next logical step for her. She felt that my parents were completely behind me as though it was the next natural step, but also to make sure that I did end up going to college. She

repeated many times that you dont really have a choice about college in my family; they make you think you do, but you really dont. Ms. Davis went on to say that she had been brought up thinking this, and she didnt even consider any other options after high school. (95) Francis Marion University 27

Interpretation goes in discussion The results of CAs WAIS-III indicates that she has above average intelligence especially with regards to her phenomenal attention span and her ability to solve visual problems using her visual motor skills. Her very high scores on her WAIS-III could be contributing to her unhappiness in her present occupation. She may feel

that she is not using her strengths in the best possible fashion and that she has not Francis lived up to her expectations. Marion University 28 Case Conceptualization

S.L. is currently experiencing a great deal of subjective distress. Her current difficulties with depressive and anxiety symptoms are likely related to her selfconcept, which has been shaped and distorted by her long-term interpersonal relationships with her family and her exboyfriend. The unreasonably high demands she places on herself set the stage for what she views as failure.

Francis Marion University 29 Details and behavior During this time, G admitted to having been in trouble with the law. She refused to specify the type

trouble. She also reported that she got into a lot of other trouble due to her sexual behavior. Again, she would specify what this other trouble was Francis Marion University 30 Initial Reports

Length of papers 627-1960 words Best paper was relatively long You can check length Francis Marion University 31

Referral Section Brief Guides report Francis Marion University

32 General Comments on Papers Appearance example: wearing house slippers, relevant to psy functioning. Good use of quotes: Would keep cats until it killed her

Francis Marion University 33 Use examples

One patient had strict parents Examples help identify where the blame lies Didnt want to rat on her friends Francis Marion University 34 Language

Proof read. One paper good content many errors in verbs etc. Avoid slang or colloquial language (I.e., blew it off) unless they are the clients words in quotes Francis Marion

University 35 She did not display irregular emotion during the interview. Francis Marion University

36 Colloquial Language Kim was kicked out of college her freshman year because of poor grades. The university suspended Kim her

freshman year due to poor grades. Francis Marion University 37 Simple language

Ms. Heather presented, in the interview, congruent behaviors to that of someone with lower selfesteem. Ms. Heather shows signs of low selfesteem. Low self-esteem may contribute to her eating problems. Francis Marion University

38 Psychological Functioning Conceptualize Collect facts and observations Dont stop there

Synthesize those observations and data into a picture of psychological functioning Francis Marion University 39 Strengths and Weaknesses

Important to identify strengths to use and encourage Francis Marion University 40 Example

The client was alert and oriented to all spheres. Her affect was full range, and her mood was euphoric. Her speech rate, quality, and content were within normal limits. Francis Marion University 41

Observation vs Interpretation Her calm demeanor while discussing her anxiety about graduate school, and her boyfriend suggested that this client keeps her emotional reactions to herself and maintains an intellectual stance on her personal issues.

Francis Marion University 42 Example Mrs. H is a 57-year-old, Caucasian, married female who presents with concerns regarding a specific

goal, her future retirement in order to spend time with her grandchildren. Francis Marion University 43 Passive voice

Also, should his emotional situation persist or worsen, it is recommended that Andrew seeks the help of a counselor. Francis Marion University 44 Referral Section vs.

Summary C.S. states this is not what I imagined doing with my life. This dissatisfaction results in physical, emotional and social problems whose effects she seeks to minimize. Francis Marion University

45 Good but can we improve? The client was very articulate and well educated, but her appearance was incongruent. She was dressed in very sloppy and causal attire. Francis

Marion University 46 Precise Language Articulate Expressing oneself easily in clear and effective language.

Redundant Needlessly repetitive; verbose Francis Marion University 47 Example

When describing her family background, however, the possible use of reaction formation became evident. Francis Marion University 48

Explore for data She also stated that she felt inferior and lacked confidence in herself as a teacher, but offered no substantial reason why. Francis Marion University

49 Example his mood changed from enthymic to closed and quiet Francis Marion University

50 Diagnosis Andrew is a 24-year-old man referred because of his current unemployment and because he has been unable to find a job. Due to this situation, Andrew is going into a state of depression

Francis Marion University 51 Kim is a 23-year-old white female who presents with difficulties coping

with stress brought upon her by school. Better: Francis Marion University 52

Kim is a 23-year-old white female college student complaining of stress related to school. Francis Marion University 53

Kim approached the interview very willingly and appeared to be excited to do the interview. She wore sweatpants and a tee shirt. Her hair was pulled back into a clip. She was very talkative and maintained appropriate eye contact. She was very cooperative and answered all questions willingly, many times volunteering information beyond what had been asked of her but still remaining on the subject. She willingly expanded on all of her answers, many

Francis times without being prompted. Marion University 54 He is the only child of John and Vickie Xxxxxx . He has an older brother

that his mother gave birth to out of wedlock prior to marrying Eric's father. Francis Marion University 55

She wore coordinating accessories and seemed very contentious of her attire and posture. Francis Marion University 56

At age ten his father became a member of AA, Francis Marion University 57 Laura C. is a 23 year old woman

who is self-referred because she not happy with her current living situation. She says that she feels so alone. She reportedly has gained weight over the last several months. She claims it is due to her unhappiness about being alone. Francis Marion University

58 Laura also reports that her weight gain has not affected her relationship with her boyfriend. Francis Marion University

59 Verify with examples Her problems stem from her current occupation as a teacher. She has undergone significant life events in the last year. Francis Marion

University 60 Verify with examples She reports that she makes friends easily Francis Marion

University 61 Use Examples In addition to confronting his wifes mortality, Harold is being forced by her illness to recognize his own vulnerabilities

Francis Marion University 62 Verify with examples quit her job as a

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