Pulsations in the IR - UCM

Pulsations in the IR - UCM

Pulsations and magnetic activity in the IR Rafa Garrido & Pedro J. Amado Instituto de Astrofsica de Andaluca, CSIC. Granada Acoustic oscillations p ( r, , , t ) p

Angular dependence (l,m) f nlm (r) Y lm( , ) e i n,l t n,l,m Radial dependence (n) Standard solar model

1996 standard solar model inclusion of He settling & improved physics base of convection zone better physics for core needed Standard solar model

Differential rotation Small and large separations Solar oscillations (VIRGO-SOHO) Asteroseismic diagram: J. C. Christensen-Daslgaard, Rev. Mod. Phys., 74, 1073 Variability Zoo Scuti Doradus

Giants UMa Hya GSC 09137- 03505 Boo LAST RESULTS WITH HARPS B. Mosser (Corot week 6: May 2004, Orsay) A clear signature of the large separation : 89 Hz

HARPS PERFORMANCE 2 minutes integration time for V=6 on the ESO 3.6m: v=1 ms-1 @ vsini= 0 kms-1 v=3 ms-1 @ vsini=10 kms-1 RV S 0.5 0.5

R 1.5 Benefits from the IR Flux gain Benefits from the IR magnetic sensitivity

Problems Theory mode selection (amplitudes) amplitude & phase changes input physics in models

convection & overshooting diffusion & settling rotation magnetic field Observations

mode identification (spectroscopy & photometry) data analysis Dynamo Active stars: Science goals geometry Solar-like

or something different? Polar spots and active belts Spot structure Resolved or not? Differential

rotation and meridional flows Lifetimes of individual spots and active regions Stellar butterfly diagrams Different stellar types Pre-main sequence stars Young main-sequence stars with[out] radiative interiors Subgiants and giants Doppler Imaging A

A Intensity -v sin i Intensity v(spot) v sin i

-v sin i v(spot) v sin i Data requirements Time-series Good of hi-res (R > 30000) spectra:

supply of unblended intermediate-strength lines (!) Broad-band light-curves. TiO and other temperature diagnostics. Least-Square Deconvolution Assume observed spectrum = mean profile convolved with depth-weighted line pattern: Depth-weighted line pattern, - KNOWN Mean profile, z

(UNKNOWN) = Rotationally broadened spectrum, r KNOWN De-convolve mean profile zk via least squares: r j jk z k

2 Solve : 0, where 2 zk j j 2 2

S/N improves from ~100 to ~2500 per 3 km s1 pixel with ~2500 lines. DI Maps AB Dor DI Maps VW Cep ZDI Maps

AB Dor Benefits from the IR Spectral lines are less blended in the infrared. Hence, line profile variations are more clearly detected The Zeeman effect is enhanced for lines in the IR 2 Radiation flux and pulsation amplitudes increase with increasing wavelength for cooler stars. IR lines can probe different parts of the atmosphere.

Benefits from the IR Sun continuum contrast between photosphere and Tspot = 4250 K: 20% @ 0.6 m 70% @ 2.2 m

Resolving the telluric absorption lines (intrinsically narrow ~5 km s1) Pontoppidan & van Dishoeck, 2004, astroph 0405629 Zeeman sensitivity: the Fe I line at 1.56 m splits by twice the FWHM in 1.5 kG fields (slowly rotating stars): 2-3 times more sensitive than optical lines (Giampapa PASP 109)

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