Public Relations - American Legion

Public Relations - American Legion

Public Relations American Legion Public Relations Making it all Happen From Your Post Public Relations Make Make News

News Public Relations Visibility Advocacy Frequency and and they they will

will JOIN. JOIN. Public Relations Be a Newsmaker! How How to to get get the

the media media to to call call YOU YOU Public Relations National vs Local

Public Relations Localize! ++ Press Press Release Release Bring Bring the story story home. home.

Public Relations Local Headlines: Local Veterans outraged by DHS Report Merriville Legionnaires irked by Napolitano Report

Legion District Commander calls for report investigation How to get them: Localized Press Release Media Advisory on interview availability Refer to National

Commander but use own quotes also Email to media quickly Use Talking Points Public Relations Public Relations National Release

Local Release Public Relations Issue Awareness Daily Commanders Clips National Website Email News Releases Legion Newscenter Twitter

Public Relations Make Your Own News Community Events:

Heroes to Hometowns Blue Star Salute Veterans Service Days Disaster Preparedness Training Town Hall Meetings Public Relations Community Visibility

In In the media media AND AND more more ways ways then you may have thought. thought.

Public Relations Information Campaigns: Legiontown USA A Powerful Force A 3 month public outreach that will: Show folks what your posts really do Garner new members and increase renewals Market two new PR/Membership tools

Public Relations New PR/Membership Recruiting Tools: Legiontown USA The centerpiece. A publication that highlights the programs and services of American Legion Posts in communities from coast to coast. A Powerful Force for the Nation Targets younger veterans with education about The

American Legion - an organization that promotes Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism and Children and Youth. Public Relations Public Relations Both publications are available for use during the Legiontown campaign. Ideal in showing the service side of TAL

Great for new veterans in finding an interest and reason to join Eye-openers for educators, the media and community leaders Public Relations American Legion Day September 16

Public Relations Use American Legion Day to Sign a Proclamation Media Event Promote what makes your town a Legiontown! Tell the world at

Public Relations Powerful Force Campaign Targets Targets younger younger veterans veterans Broadcast Broadcast and and print

print products products Marketing Marketing Guide Guide National National Distribution Distribution Powerful Force Campaign

Movers & Shakers The community at large Elected Officials

Churches Public Servants Business & Industry Schools Nonprofits Chambers of Commerce Military Units The media Public Relations

Legiontown USA One campaign for three months Builds public awareness Attracts potential members Reinvigorates past members Public Relations Seize the Opportunity OR

OR Make One Public Relations Powerful Force: + Pledge to Service Video for speaking engagements/recruiting, and more + PSAs and print ads for local

marketing Public Relations Make Every Town In Your District a Legiontown Educate your community about The American Legions Powerful Force

Public Relations Make News in Your Community Public Relations Managing your Community Image Now You Know Request Request PR PR Tools:

Tools: [email protected] [email protected] Or Or call call 317-630-1253 317-630-1253

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